Dakota Access Not Just Line on Map, But Trench Through Land and Tile

Bob Mercer links to this map from the Public Utilities Commission’s hearing on the Dakota Access Pipeline, showing how the Bakken oil shipper will hook into Energy Partners’ national pipeline network:

Energy Transfer Partners Asset Overview
Energy Transfer Partners Asset Overview

Orland organic farmer Charlie Johnson puts that map in local context with one photo:

Photo by Charlie Johnson, Orland, South Dakota, 2015.10.07.
Photo by Charlie Johnson, Orland, South Dakota, 2015.10.07.

Writes Johnson:

Dakota Access Pipeline is placing orange survey stakes across area roads. This organic field has been farmed organically for 25 years by the Johnson family. DAP is planning to bury 30 inch pipe four feet under ground , severing tile lines. Up to 500,000 barrels of crude oil will flow across this field daily — all within a half inch of our precious South Dakota soil and water [Charlie Johnson, Facebook post, 2015.10.07].

The PUC Dakota Access hearing continues through Friday.

8 Responses to Dakota Access Not Just Line on Map, But Trench Through Land and Tile

  1. larry kurtz

    Tiled fields are hardly earth friendly.

  2. Paul Seamans

    PUC staff witnesses testified that one of the worries with reclamation of the easement area is the likelihood of noxious weeds moving into the area. About the only way to control them is with chemicals. That will not work on Charlie’s organic farm.

  3. Paul Seamans

    The testimony by farmers and other witnesses was somewhat of a primer on field tiling. Many of the older clay tiles are very fragile and will crumble on being disturbed. To repair and splice these tiles after being cut by the Dakota Access trench sounds like it would almost be impossible.

    The Dakota Access route runs close to the Sioux Falls growth area (Tea, Harrisburg, Hartford) and will slice through areas that are projected to be future housing areas. Houses,roads, etc., cannot be built on the easement area.

  4. bret clanton

    Hmmmm… So one of the Dakota Access lawyers is a former PUC staff member? How does that work?…

  5. Francis Schaffer

    Larry not sure why you are saying this about tiled fields? This should be debated but on some other separate post. I seriously wonder why you state tiled fields are not earth friendly. Of course, then we could debate exactly what is earth friendly too. Some other time, some other post.

  6. Paul Seamans

    You are correct in that one of the lawyers was a PUC staff attorney. However I doubt that works towards Dakota Access’ benefit. She has a very abrasive personality, maybe people in the PUC office were happy to see her leave.

  7. mike from iowa

    If there are some abandoned Wal Mart stores in North Dakota they have tunnels with access to China(according to Texas wingnuts) so this awl could be dropped in a hole under a Wal Mart and end up in China w/o disturbing any tile lines,correct?