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Noem: Jackley Weak on Crime! Jackley: Noem Didn’t Hail Trump Soon Enough!

Kristi Noem lights up her YouTube channel today with three new ads attacking Marty Jackley.

First, Noem gives her EB-5 critique the 30-second screen treatment, referring to Joop Bollen as “a Pierre insider” whom Jackley let off the hook:

She then repurposes some images and text but switches to a female narrator to accuse Jackley of retaliating against sexual harassment victim and former DCI agent Laura Zylstra Kaiser:

Then Noem puts Zylstra Kaiser herself on the screen to say Jackley shouldn’t be Governor or Attorney General or occupy any position of power:

“You can’t be above the law just because you’re the one that enforces it,” says Zylstra Kaiser. Can I get an Amen (and a retweet with comment on most of what Donald Trump is doing)?

And what’s Marty got against that? An appeal to rank Trumpism against the faintly non-spineless things Noem said about Trump’s scuzziness before he won the 2016 election:

“I believe his statement was un-American and I don’t agree with it”—Noem said that December 2015 in response to Trump’s proposed Muslim ban.

“He’s not my candidate”—in the March 31, 2016, article tagged in the video after this quote, Noem also says, “I do believe we need to have a Republican, if my choice was a Republican over Hillary Clinton.”

For the record, Kristi Noem publicly endorsed Trump on May 4, 2016.

Maybe Jackley will throw more videos up on his YouTube channel, but as it stands as of this writing, Noem’s three videos clobber Jackley’s one. Noem can more easily refute Jackley’s silly sally by pointing out her record of backing the current occupant of the White House. She can also take heart at the evidence that, while an absurdly detached-from-reality 72% of South Dakotans have a favorable impression of Donald Trump, der Führerprinzip does not appear to be turning into primary votes for statewide office in South Dakota. Jackley has to work much harder to refute what Noem’s videos say about EB-5, the sexual harassment/retaliation lawsuit, and Laura Zylstra Kaiser, and his refutations so far sound legalistic and unsatisfying.

And Noem’s third video has a real person, not a paid narrator, but a real South Dakotan, speaking truth to the powers that hurt her. Even Republican South Dakotans have to appreciate that.

p.s.: Can anyone find any public record of when Marty Jackley endorsed Donald Trump in the 2016 election?


  1. denature 2018-05-31

    Jackley was an elector for Trump after having stated “As with most South Dakotans, I clearly do not approve of Mr. Trump’s highly inappropriate statements.”

    Daugaard and the lieutenant governor did the same but after calling for Trump to not continue as the Republican nominee.

    Prior to confirming he would be a faithful elector in October 2016. KELO stated that “Jackley has not released anything public on his thoughts regarding Donald Trump.” (unsure if this is meant to cover the whole campaign or only the period when Trump was bragging about sexual assault).

  2. leslie 2018-05-31

    These two immature raptors (Kristi&Barbie, I mean Marty) act like there is honor in being republican, but as drunken, but matured, former speaker boehner said: “there is no Republican party, only a Trump party”. we continue to view in real time the complete destruction of the Republican party, as I have been saying since 2015.

    Boehner cracked that Trump and his 2016 general election foe, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, were likely “the two most surprised people in the entire world” when the president clinched his victory. And he speculated that the president’s stunning defeat of Clinton likely did not sit well with first lady Melania Trump.

    Marty wet his pants when meeting trump in DC and getting a moment of personal time with the new king. Prolly threw in with him before that.

  3. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-31

    I used the Boehner quote earlier today on another DFP thread and made Stace come unglued.

  4. Debbo 2018-05-31

    Whoa. Noem’s ads are good and make Jackley look very bad. My question is, do SD Republicans care about corruption? I’m not being facetious.

    The SDGOP has been unbelievably corrupt and done a lousy job of hiding it for many years now, but voters keep electing them. So, do the GOP voters care about corruption? Or would they rather have some rotten, immoral GOP in the state house than Democrats, 3rd parties or independents? If so, what are they thinking?! Are they thinking?

  5. Ed 2018-06-01

    Kristi Noem is a shameless hypocrite. She was a Republican leader in the South Dakota legislature when the EB-5 scandal was taking place right under her nose. If she is so offended by that scandal, why,then, did she support Mike Rounds, the architect of EB-5, for Senate? And where was her outrage for the nineteen or so women who were sexually harassed or assaulted by Trump? It is time somebody takes her on for her feigned outrage. Marty Jackley can’t or won’t because he is just as responsible, but Billie Sutton can and should if she is the nominee.

