Knobe Says No on 19 and 20

Rick Knobe’s opposition to Referred Laws 19 (the Incumbent Protection Plan) and 20 (the youth sub-minimum wage) is no surprise. The Sioux Falls radio man condemned both laws in early April, 2015, and circulated petitions to freeze both laws and put them to a public vote.

Now with voting finally underway, Knobe reminds his listeners and readers why they should vote No on 19 and 20. Knobe brands 19 as GOP bosses rigging the petition process to exclude independents:

This proposed law started off well. It was created by the State Elections Commission to fix issues of petitions, and time to protest petitions. However, the political bosses in the Republican Party changed it, and in a bad way.  They changed the requirements for Independents to get signatures to get on the ballot making the already difficult task of getting on the ballot impossible, for all practical purposes [Rick Knobe, “Ballot Issues: No On 19 And 20, Yes On Amendment R,” KSOO Radio, 2016.09.26]

Turning to 20, Knobe notes the Legislature’s affront to the voters, then emphasizes the economic unfairness of cutting the minimum wage for young workers:

I don’t want teens to have a sub minimum wage in South Dakota. So, I am voting No on Referred Law 20.  If voting on the minimum wage seems familiar to you, it is. In 2014 we voted to increase the state minimum wage for everybody. During the 2015 legislative session enough Republicans decided it was OK to change what the voters just approved, hence the sub-minimum wage for teens. In today’s world a job for a teen is not a luxury. Teen jobs contribute to the family income to pay rent, buy groceries, pay the heating bill, and maybe save some for college [Knobe, 2016.09.26].

Referred Laws 19 and 20 will be the last items on your ballot. Take Knobe’s advice and save up some NO ink for these two bad laws.

2 Responses to Knobe Says No on 19 and 20

  1. Roger Elgersma

    Since one third of minimum wage earners are teens, one third single moms and one third elderly, the teens would be taking jobs away from single moms and the elderly if this lowering of the teen wage happens. So it will hurt much more than just the teens.

  2. John Wrede

    Roger: Can you explain how your perception is not speculation. Are there some facts out there that will support the assertion?