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GOP Math: Billion-Dollar State Lawsuit Fund, Abortion Down 359%

Jeopardy Answer: Respect voters, balance the federal budget, and speak with moral consistency.

Jeopardy Question: What are four things Republicans can’t do?

Oh, oops! Now I’m acting Republican and forgetting one: math.

A District 22 reader sends this clip from Republican Senator Jim White’s recent column:

Huron Plainsman, Jan 2018
Huron Plainsman, Jan 2018

Dang—if the Legislature appropriated a thousand million dollars for litigation, they shouldn’t need another appropriation for decades… unless the Libertarian ballot access lawsuit cleans them out.

Meanwhile, the South Dakota Republican press release blog says South Dakota reduced abortion 359%:

screen cap, Dakota War College, 2018.01.25.
screen cap, Dakota War College, 2018.01.25.

Hmm… reducing the number of abortions in South Dakota 100% from the 1,693 that SDRTL reports in the bad old Ronald Reagan days would have meant zero abortions in 2016. Reducing the number of abortions the remaining 259% means there had to be 4,380 abortions in 2016. Negative abortions—the right-wing theocrats must have run around stuffing babies into women to achieve that figure… which maybe isn’t far from the Handmaid’s Tale they crave.

Republicans must have given up on math when Donald Trump reached 2,000 lies in office in less than a year. His total from Inauguration to Shutdown: 2,140, just under 6 a day. If I used Republican math, that’s a million times more lies than Barack Obama ever told. But since I’m a mild-mannered Democrat and math major, I’ll settle for saying Trump’s fib rate is only 54.9 times Obama’s.


  1. Bucko Bear 2018-01-25

    If our single-party lege would’t pass so many stupid, and often unconstitutional laws, then the budget for defending them would be much smaller.

  2. Nick Nemec 2018-01-25

    I’m impressed with the math skills.

  3. John 2018-01-25

    Republicants and STEM. Gotta love it. Stupid is, stupid does.

  4. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-01-26

    The more people who understand math, the more people who can catch the Republicans in their errors. Thus, Republicans underfund education, or at least focus on technical education and discourage the broader, liberal education that would induce those technicians to apply their math and analytical skills to civic affairs and political arguments.

  5. Daniel Buresh 2018-01-26

    Since I have a degree in Math, I decided to comment on Pat Power’s sh!t blog but he still has me blocked. It’s good to see he is maintaining the echo chamber for KM and Troy Jones. Watching them cry about bullies calling them out makes me laugh.

  6. Jenny 2018-01-26

    How come Troy Jones doesn’t post on DFP anymore, Cory. We weren’t that mean to him were we? He was one of the more gentlemanly pubs and I actually miss him.

  7. jerry 2018-01-26

    Pi are not squared, Pi are round.

  8. Roger Elgersma 2018-01-26

    According to PEW research, eight to ten years ago the abortion rate nationally was 23.5% and now is 15% which is a hair lower than when Roe v Wade came in. Meanwhile the black abortion rate was 50% and is still 50%. Abortions dropped dramatically for everyone except blacks during the Obama years. Not sure why.

  9. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-01-27

    Statistics about declines in abortion also have to address how much of that decline came from better sex education and access to contraceptives. South Dakota stats further should account for how many SD women just said screw the hassle and this state and went elsewhere for their abortions.

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