Daugaard Encourages District 34 to Vote for Dryden So He Can Appoint Lust

Governor Dennis Daugaard is making sure District 34 voters understand that a vote for Dryden is really a vote for Lust. A helpful readers sends this photo of a letter that the Governor apparently sent to District 34 voters to explain that, if voters elect the deceased Dan Dryden, he will appoint former Rep. David Lust to fill that spot:

Governor Dennis Daugaard, campaign letter to District 34 voters, October 2016.
Governor Dennis Daugaard, campaign letter to District 34 voters, October 2016.

Notice that this is a campaign letter, paid for by the Governor’s campaign funds, not an educational note to voters paid for with tax dollars.

4 Responses to Daugaard Encourages District 34 to Vote for Dryden So He Can Appoint Lust

  1. I hope that voters reject these shenanigans and vote for a live person who is actually out campaigning for the job.

  2. Dead man’s not eligible to run for office; how can one vote for an ineligible candidate?

  3. John Wrede

    I’ve known Dave Lust since he first took office in the legislature. His law firm has represented both my moms and dad’s estates……… Frankly, for no more than they did in either case, my bothers and I paid far to much money and spent far too much time working with them. Dave seems to be a fairly nice guy be he sure doesn’t like to discuss or entertain alternative opinions or recommendations, particularly when it comes to natural resource issues. Like Kristin Conzet and a few others out here, he does a poor job of communicating with the average voter and he most assuredly seldom responds to questions and concerns. He’s yet another one of those rubber stamp republicans that is all for exploiting the public’s assets to benefit private enterprise. Like most all other republicans, he pulled the trigger on ditching all state regulation and permitting for the Powertech mess and promoted the misinformation and disingenuous reasoning that went with the repeal of state oversight of uranium mining. Like all other legislators, he refused to listen to concerns about radiation contamination of water above and below ground and now, after three years of arguing, it has been shown that we have problems with contamination of the Cheyenne River and other waters as a direct result of historical uranium mining both in Fall River County but now in Nebraska. Dave’s a nice guy, but the only thing he seems to care about is using the publics money or assets to enable private enterprise to take advantage of unwitting good will. I’ve told him repeatedly that our legislature is dysfunctional because it laks honest debate and balance but of course he disagrees, suggesting that the republican philosophy is the only one with intelligence and good ideas. You can’t communicate well with people that have that mindset. A person convinced against his will remains of the same opinion still!

  4. HuffPost:

    In D.C. “Republican Sen. John Thune’s four-day dash from being a Trump endorser, to calling on the Republican nominee to drop out of the race, to saying that he’d vote for Donald Trump after all, left many people surprised. 
    Including, it seems, the South Dakota senator’s own daughter.” 10.17.16 Now that’s opportunistic, common sense, conservative leadership. not :)

    Here, Drydan’s gone, RIP, but similar to refusing to hear SUPREME COURT nominee Garland Merrick as Scalia’s replacement 6-8 months later, republican Daugaard refuses to push for Medicaid Expansion, and now wishes to take an election in Dist. 32, out of the hands of voters, because too many non-republican voters might be registered, vote, and then over-ride the gerrymandered typical republican out come in this district of mostly rich guys and girls living in Rapid City, nicest place east of the Rockies, perched on “OUR BELOVED BLACK HILLS which we stole from the Indians to get their gold)”. Adelstein country.