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4-H Cheers Randy Seiler for Pro Bono Rodeo Work

Dang: is every Democrat going to win this year by being a rodeo fan?

While Jason Ravnsborg defends an angry dad who filed a bogus protection order against a deputy sheriff, Randy Seiler wins accolades and a rodeo buckle from 4-H for helping them resolve Title IX issues with their rodeo program:

Casey Cowan, a longtime local 4-H supporter and adult leader, was one of the 4-H leaders who presented the buckle to Seiler on Friday.

He said that thanks to Seiler’s work, done at no cost to 4-H, USDA honchos told South Dakota extension leaders and 4-H supporters in July that; “it will not take action at this time on the Title IX regulations as has been previously interpreted for South Dakota 4-H Rodeo.”

It’s a huge deal for South Dakota and especially the Pierre and Fort Pierre region, where the 4-H state finals rodeo is held every August, Cowan said.

This year, about 530 youth from across the state competed in the three-day event last weekend, Cowan said. About 1,500 4-H members take part in rodeo events across the state each year, he said [Stephen Lee, “Seiler Awarded Buckle for Donated Legal Work for SD 4-H Rodeo During Tense Year,” Pierre Capital Journal, 2018.08.22].

In true rodeo fashion, Seiler says, essentially, aw shucks:

Seiler said he was surprised to be given the award.

“It was an incredibly nice and sensitive gesture on their part,” he told the Capital Journal. “If there is a group that personifies South Dakota traditions and South Dakota values and the South Dakota way of life, I mean, it’s the folks and families involved in 4-H rodeo with their children. That’s as good as it gets” [Lee, 2018.08.22].

But the candidate isn’t so aw shucks that he doesn’t recognize a good opportunity for a positive campaign Facebook post:

Randy Seiler for AG, Facebook post, 2018.08.21.
Randy Seiler for AG, Facebook post, 2018.08.21.

Seiler defends 4-H rodeo, Ravnsborg defends divorced dad against deputy sheriff. Uff da.


  1. DR 2018-08-23

    Seiler is the only Democrat on the statewide ticket that has a snowballs chance at winning. Sutton will do better than any dem in recent memory but will not be able to outlast the Noem machine.
    My predictions for election day.
    Bjorkman won’t hit 40%.
    Sutton may get to 45
    I predict a Seiler win(hell I may vote for him). Jason wasn’t my choice…
    Remaining statewide candidates will not hit 30% due to lack of funds and name recognition.

  2. Porter Lansing 2018-08-23

    My predictions for November.
    ~ Bjorkman will snowball over the Russian sympathizer Grimey Johnson, or whatever his nickname is.
    ~ Billie Sutton, small town banker and man of the people, will roll over Rep. No-em, who seems to be uninterested and bored with politics.
    ~ Mr. Seiler? Endorsed by 4H? Enough said.
    The remaining candidates will body slam those sticking like sap to the Criminal Trump.
    It’s a “New Day”, South Dakota. Can you smell what the “Rock is Cookin'”

  3. Jenny 2018-08-23

    My predictions – South Dakota idiots will vote against their best interests again. The Noem team has more money and so will run nonstop TV commercials, and in this country whoever has the most money wins elections.
    If TV advertising was banned to make it fair, Sutton would have a good chance.

  4. DR 2018-08-23

    So block the first amendment to influence elections?

  5. Jenny 2018-08-23

    No, I’m not saying that DR. Many countries such as England and Canada put a ban on the amount of paid advertising a campaign can do to limit influencing the election. But of course we can’t have such fairness in this country. It’s always about the money here – always.

  6. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-08-23

    DR, you don’t believe in coattails?

    You know I want more coverage of politics on TV, not less. I think live broadcasts from the Lake-Johanneson trial on October 4 would be great for the voters, but Jason Ravnsborg disagrees.

    DR, don’t let your scoreboarding and prognosticating distract you from doing what’s right. You know Seiler is qualified to do the job of A.G. and Ravnsborg is not. Just vote for Seiler, and tell your friends to do the same. There’s no shame in doing the right thing.

  7. BlackHills76 2018-08-23

    My prediction is Dusty will win for Congress.

    The governors race? I would not count out Billie Sutton at this point. Yes the Noem machine will get nasty and do whatever it takes, but just go on Facebook and visit Billie’s site and then Noem’s… after that report back here who’s getting the most positive support there. Seriously there’s something big going on if you take a look. Money is an issue, but I feel if it’s close and Billie has a real shot people with a lot of $$$ like the good man Mr. A from Rapid City will open their pocket books. I’ve donated more to Billie then any candidate in my lifetime.

    Mr. Seiler got a 4H buckle? That right there could win an election in SD. I know it impressed me as a 10 year member of 4H! :)

  8. Debbo 2018-08-23

    That’s really decent of AG Seiler. (I know. Just jumping ahead a few months.😊) It’s weird that there was any Title IX problem to begin with, as it is exactly the same as high school sports. The Title IX people blew that one.

    How deserving and fortuitous for Seiler. Good luck Randy!!

  9. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-08-24

    Ravnsborg would need Dan Lederman’s advice to operate a 4-H buckle.

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