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Libertarians Endorse People Power Petition and Pro-Cannabis Measures

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota doesn’t think my ballot question committee is some lawless out-of-state liberal plot. Far from it: the Libertarian Party is endorsing SD Voice’s People Power Petition as an expression of liberty and freedom from government red tape.

The LPSD yesterday endorsed both my initiative to restore our initiative and referendum to the more libertarian and practically workable state they were in just a few years ago as well as both of the cannabis-related measures currently circulating in South Dakota:

Libertarian Party of South Dakota bannerToday the Libertarian Party of South Dakota has officially endorsed three ballot initiatives currently circulating in South Dakota: New Approach’s Medical Marijuana initiative; SD Voice’s People Power petition, as well as Cannabis Consumers for Liberty’s legalization petition.

We support all forms of cannabis reform in this state, as well as the right of all South Dakotans to seek medical relief in such a manner. The Libertarian Party of South Dakota knows that many local residents can benefit from such medication and that the State has refused to address this issue in a reasonable time frame.

Likewise, South Dakota’s State Legislature has added quite a bit of bureaucratic red tape to the process of collecting signatures for ballot initiatives and amendments. We feel that it is unnecessary and creates another barrier for people to petition their Government.

All three initiatives come from grassroots organizations originating in South Dakota.

“When our legislature continually refuses to address certain measures they don’t like, or they add unnecessary regulations to the petition process, then it is up to all of us to fight for our Liberty,” said Greg Baldwin, Vice Chair of the LPSD [Libertarian Party of South Dakota, press release, 2019.08.28].

The Libertarian Party already has members circulating the People Power Petition. Libertarians (and everyone else!) who’d like to sign petitions can visit us at the SD Voice booth at the State Fair in Huron this weekend. Libertarians who’d like to circulate our liberty-defending petition can sign up here!

The LPSD is also co-hosting an end of summer barbecue—Freedom Feast 2019!—on Saturday, September 7 at Palisades State Park with medical marijuana petitioners New Approach South Dakota.

I thank the Libertarian Party for their support and for recognizing the party-building synergy to be had in working with ballot question committees and promoting positive policy change through the ballot box.


  1. John Dale 2019-08-29

    I moved to attend the convention this year, but I couldn’t do an overnight stay to I scuttled my trip. I would be happy to interview members of the party on my Internet radio show. Just reach-out

    It is awesome to have that endorsement for the CC4L initiative.

    My position on the NASD petition is well documented – I’m not a fan of half measures, but from my perspective regardless of the outcome of that initiative it’s a win win win for CC4L.

    But in short ..

    Once a big program is installed, it is very difficult to uninstall it. If an initiative is going to go through the process and get on the ballot only to fail a vote or fail legislative scrutiny, why not make it an initiative for full legalization?

    I think the NASD initiative has a huge attack surface and our conservative legislature could tee off on it; favors the black market’s poisonous cannabis, leaves in lots of felonies, and creates a rather large new government program that is designed only to break-even.

    CC4L was designed to be very defensible; takes out the black market, saves the state over $3,000,000 (2018 data) in prison and jail costs, allows young people to have jobs in the field, accommodates medical cannabis users, collects valuable data anonymously about what is on the market, only regulates large grow operations through the Department of Ag and uses any overage proceeds of that to fund small farm innovation.

    Thank you for spreading the word about our vision and for having the courage to sign any petitions that restore cannabis rights and put the cannabis issue into the politi-sphere.

    If you would like me to speak about this issue (legislature, meetings, organizations, other), please reach-out.


    John Dale
    Cannabis Consumers for Liberty
    Spearfish, SD 57783

  2. Certain Inflatable Recreational Devices 2019-08-29

    You couldn’t travel to Rapid City for the convention and make it back to Spearfish the same day?

  3. Adam 2019-08-29

    This is very encouraging!

    I think these issues reflect how South Dakota Republicans are by far the most radical voters in the entire state and how Everyone Else needs to discover what we ALL have in common, and step up TOGETHER in combating South Dakota’s radical Republican dictatorship.

  4. John Dale 2019-08-29

    Certain Inflatable Recreational Devices – I could not. I arranged a ride, there and back, but at the last moment, my ride back reneged.

    Thanks for asking,


  5. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-08-29

    Hey, Adam! Do you think we could convince the Libertarians to become South Dakota’s effective opposition party?

  6. Debbo 2019-08-29

    Good endorsements by the LSD.

  7. Certain Inflatable Recreational Devices 2019-08-29

    Many petition circulators will be carrying petitions regarding several issues. If ANY of these issues are certified for the ballot, it will be because of 1) a numerous and enthusiastic volunteer circulation force, 2) a hard-working paid circulation force, 3) sufficient funding to effect the required number of signatures, and 4) sufficient citizen give-a-crapness about the stupidity of the legislature and governor to take the time to put their names, addresses, county, and date of signature on three or four or five petition forms.

    Current restrictions on those who would question SoDak Religious Law already make that pretty damned tough.

  8. Debbo 2019-08-29

    4) especially

  9. Certain Inflatable Recreational Devices 2019-08-29

    Cory, it won’t take much convincing. It appears to me we’re already there, inasmuch as any entity can be “South Dakota’s effective opposition party.”

  10. grudznick 2019-08-29

    Mr. Dale, my good friend Bob and I both understand not being able to drive ourselves about on our own, be it due to The Man imposing some sort of rule or because we are decrepit and dangerous to our fellow citizens, or even perhaps because one of us likes to sit in the rear seat and pound 40s and toke on the demon weed and recognizes that is a danger to our fellow citizens.

    If you need a ride from Spearditch in the future, down to Rapid, and back home, just let grudznick know and I can arrange it for you.

  11. John Dale 2019-08-29

    grudznick – +1

    I wish I had known that at convention time .. I had prepared a nice, interesting, informative talk about Cannabis for the convention.

    Another option is to sell enough shirts to fund the trip myself:

    You keep making posts like that and we might be making a shirt of you in the future, too.

    Your friend Bob only communicates with my via email .. and even then ..

  12. grudznick 2019-08-29

    Mr. Dale, I too have a growing affection and respect for what it is you are doing. In a manly sort of way, I mean. A manly affection.

  13. John Dale 2019-08-30

    grudznick – as I contemplate the difference in intention between “affection” and “effection”, I can’t help but wonder if you’re just trying to get my goat, sir?

    If we go to Vapid City together, I think I should drive. You and Bob can pound 40’s in the back seat and puff the devil’s lettuce. When we get there, I’ll give a talk and you two can cuddle/nap it off.

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