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Noem, Rounds Endorse Trump

While South Dakota’s self-proclaimed “#1 Political Website” has thus far responded to the triumph of Trumpism with stunned silence, Rep. Kristi Noem and Senator Mike Rounds have officially surrendered their moral authority:

Rep. Kristi Noem, Facebook photo, 2015.12.25
Kristi, you don’t have to just sit there, just because your t-shirt says so.

“I don’t always agree with Mr. Trump, but he is the presumptive nominee of our party and I will support him, because I believe in our vision for smaller government, a system that genuinely respects taxpayers, and greater freedom for all,” Noem said Wednesday. “Hillary Clinton doesn’t stand for those values, making it imperative that we don’t elect her as our next President.”

Rounds’ camp was less stark in its support of Trump, but a spokesperson for Rounds said he will support whoever earns the Republican nomination.

“Senator Rounds fully intends to support the Republican candidate for President of the United States,” said Katie Douglas, press secretary for Sen. Rounds [Evan Hendershot, “After Cruz, Kasich Suspend Campaigns, Noem, Rounds Offer Trump Support,” Mitchell Daily Republic, 2016.05.04].

Senator Rounds has already made his craven absence of principle clear, calling Trump normal and reasonable. Rep. Noem now joins him, completing her journey from saying Trump was not her type of Republican to saluting her party’s new leader.

Maybe this will all blow over for Senator Rounds by 2020. But Rep. Noem faces reëlection this year, and her endorsement of Donald Trump now opens the door wide for Democratic challenger State Rep. Paula Hawks to beat Noem round the pate every day for cleaving to the man who is at best Wendell Wilkie, but more likely Benito Mussolini.

Bonus Video: Hillary Clinton shows Democrats how to campaign against Trumpism—let Republicans do it for them:


  1. owen reitzel 2016-05-04

    Really Kristi. “greater freedom for all”?
    You really don’t have a clue. I’m not surprised

  2. Paul Seamans 2016-05-04

    Kristi for Sec of Agriculture. Mike Rounds for Sec of ????. Not remotely qualified for any Trump presidency position.

  3. mike from iowa 2016-05-04

    Make Rounds Ambassador to China or Korea-whichever country had the most losses from EB-5 skullduggery perpetrated by Rounds and Bollen.

  4. Paul Seamans 2016-05-04

    Good one Mike. I’m sure Rounds is very popular over there.

  5. Troy 2016-05-04

    Like your use of the diaeresis in reelection. :)

    And looking forward to how you handle Sanders endorsement of Clinton after recently saying she was unqualified to be President. :) :)

  6. Roger Cornelius 2016-05-04

    Dang! I can hardly wait for the republican convention, mostly to see who doesn’t show up. So far I hear John McCain isn’t showing up as well Presidents Bush I and II.

    Powers over at the Dump Site has one thread up with a single sentence and than quoting a FOX “News” release with a whole bunch of comments by some anonymous fellow. Who is that anonymous guy, anyway?

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-05-04

    Troy, I will look forward to handling that sticky situation. Let’s see how Cruz, Kasich, and friends handle theirs.

    Roger, DWC’s abdication shows the fate of the GOP this year—at best, awkward silence as the faithful abandon ship. DWC readers, I welcome your readership and your nymous participation in the comment section.

    Noem and Rounds affirm their excusification on KELO, while Thune declines to return Don Jorgenson’s call, just as he had not comment for Evan Hednershot:

  8. Rorschach 2016-05-04

    The GOP party is reaping what it sowed. Trump has only begun to embarrass the party. Wait till he starts talking about red GOP welfare states freeloading off of New York and California taxpayers then ask Noem and Rounds if they agree that South Dakota ought to have “freedom” from its dependency on other people’s taxes.

  9. clcjm 2016-05-05

    Didn’t take Rounds and Noem long to make sure their noses were the right color! And Thune? Missing in action while he figures out how to bob and weave to avoid taking an intelligent and informed stand on anything!

  10. Perry 2016-05-05

    Time to review famous quotes of James Carville. Political advisor to the Clintons.

    1. Stay focused. Talk about things that’ll matter to the people, you know? It’s the economy, stupid.

    2. Let me buy a [security] pass … so that they can scan me and search me and measure my penis, then let me get on the plane.

