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Senate President, House Speaker, Bank Chief Say Noem’s Banking/Guns Executive Order Unnecessary, Anti-Free Market

Count on Senate king Lee Schoenbeck (R-5/Lake Kampeska) to point out that Governor Kristi Noem’s NRA-pandering executive order on banks and guns is a useless and anti-capitalist political stunt:

“We held a hearing on this issue during the last legislative session. At the hearing, we learned that South Dakota banks in our free market had solved the problem, and there was no need for government intrusion,” Republican Legislative President Pro Tempore Lee Schoenbeck said in an email statement.

SB182 was rejected in the 2022 Senate Commerce and Energy Committee [Rae Yost, “Does Noem’s Gun Order Miss a Target?” KELO-TV, 2023.04.17].

Schoenbeck’s Watertown neighbor and Speaker of the House Hugh Bartels (R-5/Watertown) seconds that sentiment:

“The Legislature has turned down (proposed legislation) …,” Republican Speaker of the House Rep. Hugh Bartels said. Lawmakers couldn’t find a South Dakota bank for which the proposed gun-related bill would apply, Bartels said.

“The Legislature didn’t think we needed it,” Bartels said [Yost, 2023.04.17].

Of course, Bartels ought to read a bit before speaking:

“I don’t know if any bank of that size does business with the state,” Bartels said.

South Dakota does have several banks with $100 billion or more in assets [Yost, 2023.04.17].

Hugh, I put the link to Wikipedia’s list of the biggest banks in my article on Noem’s executive order yesterday. Read, click, and learn!

But ignore Bartels’s underlying ignorance and turn to Republican superbanker Karl Adam, who had to spend last month trying to explain why Noem’s radically uninformed veto of updates to the Uniform Commercial Code will hurt South Dakota’s economy and now has to agree with Schoenbeck that Noem’s new executive order is bad for banks and the free market:

The South Dakota Bankers Association (SDBA) opposed SB182 in 2022.

“Not every bank has the expertise required to bank customers in all their varied business pursuits, and firearms are included in that along with agriculture, technology, and retail in its several forms,” said Karlton Adam, the president of the SDBA.

The free market should prevail, Adam said. SB182 would have set a precedent that could have hampered the free market system, Adam said [Yost, 2023.04.17].

But don’t you get it, Karl and Lee? Kristi Noem isn’t interested in the free market or any other Republican principle. She just wants power and attention, and she’ll run roughshod over anybody, even friendly bankers, to get what she wants.


  1. 96Tears 2023-04-18

    How about a Republican presidential candidate who possesses at least a few licks of common sense? We can do worse — and we have! Noem’s NRA appearance was a train wreck, but she’s dumb enough to think it was a smashing success. Even the bill signing gimmick must have left the lugnuts in the audience wondering what the hell she was yammering about. Bad banks? Guns? WTF?

    “Shucks, Luther, I thunk we’s used them guns to rob banks!”

  2. Donald Pay 2023-04-18

    96 Tears, is correct. Noem’s appearance was a train wreck to the sane people in this world. No responsible gun owner would hand over guns to a baby, but you don’t score points with the gun manufacturing elite by appealing to hunters anymore. Hunting is a declining sport, which in some ways is too bad, but in others, is a welcome trend. Declining rural populations, the loathsome moneygrubbing of the “outdoor industry,” bad ethics and worse role models (going from Joe Foss to Ted Nugent is a pretty steep decline) that taints the hunting and drives people away. Add the egregious Noem to the mix and you only hope that baby wins the Darwin award this year. We would all be better off if Grandma’s genes for irresponsibility could not pass on into the gene pool.

  3. O 2023-04-18

    . . . again, how will the power of the Governor be used: for governance or campaigning?

  4. LCJ 2023-04-18

    Brilliant preemptive strike. Again.

