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Minor Bill: HB 1095 Says Out-of-Staters Can Mentor Young Hunters

It’s clearly no longer open season on out-of-state influence in South Dakota, at least not when out-of-staters are supporting the preferred hobbies of our elected officials, like picking on transgender kids and wandering around with guns.

House Bill 1095 offers the minor amendment of our hunting mentor statute to allow non-South Dakotan adults to accompany armed children in the field.  “Hunting mentors” still need to have a valid hunting license, but under HB 1095 little Timmy can walk the slough with beloved Uncle Jimmy from Minot while Mom and Dad go block at the fenceline.

So we trust out-of-staters to guide our children with loaded weapons. We trust out-of-staters to tell our doctors what they can and cannot do. So we’re done trying to use residency as a sham argument for restricting who can legally participate in our initiative and referendum petition drives, right, Republicans?


  1. mike from iowa 2020-01-29 09:26

    South Dakota running out of ammosexuals? I didn’t think there were that many kids clamoring for an opportunity to kill something any more. Wingnuts need to concentrate on making the killing of all critters mandatory for all kids and adults or the NRA will sic Putin’s goons on you.

  2. Debbo 2020-01-29 16:16

    Well Mike, it may be a way to get more non-SD hunters here and paying the high prices.

    You know, I’ve only lived in 2 other states, though I’ve visited several more. I don’t recall any of them making a negative fuss about “out-of-staters” even close to what SD does. Minnesota and Washington state, where I lived for a year, welcome/d them with open arms. New Mexico, one of my favorite places to visit, seems to like it a lot when people from elsewhere come to live.

    I guess the best way to maintain a state’s place at the bottom of the pecking order is isolation.

    But why???

  3. Debbo 2020-01-29 17:59

    In the City Pages published today there’s a list and brief description of people who’ve made a positive difference in the Minnesota metro. If you read the bios, you’ll see a great deal of variety in these people. There are clergy, women, transgendered, men, a variety of cultures and skin colors, everything.

    Read about the good things they’ve done. This kind of goodness is what the SDGOP is determined to slam the door on. (no paywall)

  4. T 2020-01-29 20:21

    This is just to let out of staters hunt legally a week earlier with the kiddos all this is…..

  5. Adam 2020-01-29 22:50

    To think a random ‘out-of-stater’ might accept a person, such as myself, for mentorship in my particular business expertise, seems to be silly, perhaps even stupid, about business in general.

    To be clear, I question: whomever accepted a person who lives in South Dakota for any sort of ‘real’ expertise?

    No one; that’s who.

  6. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-01-30 05:17

    I was going to say to Debbo that I wouldn’t see this measure as a way to induce more non-residents to come spend big money hunting with us. T gets me thinking there may be a tourist-recruiting angle… but during that early youth hunt, can the grown-ups shoot? The mentors aren’t supposed to be carrying shotguns. The kids we allow to shoot have to be South Dakota residents, so the out-of-staters can’t bring their kids along to “mentor…” and those big=spending hunters seem more interested in a weekend out in the field and then back at the lodge or in town with the guys, away from their kids, drinking beer and whiskey and doing grown-up things. Maybe there’s some boost in getting families to get together for the early youth hunt, but it seems a marginal ploy not targeted at the main hunting-tourist audience.

  7. T 2020-01-30 13:28

    Been on a “kids” hunt the mentoring is shooting for them and getting their birds. Appalled as it teaches kids to lie to get a bird and do what it takes to get a kill. One guy shot the bird same time kid did and they pretended the kid got it.
    It’s a money angle nothing more and nothing about youth shooting.

  8. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-01-30 21:48

    So kids get used to give adults one more weekend to hunt illegally? That’s awful… and it sounds like the perfect way to turn kids off hunting for good.

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