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Equality SD Scores 2020 Legislature: 20 Friends, 36 Enemies of Inclusivity

LGBTQ advocacy group Equality South Dakota is distributing this scorecard on legislators’ votes on this Session’s three attacks on South Dakotans who challenge our Christofascist regime with their gender identities and sexual orientations:

Equality SD 2020 Legislative Scorecard
Equality SD 2020 Legislative Scorecard

Looking just at the all-or-none bars, green for good, orange for bad, the Equality SD scorecard shows 20 legislators who can be counted on to speak up for inclusivity and 36 who reliably put up the “”We don’t want your kind here” sign on South Dakota.

The discriminatory bills in question all failed:

Republicans threw other anti-LGBTQ bills in the hopper for show (e.g., HB 1215, SB 88, SB 93) but withdrew them before facing the harsh scrutiny of committee testimony and discussion.


  1. Steve Higgins 2020-03-14 09:36

    Orange is a GOOD color!

  2. Debbo 2020-03-14 15:30

    The SDGOP’s flashing CLOSED for business sign is well known. They’re determined to stay under their rock.

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