    3. You can call the dogs in, wet the fire, and leave the house. The hunt’s over.

    4. Who cares? Sometimes you need rebirth. (On the destruction of America)

    5. Washington is a dirty diaper. It’s time for a change.

    6. I didn’t just experiment with marijuana — if you know what I mean.

    7. What I’m suggesting is, stand for yourself, be for something and the hell with it. Because the hand-wringers and the editorialists and the sigh-and-pontificate crowd will be against you, whatever you do.

    8. Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.

    My favorite quote is #8. Drag a $100 bill through a trailer park. Bloggers, what’s your favorite?

  11. barry freed 2016-05-05

    A continuation of the original agenda: Put the focus on Trump alone so voters don’t learn anything about the other Republican candidates (Noem, Rounds endorsement) while reinforcing the idea of voting for whomever has the “R” beside their name (Thune response).

  12. Rorschach 2016-05-05

    See this ringing endorsement:

    “I actually support the nominee, Mr. Trump now so I guess I would say all feelings ended last night. We have to come together and support Mr. Trump to elect him,” he said.

    Jason Ravnsborg, Yankton County GOP party Chair

  13. jerry 2016-05-05

    Thomas Frank has this to say about Democratic bosses and their way of convincing us that all is well, not a problem with kicking Trump’s ass, no big deal, all is well. Well it ain’t folks, the more you listen to the corrupted DNC, the bigger the disappointment will be. First off, elect someone who can run seriously AGAINST Trump, that would be Bernie Sanders. Here is Frank:

  14. Loren 2016-05-05

    When was the last time Noem did anything but sit on her thumbs and wait for someone to bring her the daily talking points? And who expected more from Magic Mike? We can expect Thune to roll in one of the next few days because his genius mentor, McConnell, has just come out supporting Trump. You don’t really think Thune is going to go against Mitch and pass up all those over the shoulder photo ops do you?

  15. Rorschach 2016-05-05

    Some people think that the scowling cardboard cutout they place behind McConnell at his press conferences should be the same cardboard cutout they place behind Trump at his press conferences. Can you believe that!?

    Hillary should put a cardboard cutout of Elizabeth Warren behind her for the rest of the campaign.

  16. Roger Elgersma 2016-05-05

    If the people in Congress want Trump to sign their bills, they do not want to have him get in a defensive mode. But starting out saying he is good did not work for Cruz because at the end Cruz got honest about how bad Trump was and that did not work well either.
    The whole Trump thing amounts to the fact that the Republican rank and file finally found out that Reagans trickle down will not happen. So being the party of big business finally backfired. But the change was to something worse. But then anyone that believed trickle down would work is not smart enough to find something better without a little guidance.

  17. Roger Elgersma 2016-05-05

    This is as difficult a situation as the vote for the war that Hillary made the mistake to vote for and Sanders had the character to vote against. They were told their political careers would end if they were not patriotic to defend our country so most in Congress wimped out and voted for it. Now most will wimp out and appear to back Trump just because he won. We need a President with the character of Sanders. He will do what is right and not just whatever someone tells him will be best for his career. Sanders voted against the war and still has a career into his seventies. What is right can work out ok because some people respect the unselfish one who does what is right in a bad situation.

    Always remember that the kids are watching and learning. Do you want them to learn that bullies win, or that we are a great country of character?

  18. Eve Fisher 2016-05-05

    Talking at breakfast with my husband about the chaos that could erupt if not just the GOP, but the Democrats split into multiple parties.
    GOP under Trump
    Tea Party under Cruz
    new GOP under Bush or Ryan or Petraeus
    Dems under Hilary
    Indies under Bernie
    Real indies under ???
    And who knows who else might come out from under rocks?

  19. Roger Elgersma 2016-05-05

    they had to vote to fund it.

  20. Douglas Wiken 2016-05-05

    Hobson’s choice unless Bernie S gets the nomination. The lesser of two evils is not much of a choice. But Democrats better realize that Hillary will go down in flames if Trump starts attacking her. Trump has been underestimated by all the talking heads.

