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Drinking Liberally Returns to Sioux Falls, 41 Taphouse, Fridays at 5 p.m.

I was so busy writing up Kristi Noem’s $120 fundraising dinner in Ohio that I missed an email announcing the return of a more local, more fun, and far more local political friendraising: Drinking Liberally Sioux Falls is back! If you can’t break away from work over the noon hour on Friday to enjoy an informative lunch with (my loyal sponsors!) the Minnehaha Democratic Forum, you can head to the 41 Taphouse in the Western Mall on West 41st Street in Sioux Falls.

Their open invitation explains their covid-induced hiatus:

After CoVid started in earnest in March of 2020, we suspended Drinking Liberally meetings in Sioux Falls until the virus resolved itself, we learned to live with it or (heaven forbid) we all died. Lucky for us, the virus (as viruses are prone to do) moderated itself and the medical community developed vaccines and treatments that mitigated the virus which at first appeared to be nearly universally fatal. So, while CoVid in the form of Omnicron is still with us, we celebrate our adaptation and resumption of civil life by rejuvenating our regular Friday Drinking Liberally gatherings at the “41 TapHouse” beginning this Friday (today) December 1st at 5:00PM. The “ 41 TapHouse” is located just west of Scheel’s on 41st street in Sioux Falls. There is a large parking lot so parking is very convenient. All are welcome to attend, have a drink or two with us and help us resolve the political questions of the day. If we don’t have an answer, we always have a multitude of opinions [Drinking Liberally Sioux Falls, e-mail invitation, received by DFP 2023.12.01].

…and resumes its frequent critique of the South Dakota Democratic Party and its dwindling numbers:

We also will revive our “Fact or Crap” trivia game where anyone answering all 10 random trivia questions correctly can win our prized money pot which might just be enough to cover a winner’s (very reasonable) bar tab. Today’s prize will start at $20.00 compliments of our host.

To increase your odds of winning we include two take-home test questions for you: #1) Prior to 2007, 36 women served as Senators in the US Senate since the beginning of the Republic. Two were born, raised and attended college in the same city. What city was it? ( Hint: It is located in the upper Midwest.) #2) Since June and the messy recall of the South Dakota Democratic Party’s (SDDP’s) Chair, Jennifer Slaight-Hanson, the new South Dakota Democratic Chair, Shane Merrill, and Vice Chair, Jessica Meyers, claim the SDDP is united in its purpose? Is this True or False? (Hint : It is probably True. Since June, state Democratic voter registration has declined by 3,500 registrants (2%), from 151263 to 147732. Since there are fewer Democrats to disagree with the SDDP’s leadership, the Party is more likely more united in its purpose.

I need a Drink [DLSF, 2023.12.01].

Fridays at 5 p.m., have an adult beverage (or a Cherry Coke!) with friendly Dems in Sioux Falls!

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  1. grudznick 2023-12-03 08:25

    Let us hope Mr. Zitterich can attend to challenge Mr. Nesiba in the debates over “fact or crap.”

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