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Noem Announces More Government Subsidies for Private-Sector Paychecks

In another desperate attempt to fill the jobs that South Dakota’s anemic private market cannot, the state is subsidizing paychecks for young trainee-workers to the tune of up to $15,000:

Today, Governor Kristi Noem and the Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR) announced additional financial assistance for businesses and apprentices to develop new and expand existing Registered Apprenticeship Programs. The effort will invest $7.9 million over three years to administer apprenticeship grants.

…New sponsors can receive up to $15,000. Current sponsors expanding current programs can receive up to $10,000. Recipients of these awards will receive technical assistance from DLR as they register or expand programs [Office of the Governor, press release, 2023.04.25].

If South Dakota had a healthy, properly functioning economy with employers willing and able to pay full freight for the value they get from their workers, the state wouldn’t have to spend a penny on these private-sector paychecks.

The Department of Labor and Regulation is getting this $7.9 million from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. The funds augment the $3.1 million in federal funds that support the apprenticeship program… $3.1 million that Governor Noem has strangely not worried could cause inflation.


  1. Mark Anderson 2023-04-26 10:42

    Socialism in action Cory. SOCIALIST WORLD ORDER!

  2. Jake 2023-04-26 10:55

    Yep, Mark! Almost exactly what I was going to say until I read your comment.

    Only in South Dakota, where the GOP Republican Party is constantly on “fear watch” for those damned socialist Democrats wanting the best for society – can an opposition party (GOP) constantly waging war on socialism verbally be constantly ‘behind the scenes’ installing it as a means of “payback” to large donors etc of its political bent.

  3. Jake 2023-04-26 11:07

    Remember, if you live in SD and vote Republican; Take a stand and refuse with every ounce of your being to accept any government agriculture payments, Social Security or Medicaid payments, don’t use the public libraries or public highways (esp. Interstates/federal), fight your own fires without the fire departments, don’t avail yourself of the Postal Service, camp/hunt/recreate in the Nation’s forests and national parks, listen to Public radio or watch your kids play sports on Public TV and of course, don’t send your child to a school supported by government moneys! Watch out that you don’t associate with anyone who does any of the above, as you many find yourself starting down that awful road of liberalism from which their is no return once you start thinking of someone other than yourself.
    And, if you pray, don’t pay any attention to what Jesus taught us how to pray in the “Lord’s Prayer”; “forgive US our trespasses-as WE forgive those who TRESPASS against us”!

  4. Jeff Barth 2023-04-26 13:27

    Shoot the Trespassers, not forgive them.

  5. Arlo Blundt 2023-04-26 14:32

    It might be good program, it depends how it is operated and the effort the Labor Department puts in to assure that the program is not abused by employers. I’m all for giving a kid a break….we need more of that to keep the ladder for upward mobility accessible at the bottom rung. It is a federal initiative, with 3.1 million probably being the minimum each state gets to implement the objectives. The Governor has mucho federal funds sitting around and this is a good way to put those dollars to work, in my opinion. It is socialism I suppose, but social spending with the objective of saving the free enterprise sector.

  6. O 2023-04-26 14:33

    I prefer the terminology of “Corporate Welfare” more than Socialism. Socialism fundamentally looks out for the people — this is a hand out to protect profits for business.

  7. Cathy B 2023-04-26 20:50

    “and give US this day OUR daily bread.”

  8. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2023-04-27 04:41

    Good point, O: Noem finds excuses to reject government money like the climate-change-mitigation-study grant that would benefit all people, but she gladly accepts and administers government money that will help her big business friends and donors

  9. John 2023-04-27 06:15

    Corporate welfare is what it is. Corporations don’t care whether rural America survives. That is not capitalism. Capitalism is self-interest.
    Maximizing profits. Noem’s trumpy gave corporations about $1.2 trillion in tax cuts . . . so they can use it further maximize profits, not serve people or even rural America.
    Del Rio, Texas, home the largest military pilot training base no longer has commercial passenger air service.
    If Noem’s business corporations want trained and educated workers – then let those capitalists pay for their workers training and education. Noem is playing the old game of abusing government to socialize costs and privatize profits. Call it what it is.

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