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State to Offer Expert Testimony from Chris Nelson in Bosworth Trial

Maybe Annette Bosworth is a Republican after all. According to KCCR, she and her attorneys Robert Van Norman and Dana Hana don’t want experts testifying at her perjury trial next week:

During the conference Friday, Bosworth’s attorneys wanted to dismiss expert testimony from former South Dakota Secretary of State Chris Nelson. Judge Brown denied this, but said Nelson won’t be able to testify to the extent the state wanted. Nelson will be able to submit certain documents to the court in regards to his knowledge of how elections are supervised.

Bosworth’s attorneys claimed that “Nothing this witness (Nelson) can say would be better that what the judge would say” [“Pre-Trial Conference for Annette Bosworth Trial Held Friday in Hughes County Court,” KCCR Radio, 2015.05.09].

The Attorney General doesn’t send me briefings on his legal strategy. I assume the state will call the sitting Secretary of State at the time of Bosworth’s 2014 petition infractions, Jason Gant, to the stand. After that testimony, the state will probably need Nelson, now a Public Utilities Commissioner, to straighten things out.

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  1. grudznick 2015-05-10 17:23

    If they call Mr. Gant to the stand, this trial could really get insaner than most. Mr. Gant probably has it out for the pretty young doctor.

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