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Noem Promotes Schoenfish to District 19 Senate, Appoints Overweg to House

Keep quiet about corruption, get a promotion—that’s the South Dakota way!

Governor Kristi Noem announced today that she is promoting Rep. Kyle Schoenfish to take the Senate seat vacated by Stace Nelson. With this appointment, District 19 goes from being represented by one of the most bombastic opponents of corruption in state government to being represented by a colorless tool of the one-party regime with poor communication skills and more than one connection to bad financial behavior in our fair state. Given his lack of independent merits, Senator Schoenfish will surely be a good soldier for his matron, Her Highness the Snow Queen—yes, ma’am!

Noem also appointed Marty Overweg of New Holland to fill Schoenfish’s seat in the House. Overweg at least looks interesting….

Marty Overweg FB photo, 2018
Marty Overweg, public FB photo, 2018.08.02.

When he’s not riding his Harley, Overweg runs Overweg Feed and Wagner Feed Supply.


  1. Bob Newland 2020-01-06 18:35

    Schoenfish is a nice little sycophant.

  2. Frank Kloucek 2020-01-06 18:50

    Sycophant – definition of sycophant by The Free Dictionary
    sycophant – a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage. ass-kisser, crawler, toady, lackey. apple polisher, bootlicker, fawner, groveler, groveller, truckler – someone who humbles himself as a sign of respect; who behaves as if he had no self-respect. adulator, flatterer – a person who uses flattery.

  3. Bob Newland 2020-01-06 19:11

    Yeah, that’s what I meant.

  4. Bob Newland 2020-01-06 19:15

    Overweg looks properly Aryan. One might almost have some hope for him, based on the photo. But then, one reflects on who picked him to be a legislator, and one quickly loses hope.

  5. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr., 2020-01-06 19:40

    At the rate we are going, in what year, will we have more people who are serving in the legislature, who were initially appointed to a seat in Pierre, then as opposed to having been initially elected on their own?

    Slowly, but surely, our state legislature is looking less like a citizens’ legislature and more like a king or queen’s privy council.

    But the one good thing about the Governor’s most recent state house appointment is that it apparently helps to give “Sturgis” a strength in its once again attempt in acquiring the mantle of the South Dakota image, which currently is being held by the governor’s “ON IT.” campaign through it’s embarrassing attention that it has received both nationally and worldwide.

    Although, I must admit, I opine for the days when South Dakota was immediately synonymous with Mt. Rushmore and/or George McGovern instead, however.

  6. grudznick 2020-01-06 19:42

    Young Mr. Schoenfish, as fine an apple-polisher as he may be, is still going to be the most effective in the legislatures that District 19 has seen in some time. 19 is the district famous for the 2 least effective in the legislatures in the entire history of the state. Let us all wish Mr. Schoenfish well, and watch him pass a few real law bills and not just be one of those commemorators or one of the Nosh-and-Pastry sorts that wasted so much of the taxpayer’s time in recent years.

  7. Debbo 2020-01-06 20:09

    Once upon a time–>
    The Sunshine State, Land of Infinite Variety, Mt. Rushmore, George McGovern, George Mickelson, Tom Daschle, Tim Johnson.

    Rounds/EB5, mysterious shelterbelt suicide?, GearUP, #2Tall, Klueless Kristi, CAFO stink, 51st in Everything!

    SD may never have been mighty, but it sure has fallen. It was a respectable state, … once upon a time. 😥

  8. JW 2020-01-06 20:58

    Shoenfish is another one of those toadies that has extraordinary difficulty with problem identification and fewer actual problem solving skills. True to form, The annointed one appoints people who create a problem and then hold themselves out to be the only one to solve it…. Sic transit gloria mundi.

  9. Sam2 2020-01-07 05:41

    Should fit right in with Noem’s incompetence. I wonder if he gets the family pay raise program?

  10. Roger Elgersma 2020-01-07 13:10

    If republicans truly were the party of personal responsibility, they would never promote a cover up artist. But they do, so they are not what they think they are. They have fooled themselves.

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