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Noem Already Tired of Session, Skips SDLeg Day 2 for DC Photo Op with Trump

KELO-TV says Governor Kristi Noem wants to (KELO’s words) “wrap up industrial hemp legislation within a few days.” The Legislature rarely does anything in the first few days of Session, but I suspect Noem’s new advisors that the sooner she gets her long hemp obstinance and now stunning and numerically amnesiac flip-flop on hemp out of the headlines, the better.

But you can’t count on Kristi to concentrate on anything. Noem is skipping the second day of Session to jet to a photo op in Washington D.C. to witness the signing of Trump’s first articles of surrender to China:

Gov. Kristi Noem will be traveling to Washington D.C. on Wednesday for the signing of “phase one,” of a trade agreement between the U.S. and China.

…Noem will go with South Dakota soybean producer Jerry Schmitz and pork producer Craig Andersen to the White House.

…In a media briefing after her address to the legislature, Noem said she was invited to the White House by Trump. Noem said she asked to bring along the farmers [Michael Geheren, “Noem to Visit White House for Signing ‘Phase One’ China Trade Agreement,” KELO-TV, 2020.01.14].

To the good, Noem at least had the good sense of optics to invite along a couple of the farmers actually harmed by Trump’s tariffs, while Trump apparently forgot about them. He probably just wanted Kristi to come so he could talk about Mount Rushmore fireworks with her again.

But Noem’s desire for optics means that she’s not spending time in the Capitol doing what her words on hemp suggest she should be doing: jawboning, buttonholing, and strongarming still tractor-lagged legislators to amend hemp-legalizing House Bill 1008 to include all of her “guardrails“, push it through committees, and get it to her desk for a quiet signing ceremony next week before the real legislative fireworks start going off. The only photo ops the Governor and any legislator should be attending Wednesday should be at the Capitol, where they all should be getting the people’s work done.


  1. jerry 2020-01-14 20:56

    China is not a currency manipulator! Good news for China. That’s the only thing that comes from all of these 18 months of misery. That Chubby/Crystal combination is as pro China as it gets. As long as we are now back to holding hands with China, maybe we could get them to send over some rail builders, road builders and bridge builders that would keep us moving to move our ag products to the markets.

    “China’s high-speed rail network is designed to operate in harsh winters in the northeastern provinces, where winter temperatures can plummet to 40 degrees Celsius below freezing, to the world’s highest altitudes in the Tibet autonomous region, to deserts on its western frontiers.

    The country is using high-speed rail as the next spearhead to gain a technological edge over the United States, Japan and Europe.

    The domestic high-speed tracks already cover 20,000km, or 60 per cent of the world’s installed network. That will expand to 30,000km by 2020 and 45,000km by 2030, said Jia, who heads the Chinese program to develop fast trains.”

    Check out the date of 2016, China has already surpassed that by 10,000km!! While here we are stuck on the 1 mile marker.

  2. Dave 2020-01-14 22:25

    Tuned in the 10 p.m. television news to see the governor giving her address with two big honking teleprompters in front of her podium. I know past governors haven’t used those … I can’t remember seeing them when Daugaard gave his speeches. It just seems odd …

  3. Debbo 2020-01-15 00:07

    Knuckledragger Deutsch is so terrified of women he’s desperately trying anything to keep us in our place. He needs to be kept in …… nevermind. I’m not going there.

  4. Porter Lansing 2020-01-15 08:32

    CANCEL DEUTSCH – Watertown’s Worst!

  5. jerry 2020-01-15 08:42

    Crystal GNOem and her toadies legislators all need to resign..just like the Russian government just did.

  6. Porter Lansing 2020-01-15 08:57

    There’s been a karmic shift in the planet, Jerry. Little by little, good is growing. ツ

  7. Aaron 2020-01-15 11:13

    The last time she saw trump it looked like he was trying to seduce her

  8. Amber N 2020-01-15 12:23

    The pork producer she brought along is my neighbor and he’s a really great guy and he’s a Democrat.

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