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Meade County Rancher Chides Delegation for Cowardice Before Terrorism and Gun Lobby

I was so distracted by my mayor’s abuse of power and conflict of interest in Saturday’s paper that I almost missed the really good letter to the editor from my Meade County friend and role model Marvin Kammerer. Kammerer isn’t trying to make a buck; he’s just asking what it will take get our supposedly patriotic Congress critters to buck the Hitler in our White House:

We have in the White House a man I call a terrorist enhancer. A man who talks out of both sides of his mouth, spouting words denigrating people of color as being sub-human, lazy, prone to criminality. I think he is a walking Hitler, and I know something about fascism.

Our congressional crowd and others are also enablers of terrorists by their deadly silence. Where are the patriots? [Marvin Kammerer, letter to the editor, Aberdeen American News, 2019.08.17]

Kammerer rankles at both our delegation’s silence and terrorist gun violence, both prompted by white supremacist Trump and the NRA:

This brings me to the supporters of people having access to weapons of war with their massive magazines. Congress should make it illegal for one to own these weapons, and the government should buy them back at the price paid.

To hell with the NRA. They are enhancers of terrorists here and across the world. They have become a criminal bunch. Check it out! [Kammerer, 2019.08.17]

Kammerer ends on a religious note:

Personally, I don’t find any difference between a terrorist or those in power who encourage it and that includes you, elected politicians.

I would also encourage you so-called Christians to think of what the anti-Christ is [Kammerer, 2019.08.17].

I’d nominate Marvin Kammerer to run against Senator Rounds in 2020, but I get the impression Marvin has no desire to spend that much time away from his ranch. But we need to find a general election challenger who put Kammerer’s challenge to Rounds at every turn:

  • Why, Mike, don’t you denounce Trump for promoting bullying and terrorism?
  • Why, Mike, don’t you denounce the NRA instead of taking their blood money?
  • Why, Mike, don’t you denounce Trump for modeling the opposite of Christian family values?

If we can’t get Marvin on the ballot, and if we can’t get a nominee to press those questions on the stump, maybe we can at least get a Senate candidates’ debate on the Kammerer ranch. It’s a beautiful, patriotic setting: the Black Hills in the distance, B-1 bombers roaring overhead, better visuals than any TV studio….


  1. Debbo 2019-08-18 23:29

    Marvin Kammerer has become one of my heroes. He has the courage to stand up and say things that may be unpopular with his neighbors, but if he believes he’s right, and the facts show that he is, he stand up anyway. Damn the consequences.

    That takes courage, something the SDGOP and assorted lapdogs, apparently lacks.

  2. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-18 23:32

    The beauty of Mr. Kammerer’s letter is that you do not have to be a republican or Democrat to answer the excellently posed questions.
    Mike Rounds, John Thune, and Dusty Johnson should be out front of the FOX studio answering for themselves.

  3. Donald Pay 2019-08-19 08:31

    Roger is right about Marvin’s approach to these critical issues. He wants us all to think about critical issues, and not hide in our ideological fox holes. Marvin speaks truth to power, and Democrats have come in for as much or more of Marvin’s pointed questioning. Ask Tom Daschle about that.

  4. Randy C 2019-08-19 21:02

    Well said! The power of the pen. I think I will write to our delegation this very night and ask those very same questions. I’ve never got a reply back from Mike in the past but I will keep after him.

  5. Debbo 2019-08-19 23:01

    Mike! There’s hope for your state!

    Iowa has a legislator with a conscience and a heart. He gave a very heartfelt speech in the statehouse and switched from the GOP to the Democratic Party. (Notice the legislator to the right wipes away tears.) He was Iowa’s longest serving GOP representative.

  6. mike from iowa 2019-08-20 07:59

    I posted this story a couple weeks ago, Debbo. As far as I know there have been no reports of mysterious deaths or accidents of any ex-wingnut legislators in iowa.

    I did capture another mouse yesterday on kitchen counter. :)

  7. Marvin Kammerer 2019-08-20 09:14

    I thank all of you for your is good to know that there are lots of good people out there who will not sell their soul for money or power. we still have a conscience & hope that our state & nation will stand up for people & the bill of rights as real patriots not phonies!we deserve better than are right cory. i am plumb satisfied to set here & try to help a little with my body & soul.i’ve tried to be a good steward of land i still consider “land of the lakota” i am getting to long in the tooth to consider anything else but would consider your proposal if we get a good candidate to run against rounds. i am not good at serving tea or cookies. have a good one . i’ve got to go to a funeral.

  8. Debbo 2019-08-20 12:00

    APM Research Lab/Guns & America/Call To Mind survey, via NPR:

    Overall, 77% of Americans surveyed support family-initiated ERPOs, and 70% support them when initiated by law enforcement, according to the survey, which was conducted before the recent Texas and Ohio shootings. There is broad support among Republicans and gun owners for these types of laws, the poll found. Two-thirds of Republicans and 60% of gun owners support allowing police to seek the court orders; higher percentages — 70% of Republicans and 67% of gun owners — support allowing family members to seek them.

    Amy Swearer, a senior legal policy analyst at the conservative-leaning Heritage Foundation, describes ERPO laws as a type of “intermediate measure.” Data from Connecticut, a state that has had one of these laws since 1999, show that it has been used to remove firearms in all kinds of situations: violent threats against school officials, co-workers, wives, girlfriends and children and, especially, cases of possible suicide.

  9. Debbo 2019-08-20 13:32

    It’s good to know that you’re out there too, Mr. Kammerer. Thanks for all your faithful efforts.

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