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Musk Alleges Jews Conspiring to Destroy Twitter

Elon Musk is trying to cover his business incompetence by blaming the Anti-Defamation League for Twitter’s declining revenues:

Elon Musk, tweet, 2023.09.04.
Elon Musk, tweet, 2023.09.04.
Elon Musk, tweet, 2023.09.04.
Elon Musk, tweet, 2023.09.04.

Hmm: revenues are down because of a global conspiracy of Jewish leaders, or revenues are down because the CEO has destroyed the company’s branding and degraded his product’s functionality—users of Occam’s Razor should be able to recognize which is the simpler and thus the more likely explanation for Twitter’s decline.

For the record, I intend to deadname Twitter forever.


  1. P. Aitch 2023-09-06

    Being in my 70’s it’s essential for me to experience and embrace as many new things and explore as many new ideas as I can. Don’t want to die in my sleep. Want to be as “absolutely woke” as possible when I go.
    My newest is Reddit. (pronounced red it not reed it).
    My point is the Twitter is for right wing groups. That’s my Occam’s explanation of Mr. Musks’s 50% loss in advertising. I.E. Twitter is offensive to half the audience.

  2. larry kurtz 2023-09-06

    Xitter has indeed become a platform for the far white wing of the Republican Party so I block hundreds of racists like Elmo Musk.

  3. Dicta 2023-09-06

    Musk really encapsulates many of the issues I see in hyper-partisan politics: never, EVER admit fault. Find a group of people to blame. Scream about it while you burn down your own damn house. The cult of personality surrounding the guy is bizarre.

  4. O 2023-09-06

    Musk is a great example of why Billionaires, by their very existence, are immoral. Nobody should wield that kind of power in a democracy. As Rick Sanchez would say, “he’s the writer of his own press releases.” Musk should just be like every other crazy uncle and be limited to family Thanksgiving dinners for an audience; wealth ought not give platform magnification.

  5. buckobear 2023-09-06

    It used to be said: “If you’re so smart, why ain’t ya rich?”
    In Musk’s case it’s “If you’re so rich, why ain’tya smart?”

  6. Bonnie B Fairbank 2023-09-06

    Musk is batsh*t insane, and his obsequious toadies should quit sucking up to this deranged megalomaniac. As buckobear said, being rich is no reason to be worshipped, flattered, or even tolerated. The mindless, babbling press has a lot to answer for in this wretched case. Elon deserves impoverishment and obscurity for his vanity and stupidity.

  7. Arlo Blundt 2023-09-06

    We all have our quirky personality problems. But….can anyone explain why it is, that so many Billionaires are just flat out weird. Musk, Epstein, Murdock, Trump, Howard Hughes, The English Prince (brother of King Charles, whose name escapes me. I can’t keep track of the Royals, but the King is very weird too), add to the list at your leisure. Jeez, who put those nuts in charge of all that money??

  8. jakc 2023-09-06

    What Elon fails to comprehend is that free speech can have consequences. I imagine he would encourage Budweiser to sue consevatives over the drop in Bud Light sales

  9. grudznick 2023-09-06

    Ms. Hubbel is Batsh!t insaner than most. And very pretty.
    Mr. Musk is Batsh!t insaner than most. And very rich.

  10. P. Aitch 2023-09-06

    “Never pass an opportunity to label yourself a victim.” – Trump 101

  11. DaveFN 2023-09-06

    Arlo Blundt

    Were you or I as rich as Musk we’d be no less as weird.

  12. leslie 2023-09-06

    Such a fool. $$XX. Blames others, like boomers, eh?

    I closed my twitter account back when Elon made his offer, then reneg-ed.

    But, twitter’s power for me—instant links to direct global news at a single click—brought me back sometime this year, with a slightly different user-name, losing all the previous years of data. Oh well. It is obvious, one way or another, it is becoming XXX-rated.

    What a privileged stupid fool is Elon Musk. Echos of the dying media-scourge Rupert Murdoch & Sons.

    Politics has always gotten vicious, and ends with violence, which the Republicans are pushing for. Such cruelty.

  13. leslie 2023-09-07

    @stuartpstevens (twttr)
    Elements present when democracies slide into autocracy:

    -the backing of a major party
    -Legal theories to justify autocracy
    -shock troops

    Listen to Gov. “bullets” Huckabee. He’s getting the shock troops ready. He is part of the conspiracy to end America

  14. Eve Fisher 2023-09-07

    Musk: living proof that wealth = intelligence is complete and utter bull.

  15. jerry 2023-09-07

    Musk is a traitor doing deals with our sworn enemies China and Russia. NOem, the same, think Smithfield and the trump virus. Thune, the same, likes to hang around Moscow. Dirty Johnson, the same, likes to hang around with known Russian spy’s. Does anyone know any trump cultists who is not a traitor?

  16. P. Aitch 2023-09-18

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