  21. Linda Boyle 2016-05-05

    Noem and Rounds have given us another reason NOT to support them, although it was already apparent to many folks that they do not represent the best interests of many of their constituents. South Dakota needs politicians who really represent us and are there to safeguard our constitutional rights and protect the environment. Noem and Rounds are NOT the ones.

  22. jerry 2016-05-05

    Correct Mr. Wiken, When Trump starts the attack on Clinton, (he already has with success), it is all over. The FBI is now investigating Clinton staffers, hello Huma. The taint is already there and Trump did not have to use some kind of conspiracy theory to hit the sweet spot. Show a couple of pictures of her Huma’s hubby tweeter pics and that will take care of that. One thing the Republican attack machine is really really good at is what makes Trump so dangerous and so electable, he can deliver those lines like a reality tee vee dude.

    I support Bernie, plain as that. Don’t underestimate the power of a reality tee vee show guy. In fact, ask your elderly special relative what she likes to watch on that old Zenith of hers and she will probably tell you Wheel of Fortune and Dancing with the Stars. What does that have to do with Trump, only the fact that they also watched him fire someone’s ass and that is what the public wants. They want someone who will fire someone, like the dude that stole there 401 or the dude that got them into a shoddy real estate deal. They think the only ones who actually give a damn about that are Bernie and Trump. Check it out and you will see what I am talking about.

  23. mike from iowa 2016-05-06

    There ain’t anything Drumpf can throw at Clinton that hasn’t been thrown at her a zillion times. He will have to resort to flat out lies and made up —-.which is the only thing he is good at.

    The only way any FBI investigation will hurt her is if wingnuts manipulate the report and release it shortly before the election-which is probably what they have planned.
    And I can’t stand HRC. Having said that, Drumpf would beat dumbass dubya-hands down-as the worst of the worst presidents ever and for all time.

    Mention nuance to Drumpf and he will tell you he hates female relatives.

  24. leslie 2016-05-06

    mfi-this is gonna be so down and dirty. after losing to bush in SCOTUS, we HAVE to stand strong ’cause these mofos will take us right to the brink of extinction. their tactics make them unbeatable. very, very smart and devious. dishonesty is NOT our problem. I agree w/ all u say but I am all for Hillary. she’s got the right stuff. i’m tryin not to buy the GOP line they are trying to sell the country, that she is a liar. after calling Obama a liar to his face in session, we’ll NEVER allow them to beat us down again. harry is licking his chops. jmo

  25. leslie 2016-05-06

    kristie’s “wrong” photo is so right. Paula’s slogan is ” I’m not about what right or left, I;m about what is right.”

    kristie drives too fast, with kids in the car, likely.

    kristie get’s a goofy selfie with Rep. Schock on the Great Wall, then he leaves the house in shame with millions in mounting legal defense bills for misuse of funds in his blood – red DC office suite.

    kristie goes on youtube attacking the IRS chief and wades in over her head and again makes a fool of herself.

    she is nothing but a pretty face, but Paula is smart, educated, tall, very tall, and beautiful. She has got the right stuff. the right values.

  26. leslie 2016-05-06

    — Nixon and Reagan and all Bushes, Palin and Limbaugh and Helms and Cruz, Quayle and Rubio and Bachmann and Gohmert and Walker, Wallace and Christie and Thurmond and O’Reilly and Cheney and Giuliani, Beck and Gingrich and Inhofe and McConnell and Hannity and Scalia and McCain (yes, he belongs here, he gave us Palin and has never repented, as did the 1st bush with mr. potato-head)

    like the thousands of detestation-worthy people we’ve endured in our lives, the Republican party will nominate for the office of President of the United States someone who’s actually a worse human than any of those mentioned.

    hahahahah ha ha h h ah…gasp

  27. jerry 2016-05-06

    In their words, a “brutal ad” against Trump.

    Trump will just say “That’s Stupid” and then go on to the flip flopping of Clinton with the trade deals that have cost the voters their jobs and their pensions. I do not know why the Democrats have not figured it out, after it was proven, to put all 50 states in play with a huge get out the vote. When Democrats were real Democrats, there was such a thing. I had a campaigner of Stephanie camp at my house, these young folks were motivated by what they were doing and then, they vanished like a fart in the wind. Howard Dean was brilliant as an organizer of this and his successes have been largely ignored.

