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Crème Brûlée? Industrial Dairy Fire in Turner County

While we wait for solar panels to erupt in flames just justify Walworth County’s ridiculous one-mile setbacks for solar power plants, one of the state-subsidized dairies we love and cherish has become a mooing inferno in Turner County:

On December 2nd at 11:36 P.M. Hurley, Parker, Davis, and Marion Fire Departments were dispatched to Full Circle Dairy for a structure fire. When crews arrived on scene there was heavy smoke coming from the attic of the parlor. Fire crews entered the attic and were able to contain the fire to a small area near the fire origin location. After the fire was contained crews began ventilation efforts, followed by “mop up.”

The fire was caused by a malfunction in equipment and spread through a vent pipe.

Turner County Sheriffs Office, Turner County Emergency Management, Viborg Fire with there Air Trailer, and Hurley Ambulance were also on scene [Hurley Volunteeer Fire/Ambulance Service, FB, 2023.12.03].

The fire appears to have been contained to the attic; Hurley VFAS reports no roast beef.

Crony-capitalist CAFO promoter A1 Development Solutions helped Full Circle Dairy secure $850K in sales-tax kickbacks for Turner County in 2020. Hopefully those kickbacks are helping the county pay for more emergency services to respond to CAFO conflagrations.

Full Circle Dairy appears to be run by Ag Business Solutions based in Grand Rapids, Michigan… or at least that’s the mailing address given on their official South Dakota corporate filings.


  1. sx123 2023-12-05 08:21

    1 mile seems like a long ways, but for 3200 acre solar farm, there probably does need to be a large setback. I dont know how large.

    As for fire risk, I think farmers are more concerned about them starting a field fire when combining, which then creeps to the solar farm and the big liability problem farmers now have that wasnt there before…

  2. jerry 2023-12-05 13:25

    sx123, you do realize of course, that there is condensation from these solar panels. In fact, there is enough to actually have a green area for grazing and habitat for bees and the like. Of course, there is a need for a zoned area that works for the landowner as well as the solar farm. The problem seems to be that for most folks, they just don’t get how thes panels can produce welcome shade in the summer and food for their livestock through grazing.

  3. jerry 2023-12-05 13:33

    There is more or less, a right of way around the panels so workers can service them as needed. Between that and the fence line of the separate property of say, a wheat grower, there would be adequate room to put down a fire before it became a real problem. Grazing the grass around and under the panels would also either eliminate or make the problem of fire less of a problem.

    Check out the one in New Underwood or Scottsbluff or any other state where you may live to see what these generators actually do.

    If there would be a fire, that’s why you have insurance on your place. I’ve seen it pay off for grass fires that took a couple of stacks of baled hay on the neighbors place.

    The problem with Walworth County, Yankton Country and this Johnson County comes down to two words… Joe Biden.

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