  6. Jenny 2018-06-01

    If I was a pub, I would vote for Noem. I like the Noem’s commercials, but she sure hasn’t said anything about the corruption until now, and this could indeed backfire on her in a very conservative state. This could come across as too aggressive for a woman – women are supposed to be well-behaved and nice, not all negative like that.
    I’m going to go out on a limb and say Jackley wins by a small margin. I just don’t think conservative right wing South Dakota is ready for a female governor yet. I hope I’m wrong.

  7. Jason 2018-06-01

    Ed, wasn’t the eb-5 program a Federal program? How is Rounds the architect? … [edited for relevance —CAH]

  8. Nick Nemec 2018-06-01

    EB-5 was a Federal program and the Feds allowed different states to experiment in various ways to run it. It’s the whole Federalism, 50 states experimenting thing. Here in SD Rounds signed off on privatizing it, actually giving his OK to the contract written by state employee Joop Bolin giving the program and any profits to private citizen Joop Bolin. It’s good to be king and it is even better if the king does your bidding.

  9. jimmy james 2018-06-01

    I heard Kristi’s radio ad about Kaiser yesterday and I thought that it was too confusing and the music was mixed in too loud. I actually said at the time that they need to do radio and tv…. without the music. And boy did they. In my opinion, that ad with Kaiser speaking is very strong.

    Is it enough to overcome the possible aversion in Republican circles to a female governor? I talked to a few of my Republican friends earlier this week and this issue did not register with them…. at that time. But I am not sure when the tv ads began.

    It only takes one or two percent to move the needle and give her a decent winning margin. We’ll know soon enough.

  10. Nick Nemec 2018-06-01

    And no Billy Sutton was not in the legislature at the time Mike Rounds gave the EB-5 program to his buddy Joop. Rounds left office in the first few days of 2011and signed off on the sweetheart EB-5 deal in the weeks before leaving office, Sutton didn’t take his oath of office until the first day of the 2011 legislative session. The EB-5 crap hit the fan while Sutton was in the legislature but all the wheels were put in motion prior to his taking office and Sutton had no part in it. To insinuate Sutton is somehow responsible for EB-5 is laughable.

  11. jimmy james 2018-06-01

    To me, Kristi seems confident. Marty and his allies do not. I have not seen Jackley’s folks confidently commenting on news and blog sites, like they usually do, in these last few days. And his recent fundraising is terrible. Of course, she already had a two to one advantage in cash.

    If he survives this, the Kaiser issue will come back to bite him. If he doesn’t, he will come back to bite Kristi. I have said it before…. the Janklow wing of the SD Republican Party, in my opinion, hate losing and they won’t take it well. Especially losing to a girl.

  12. BlackHills76 2018-06-01

    Those Noem ads are devastating to Jackley’s campaign.

  13. Jenny 2018-06-01

    You tell him, Nick, and you need to come on here more often to tell the darn truth. Nick will out debate any pub on here.

  14. Roger Cornelius 2018-06-01

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the EB-5/GOAC become a scandal when Richard Benda supposedly committed suicide?
    At least that is the way I remember it, Cory was the first investigative reporter to uncover the scandal.

  15. Ed 2018-06-01

    Thank you, Nick, for your response to Jason. You set him straight on Rounds’ involvement with EB-5. …[edited for relevance to avoid Jason’s effort to pull us off a track that’s devastating to Republicans —CAH]

  16. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-06-01

    Ed, that’s a good back-up argument for us Democrats to have if Noem wins the primary. Clearly we can hang everyone on the GOP side with EB-5. But will EB-5 have any impact on Republican voters on Tuesday?

  17. Jason 2018-06-01


    The Republican party is not at fault for someone breaking the law.

    That’s a fact.

  18. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-06-01

    Members of the SDGOP took advantage of one-party rule to engage in corruption. Members of the Republican Party should be held accountable for that corruption.

  19. Jason 2018-06-01

    Which members broke what law?

  20. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-06-01

    Are you asking Kristi Noem that question? She thinks the corruption that took place under Marty Jackley’s watch is sufficient reason to vote against him and for her. Do you disagree with Kristi Noem’s argument?

  21. Jason 2018-06-01

    I’m asking you since you said it.

    Jackly didn’t break the law so I am not going to base my vote on that.