    Democrats need to get motivated, this is real. Trump says stuff that should sink him and instead, the opposite. There is no way you can insult him that you can get under his skin, because when that happens, he goes to the “crooked Hillary”
    and neutralizes her with the fact that she flip flops all the time. Ask John Kerry how that worked out for him against W. There is someone who could beat him like a pinata, Bernie Sanders. Whoever gets the nomination, Democrats and Independents had better work together, if they don’t want Trump.

  28. mike from iowa 2016-05-06

    South Carolina tow truck operator left a disabled woman stranded after an accident because she had Bernie stickers on her bumper. He claims jeebus okayed his decision. The whole country is going nuts.

  29. bearcreekbat 2016-05-06

    leslie, I’m with you on Hillary. Based on complaints by folks I generally agree with, such as Jerry, I have scoured the web for adverse information about Hillary, reading whatever right wing tripe I can find. All I ever seem to find, however, is general accusations or isolated meaningless incidents such as the “being under fire” kerfuffle.

    I certainly haven’t agreed with every vote by Hillary, but it seems over the top to try to place blame on her for every wrong decision of our government when she was a Senator and Secretary of State. On most policy points Hillary seems fine – not the least bad candidate, but a very positive candidate who actually cares about the poor, minorities, immigrants, and other marginalized groups.

  30. Roger Cornelius 2016-05-06

    Donald Trump has given Hillary a great gift, he has provided her with a boat load of sound bytes from all his ridiculous and dangerous comments, all Hillary has to do is continually play all his anti-women, anti-Latino, and anti-Muslim, etc. comments. Oh, and don’t forget what he said about veteran and hostage Sen. John McCain.
    Like bear and leslie, I refuse to accept all the FOX “News” wingnut propaganda about Hillary.
    It is sad that so many Democrats have bought into so much of what republicans are selling them about HIllary.

  31. Roger Cornelius 2016-05-06

    I like that map bear, next he will want to build a wall around all the states that didn’t support him.

  32. mike from iowa 2016-05-06

    leslie-I’m for Bernie in the primary,but if HRC gets the nomination I will most certainly hold my nose and vote for some sanity in the WH. That won’t be Drumpf and I refuse to sit on my vote.

    bcb-maybe Mexico will make us pay reparations for decades of abuses heaped upon them by arrogant gringos.

  33. Charles Canaan 2016-10-08

    I find it disturbing that, while Republicans across the country are expressing their dismay over Trumps latest known comets about women or with drawing their support for the man, South Dakota’s three elected of members of congress remain silent. Have they so sold their souls to the Republican party that they are willing to continue their support for him. I think it definitely says something about their moral core, or the lack of it.

  34. Joe 2016-10-19

    October 18, 2016

    Vladimir Putin And Kremlin Insider Issue Dire World War 3 Warnings: ‘War Might Begin Before US Elections’ And ‘If You Want A War, You Will Get One…Everywhere!’

    Is This More Proof War Is Coming To US Soil?

    By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

    According to this September 23rd story from CBSNews, if you want to know what Russian president Vladimir Putin is thinking, you should talk to Sergie Markov. Owning a Russian political think tank with a direct link to the Kremlin, Markov recently told the Daily Beast that war might break out between the US and Russia BEFORE the US election in only weeks. 

    Telling us of his plans to stock up on food in case his warning becomes reality, he also advises others to stock up on food as well. Sounding almost like an ANP WW3 prepping story, what does Markov know that we don’t know?  

    “These are the most serious tensions between Moscow and Washington in decades….the war might begin even before the November elections in the U.S.” “I personally plan to stock 200 cans of pork to be ready for a potential war crisis,” Markov added, “and I advise everybody to do the same.” 

    Markov’s warning should probably be treated seriously given that he is known to have “close ties to (the) Kremlin”. As we previously reported, Russian citizens have been stockpiling food and essential supplies for months as paranoia about a major conflict escalates.

    The new story from the Express tells us that after US Vice President Joe Biden recently called for an all-out cyber assault upon Kremlin emails, Vladimir Putin responded in kind, telling the US, “if you want a war, you will get one EVERYWHERE!” Coming soon after US Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley warned “the next major conflict would be highly lethal, unlike anything our Army has experienced at least since World War II, andwould involve fighting in highly populated urban areas”, it’s clear the globalists are preparing to bring war to America.  