  5. Mark Anderson 2023-04-18

    Kristi can always start her own podcast, IGNORANCE ON PARADE. As Ian says she speaks for herself. Start it off with two shots from her two year old granddaughter while riding Sparkles her pony. Addie can be strapped up their somehow. She is set up after all.

  6. Mark Anderson 2023-04-18

    It’s also nice to know that God wrote the second amendment. That’s out of Hillsdale right Ian?

  7. leslie 2023-04-18

    Speaking of Noem’s “appearance” at the gun trade show the billionaires, NRA and the war machines all love to our premature violent deaths (children not excluded): She looks like the good life of jets, elite ultra-Conservative galas, steroids, botox and plastic surgery have taken over any wise judgement-making leadership capability Republicans seem to think she has over and for all South Dakotans and the world of gun victims and Ukrainian victims. Pretty much a global disaster she is!

    Saying Lee is “brilliant in his preemptive strike” is just really an observation of his own race (death spural of the GOP is really what we are all observing!) for more raw power in South Dakota.

    The President-threatening Rounds with his liaded guns and large, maybe even ferocious biting dog, and the flame throwing arms dealer to two year old grand children, Noem are both absolute moron embarrassments to any thinking reasonable people of good conscience.

    There i have said it, the Republicans own it entirely— the disaster they have put the country, the planet through these last power-mad years, and i guess being rude about it and offending stupid and cosmetically-altered folks, is a price i am willing to pay to bring some call for accountability to the table.

  8. Arlo Blundt 2023-04-18

    Do you think i is beginning to dawn on Bankers just exactly how dangerous the South Dakota version of the Republican Party really is???

  9. John 2023-04-20

    Arlo, spot on. The big pharma companies are LIVID over the radical judge’s ban of Mifeprisone. Big pharma invested hundreds of millions developing the drug; then stupidly invested millions in the senators that nominated the Abilene buffoon judge.
    Big republicant banksters and investors are running away from Rhonda Santis, trump, and other extreme rightwing political losing fools.
    Ken Griffin (Citadel, $62.3 billion under management), Stephen Schwarzman (Blackstone Group, 880.9 billion under management) ,Thomas Peterffy (billionaire) – all told the rightwing lunatics to take a hike.

  10. John 2023-04-26

    Expect Noem’s next losing chapter to be an attack on banks taking positions on climate change.

    Will Transition Plans Bring Transparency to Net-Zero Goals?
    Big banks are finally starting to provide details about how they will achieve their sustainability promises. But the risk of greenwashing remains.
    “When it comes to climate action, banks have said a lot about the “what” (they’ll cut net emissions to zero), the “why” (it’s good for the planet, and for business) and even the “when” (they’ll hit net zero no later than 2050). But very few words have been spoken about the “how,” an omission that hasn’t gone unnoticed by investors on the lookout for greenwashing.
    Until now that is.
    This year a handful of major banks, including Citigroup Inc., Spain’s Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA (BBVA) and NatWest Group Plc in the UK, have published so-called transition plans. Scores of other major lenders are expected to follow suit before the year is out. In fact, Tony Rooke, head of transition finance at the world’s biggest climate finance coalition, the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), says he expects 2023 to be “the year of the transition plan.”
    Rather than adding more verbiage to an ever-expanding suite of sustainability disclosures, transition plans are supposed to explain in detail how 30-year goals will be achieved. They are meant to provide hard data for investors assessing whether a company can actually keep its word.
    For Val Smith, Citigroup’s chief sustainability officer, the transition plan is the next step for net zero-targeting banks. Citi said in a report last month that it’s updating its initial transition plans while also assessing the preparedness of its high-carbon clients for a low-carbon world.
    “We are just now at the point where banks’ transition plans are being fleshed out,” New York-based Smith says. “You can see how this is building: First you set a net-zero commitment, then you build up governance structures and develop an initial set of metrics and targets around loan portfolio decarbonization, and then you make a plan for how you will implement, or operationalize, those commitments.””

    Much more at, (with a likely paywall):

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