  22. leslie 2018-06-01

    Roger, pugnacious is the term I think of regarding rhino and everything else hating stace’s outsized ego. If he says anything important I can sink my teeth into, I look forward to it. It reminds me of trump. I fear however that through the ownership of Fox for years by Rupert Murdoch, roger ailes and the rest of the radical right wing media, alt right and religious right, we do not have a prayer in uncoiling their 24/7 vitriol and propaganda to for pure capitalistic power. US citizens by in large are unequipped to combat the vicious, constant spin.

    Kristie and Marty exhibit it at its finest. deplorable. But I don’t know who gives us a better shot for Billie to beat. Kristie is much more shallow. Her whole content is money. grimy republican crony money.

    Jason, I kno u are behind here so see my list of all the SDGOP leadership who shirked accountability, including the governor’s cabinet. btw, do you kno the diff between fact and opinion or otherwise?

  23. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-06-01

    Jackley is attorney general. He’s in charge of making sure laws aren’t broken. Laws were broken. He did little to nothing about that lawbreaking. That’s cause to vote against Jackley… or at least in the very specific context of the war Kristi and Marty are waging, more reason to vote against an elected official than things another public official said about one candidate for her party’s nomination while others were still in contention for that nomination.

  24. BlackHills76 2018-06-01

    Which candidate is better for Sutton to run against is probably a wash. Sutton probably contrasts better against Noem. West River cowboy vs. East River farm girl. Small town rancher and investment banker vs. professional DC politician. I believe he will also have a lot more depth in his campaign vs. her memorized talking points. With Jackley you’ve got a career lawyer and Pierre insider (and part-time pretend cowboy). He’s definitely easier to connect with recent failures at the State level then Noem is. So either way Sutton will be competitive. The normal pro-abortion or anti-gun talking points won’t work this time either so whatever candidate runs against him they are going to have to go much deeper when it comes to policy and ideas.

  25. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-06-01

    I’m mostly with you, BH76. Sutton nicely counterprograms every advantage Noem claims. Small business person? She hasn’t done small business for years, and none of her businesses seem to have lasted, while Sutton still puts in hours at the bank helping his neighbors. Cowgirl? Sutton is a cowboy when the cameras aren’t on. Pain and sacrifice? Kristi recovered from her dad’s death by lying about his estate tax and cashing in $3M+ in farm welfare checks. Nobody handed Billie Sutton $3M when that horse put him in a wheelchair. And yes, Billie has eight immediate years of experience with South Dakota issues while Kristi’s been away in Washington.

    Of course, if Jackley wins Tuesday, Sutton faces an opponent with even less charisma (Jackley is not good on the stump). Sutton can also whack Jackley with every attack Noem has leveled.

  26. o 2018-06-01

    Jason, I am missing your point: I think saying that the person whose job it is to enforce the law did not enforce the law is an on-point evaluation of that candidate. Why do you think that is not relevant?

  27. Kate 2018-06-03

    Just a note about the statement about the 72% Trump approval rating – that’s 72% of SD REPUBLICANS, not South Dakotans overall.

  28. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-06-03

    Good point, Kate. Now I’ll be interested to see how those 72% vote on Tuesday and whether Marty’s ad will have more impact on them than I think it will.

  29. Dana P 2018-06-03

    I agree that Sutton can use Noem’s ammo on Jackley, if Jackley wins primary on Tuesday. (those attacks are brutal and truthful and it is where Jackley is very weak. And you have to throw Abdallah on that pile also)

    My worry is this…. “South Dakota nice”. Would Sutton actually use those attacks, or lay back? I think there is a constructive way to show how Jackley isn’t up for this job, use those “attacks”, without getting grimy. Does that make sense? I think in the past, “South Dakota nice” hasn’t helped Dems. Any thoughts on that, Cory?

  30. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-06-03

    Nice? Let’s see who wins on Tuesday. I would suggest, however, that Jackley may be losing right now because he’s being wishy-washy, trying to throw some negative campaigning but still whining about it and not going all the way. Negative campaigning is like dance: you’ve got to commit 100%, do no movement half-heartedly, finish every gesture and sweep the room. You don’t gently press your opponent’s beans; you crush them. Versus Jackley or Noem, Sutton must point out every reason why his opponent is not up to the job. In Jackley’s case, that means his allowing EB-5 corruption, allowing DCI retaliation for sexual harassment, and offering the same old rich-get-richer GOP policies that have our economy languishing. In Noem’s case, that means her lack of executive experience, her lack of creativity and vision, her string of business flops, her family’s reliance on farm subsidies, and her lying about her father’s estate tax to get our sympathy for eight years. We must say those things unabashedly, confidently, and repeatedly.

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