    Back on October 2nd we reported that 40 million Russian citizens would be participating in a massive civil defense drillall across Russia in preparation of a possible nuclear attack upon their country in retaliation for possibly exposing the myriad war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Clinton and a huge part of the current United States government. 

    As we reported on ANP on Monday, the Wikileaks ‘doomsday machine’ could bring down the entire United States government according to one government insider who is familiar with the content of hacked emails and who warned: “People do not realize how enormous this whole situation actually is”. 

    Might the crimes of treason and crimes against humanity detailed in leaked emails that have yet to be released by Wikileaks be big enough for the US government to go to war with Russia over? If that is how badly Hillary and the globalists want to cover up their crimes, that they’d be willing to sacrifice the lives of millions of Americans living in this country today, then we have a serious problem. Sergie Markov and Vladimir Putin can clearly see that problem.

    The story from John DeMaggio, a retired Captain from the US Navy, over at The Hill tells us that Russia is in a full-fledged preparation for war while here in America, we’re distracted by 11-year old Donald Trump tapes and an email scandal that has made America much less safe than we’d be if it never had happened. DeMaggio’s story gives some very firm advice on how wars can begin and how close we are to an event that will effect the lives of everybody living in America right now.

    The back and forth between Russia and the West grows in intensity as time goes on. The United States is threatening retaliation for “alleged” Russian cyber attacks. TheUnited States government had better produce the evidence before taking any retaliatory actions otherwise it risks further embarrassment on the world diplomatic stageat the hands of the Russians, which can only bolster the Russian position at the expense of the United States international diplomacy. 

    Escalation of minor incidents, diversion from other issues, and miscalculations of expected responses are some of the causes of the greatest conflicts in history. These often back adversaries into corners that neither can escape from. 

    We are witnessing an escalation in tensions based on perceived weaknesses and conflicting interests. 

    Posturing of military forces within close proximity to each other in geographic areas that are politically unstable with both side engaged in uncoordinated combat operations against a range of adversaries only requires one incident to rapidly spiral events out of control — and produce an effect none of us is expecting but which will influence all of our futures.

    Have you spoken with your families yet about World War 3 being fought upon US soil and the dangers that we all might face should our government attack Russia over alleged hacked emails and other growing tensions? While most of us have never experienced real war upon US soil, weshouldn’t have to experience such a war to want to avoid it. 

    The cities and streets of the Middle East show us how quickly war ravages a nation. The Russian people know what such a war might bring and are thus preparing for it on a massive scale. While we’re happy that the mainstream media in America is finally beginning to report on this strong possibility, it may already be far too late for most Americans.

    If a full-scale war soon breaks out between the US and Russia, we do not expect that alternative news websites will be allowed to stay online. Having created and tested the internet ‘kill switch’, we look back at previous wars to see that all sources of opposition providing alternative news within a country (such as Nazi Germany) are quickly silenced. History shows that totalitarian government has no space at all for alternative points of view when it comes to something as dire as war.

    While Russians continue to prepare for doomsday, the fact that a huge part of the American people remain so dumbed down that they’d even consider to vote for Hillary Clinton shows how dire things have become here in America. Proving to us that a huge percentage of the US population pays no attention whatsoever to real world events or continue to get their news from the mainstream media, WW3 fought upon US soil will jolt the remaining millions out of their perceived ‘safe spaces’ in moments. 

    In the first video below we hear Infowars report about Kremlin insider Markov’s warning about war possibly beginning prior to the US election while in the 2nd video we hear more on the still ongoing attempts by the mainstream media to hide the unfolding of World War 3 from the public. In the 3rd video below we hear why the threat of World War 3 is now greater than ever while the establishment plans out the rigging of the election for Hillary Clinton.

    In the final video below, ANP friends Minute To Midnite talk with us about the convergence of war, economic collapse and the space weather events that Barack Obama recently signed an executive order to prepare for as reported in this ANP story.

    As has long been stated, when all else fails, they bring us to war. Present day events show us we are quickly arriving at that moment. There’s never been a more important time than now to prepare for something that we pray never comes.

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