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SOS Monae Johnson Presents December Voter Counts as Updated January Data

Election-denying kakistocrat Secretary of State Monae Johnson has posted her first tally of registered voters by county. However, instead of posting actual new data for January 3, Secretary Johnson apparently just pasted December 1’s numbers onto the January report:

SD Secretary of State, Registered Voters by County, screen cap 2022.01.04.
SD Secretary of State, Registered Voters by County, screen cap 2022.01.04.

Here’s the Secretary of State’s voter registration count webpage, complete with the remarkably low-res, poorly cropped photo of the new Secretary from her campaign website. The fresh link at the top is supposed to take us to updated voter counts by county as of January 3, 2023. But the link to January 3 takes us to the same document as the link to December 1, 2022, the last county voter count Secretary Steve Barnett posted before leaving early for other work:

SOS (that abbreviated title seems more appropriate to this Secretary of State) Johnson did manage to put up some new statewide voter registration totals—Republicans up 590, Democrats down 5, independents up 431, Libertarians up 1, total active voters surpassing 600,000 for the first time in South Dakota. But the mistaken link to December data for January’s county tallies shows a concerning lack of attention to detail for an elected official whose primary mission is to focus on the smallest details to ensure election integrity.


  1. Richard Schriever 2023-01-04 08:01

    Bad/mismatching numbers are the basis for conspiracy theories. This sort of sloppiness is the manifestation of a subconscious effort to self-justify and self-fulfill the BIG LIE.

  2. 96Tears 2023-01-04 09:16

    Monae Johnson’s deep as a dime. But Dakota Scout’s Joe Sneve just reported that things are getting worse.

    Logan Manhart, the Jethro Bodine of the 2022 election, issued his own announcement that Monae hired him to work in the elections office in the S.D. Secretary of State’s office. You may remember Logan lied about his residency to get on the ballot in 2022 in District 1 and quit the race only after weeks of humiliation after being found out as an election fraudster. Here’s a blurb from the Scout’s scoop:

    Brown County Republican Logan Manhart announced via social media Tuesday that he’s taken a position within the office of Secretary of State Monae Johnson, who rode election integrity stump speeches to an upset of fellow GOP member Steve Barnett at last year’s state convention.
    “A year ago, I decided I wanted to serve in Pierre,” read a post on a social media account registered to Manhart on Tuesday morning. “Though perhaps not in the capacity I originally intended, I am excited to start my new job in the South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office.”

    Okay! Start the clock running on how many days (or hours?) will it take for Monae to buy a clue that she just hired the worst possible person (other than herself) to be placed anywhere close to elections administration. Or is this Monae’s way of saying she is dumberer than Kristi Noem as the opening salvo from her own quest for the U.S. Presidency?

    Face it, this is not unusual for MAGA Republicans, as illustrated by their trashing of SpeakerWannabe Kevin McCarthy. Consequences for being stupid never seems to cross their minds when engaging in jackassery.

  3. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2023-01-04 17:55

    At least Secretary Monae is reading the blog: I check the page and find that someone fixed the link during the workday.

  4. grudznick 2023-01-04 21:14

    Does the State Secretary Office provide housing for their staff? How can this Mr. Manhart just uproot and move out to Pierre for what must be a full time gigging unless he is buying a house. This is not like when the fellows in the legislatures rent some low-end apartment or sleep in some bureaucrat’s basement. Mr. Manhart is going to need a dwelling of his own.

  5. Dicta 2023-01-04 21:34

    He is transient. The man has little connection to this state other than his naked ambition. He will leave when convenient, and likely after doing some damage. 2023 is gonna be a mess.

  6. grudznick 2023-01-05 21:17

    You can’t be naked in the SOS office, unless you are Shantel.

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