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Slaight-Hansen Appeal of Ouster Likely to Bear No Fruit

Former South Dakota Democratic Party chair Jennifer Slaight-Hansen of Aberdeen is apparently following through with her promise to appeal her August 19 ouster by the SDDP State Central Committee. South Dakota Standard reports she filed that appeal last week, and the Dakota Scout reports that the SDDP Executive Board is meeting Wednesday to appoint an appeals committee to consider Slaight-Hansen’s contention that the vote to remove her was not valid.

Slaight-Hansen’s appeal has no happy outcome. It certainly does not result in her regaining and retaining leadership of the South Dakota Democratic Party. The ouster vote was unanimous. Legislative Democrats, major county parties, and youth organizations in the party all agitated for the chair’s removal. No organized resistance arose to defend Slaight-Hansen’s chairship. Even if Slaight-Hansen’s appeal has merit and she is technically still the chair, her political authority is gone. Party members will simply replay the recall process with fully dotted ayes and cross Slaight-Hansen’s name off the leadership roster again.

Why delay the inevitable? It’s not like there’s a salary or benefits or any political advantage to clinging to the chair of the South Dakota Democratic Party for a few more days or weeks when the vast majority of South Dakotans don’t care who holds that post and the tiny, tiny handful of dedicated South Dakotans who do care—several dozen activists who show up armed with Robert’s Rules of Order for State Central Committee meetings—don’t want that holder.

Everybody in this affair has bigger things to worry about. Slaight-Hansen has nothing to gain by fighting further.


  1. Ben Cerwinske 2023-08-29 09:54

    She seems to be confirming people’s complaints.

  2. Vi Kingman 2023-08-29 11:30

    Ben is right. Even if she would win and regain the chairmanship, nobody would follow her.
    For the sake of the party should just fade away.

  3. grudznick 2023-08-29 12:41

    grudznick’s minor entertainment through this spectacle is to be gained.

  4. leslie 2023-08-29 19:41

    grdz chuckles as trump takes down the constitution, insurrects, 700,000 die needlessly of covid, democracy is unseated, and billionaires glibly take over yet another tiny red state (SD) whose imbeciles unquestionably pass ALEC bills, and he continues to mutter inanely about goats. what a idealogical fool! DFP’s primary commenter. what is the higher purpose?

  5. leslie 2023-08-29 19:43

    SD population 800,000 btw.

  6. grudznick 2023-08-29 20:05

    There is a lady, Ms. Slaight-Hansen, who is according to the words on the street, channeling a lot of power in this vote that is going to happen. She knows who to hire to make certain things happen. She knows there are some arm twister fellows out there for the right price who can really bend a vote. I’m just sayin…

  7. grudznick 2023-08-29 20:08

    Ms. leslie, let grudznick focus you back on the issue of the chairperson of the Democrat party being an abject failure, and her struggles to keep said seat, despite according to Mr. H’s blogging it really doesn’t feather her own pocket much.

    I would guess she is insaner than most, but that won’t keep the sell-swords from working for her for enough money. Ms. Slaight-Hansen, I am sure, knows where to contact for such services.

  8. grudznick 2023-08-29 20:14

    Ms. Slaight-Hansen, grudznick can hook you up..

  9. P. Aitch 2023-08-29 20:18

    Pizza Ranch? What the grawlix is a Pizza Ranch?

  10. Curt 2023-08-29 22:16

    So, as is often the case, Leslie is far closer to the truth than than the Grudz. He (Leslie) quit drinking long ago.

  11. Bob Newland 2023-08-29 23:04

    Was Ms. Slaight-Hansen the chairperson of the committee in charge of arrangement of the deck chairs on Titanic?

  12. grudznick 2023-08-29 23:06

    Bob, she’s going to join you and I as Libertarian fellows, and gal.

  13. Bob Newland 2023-08-29 23:13

    SMD, grudznutz.

  14. LCJ 2023-08-30 05:59

    Les-lie, there is over 900,000 people in the great state of South Dakota. But as you have proven by your past posts you don’t let facts get in your way of your stupid and ignorant opinions.

  15. grudznick 2023-08-30 06:34

    Keep that in your pants, Bob.
    You got nothing for me, no.
    Your sister knows how to dance.
    She might be more my speed, yeah.

  16. Bonnie B Fairbank 2023-08-30 07:22

    P. Aitch – A Pizza Ranch is where you can get a large Cow Pie called “Stampede” for $16.99. Two convenient locations in Rapid.

  17. All Mammal 2023-08-30 12:33

    Golly, LCJ- you’re crabby. Have a burrito.

  18. larry kurtz 2023-08-30 18:21

    Anyone know any decent Republican blogs in South Dakota?

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