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Old Joel Koskan Instagram Account Apparently Hacked

G. Mark Mickelson apparently isn’t the only prominent Republican who’s had a social media account hacked this month. An Instagram account that appears to have been created by convicted incestophile and failed Republican Senate candidate Joel Koskan ten years ago published a couple of new posts yesterday:

Screencap of what used to be Joel Koskan's Instagram account, annotated to show post dates, 2023.11.21.
Screencap of what used to be Joel Koskan’s Instagram account, annotated to show post dates, 2023.11.21.

Joel Koskan could not have posted these two cartoonish images, of a dirt biker and a tractor, yesterday because he’s been behind bars in Springfield since April, and South Dakota Department of Corrections policies say inmates can’t access the Internet by computer, phone, or tablet:

Unless otherwise approved, offenders are prohibited from accessing stand-alone computers with an island LAN. Offenders shall not have access to the state Intranet system or computers with access to the Internet [DOC Policy 1.5.A.7.IV.1.A.1, effective 2023.06.01]

Offenders may not use the telephone or messaging system to subscribe to any social media service which maintains a social media account on behalf of an offender [DOC Policy 1.7.D.02.IV.4.E.5, effective 2023.10.01].

Even if someone smuggled Koskan an iPhone in his birthday cake, it’s unlikely he would have used that contraband to post cartoons to Instagram. Besides, the content of the posts and the header read entirely un-Koskanianly:

    • “…HMU now to get yours done at a very cool rate 💯💯”
    • on the dirt bike cartoon: “I’m in love 😍 in making arts more and more 🔥💕💯”
    • on the tractor cartoon: “Can’t believe I can make this dope 🔥 fr lol🔥✅”

Yes, prison can change a man, but I have a hard time believing hard time would turn Koskan (or forty-something from Wood, South Dakota) from a MAGA-spouting blowhard to an emoji-bedazzler referring to his own 100% posts as “dope” and asking clickers to “HMU” for “a very cool rate”.

Mickelson mimicked, Koskan co-opted… striped Joel couldn’t do anything from his current bunk to secure his online accounts, but maybe his Republican friends on the other side of the wall should check their social media accounts and update their passwords.

And hey, doofus Koskan-spoofer: if you’re really trying to promote your doodles, hijacking the name of a convicted sex creep probably isn’t going to get you the audience you want. 


  1. Todd Epp 2023-11-21

    My last conversation with Joel when I was still at KELO-AM was not a pleasant one.

  2. grudznick 2023-11-21

    ΔpΔq ≈ h

  3. All Mammal 2023-11-22

    From what we all know about Joel Koskan, it’s probably used as a front for swapping child rape videos and/or other ticklings of the cho-mo fancy. Guys like that rely on their network and have to reach out to one another for new whacking material.

    I don’t know about you all, but every bit of that page smacks of pervy predator and freaked me out instantly.

  4. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2023-11-22

    Todd, when was that conversation? Was it on air? Did Joel mention anything about wanting to become a “graphics designer”?

  5. Michelle Kalehzan 2023-11-22

    I was the one who provided this tip to Cory, and while he believes it is a hacked Instagram page I am not so sure of that. Joel Koskan‘s nefarious ways online are well known to me as he harassed me online last year posing as a Democratic legislator from South Dakota who is Native American in his efforts to shut me up from talking about his felony cases of sexual abuse. Furthermore, it is not difficult at all for inmates to obtain burner phones inside prisons. Finally, take a look at who he was following: many young women, some who appear to be teenagers. This guy keeps on revealing himself in ways he just cannot control. The fact that Kristi Noem is following a convicted child molester who committed such assaults against his adopted Native American daughter, should also concern South Dakota voters. But, that’s just my opinion.

  6. All Mammal 2023-11-22

    And according to Dr. Kalehzan’s X account, Koskan’s skin crawling instagram page has a high-profile follower: SD Governor Kristi Noem. It is so… very… fitting. These people need to be scrutinized very closely for further connections with pedophilia and the abuse/misplacement/adoption/murder/exploitation of Indigenous SD children. Including Gov Noem and the AG and prosecutors who go so softly on abusers of children in SD, especially Native children.

    The Pennington County State’s attorney Lara Roetzel just recently was called on to resign by the NDN Collective for dropping felony charges for the guy who killed 14 year old Navaeh Brave Heart. He is now only charged with a misdemeanor eluding police for killing a girl with his truck and leaving her to die in the street while he washed his truck and spray painted the rims in order to get away with his crime. The office refused to give to people answers and instead closed their office at 1pm to shoo the Natives out and Ms. Roetzel did a news interview portraying herself as the victim, while never acknowledging the dead daughter we lost or explaining why she was unwilling to prosecute the manslaughter charge. The people sitting in her office simply wanted answers and got more bitchmoves by our state.

    Thank you again, Mr. H and Dr. Kalehzan for your significant contributions by backing up the facts so that the charges were upheld and the survivor was heard.

  7. grudznick 2023-11-22

    Young Dr. Kalehzan herself seems to be a follower of this Mr. Koskan’s XXX account. Interestinger and interestinger.

  8. Todd Epp 2023-11-22

    Joel thought I was asking mean questions during the coronavirus state briefings. I thought I was just doing my job.

  9. Michelle Kalehzan 2023-11-23

    To grudznick: I’m not young unless you’re a retired age person. Ha. I followed this account so I could see the followers and posts. When Sex Offender Joel Koskan comes up for his first parole hearing in August, 2025, I intend to object loudly as a victim of this dangerous felon, and I’m collecting evidence until then. Imagine: he sexually abused his Native American adopted daughter for YEARS, impersonated a SD Democratic legislator who is Native to dissuade me from publicizing his pending criminal case, called my local police in the San Francisco Bay Area to “ report” me for publishing his very public Pandemic-related PPP lians ir grants, and he gets to ostensibly go free in 2 years and 4 months. Not on my watch!! South Dakota: do better!

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