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Noem Blames Biden for Murders Committed by Undocumented Immigrant Who Came to America More Than Three Years Ago

Las Vegas police arrested a man Thursday for killing two people and stabbing six others on the Strip with a 12-inch knife.

In neighboring Arizona, Kristi Noem got up late in her luxurious room at L’Auberge de Sedona and tried to turn the murders into a political attack on the man she’s running against, Joe Biden:

Kristi Noem, FB, 2022.10.08.
Kristi Noem, FB, 2022.10.08.
“Another avoidable tragedy caused by the extreme liberal positions (like open borders) of Joe Biden,” says Noem, pointing to the fact that the suspect is in the United States illegally. But before hanging this crime on Biden, Noem should have checked the suspect’s arrival date:

A man who killed two people and wounded six others with a large kitchen knife in a series of stabbings along the Las Vegas Strip once lived in Los Angeles, according to an arrest report.

Yoni Barrios, 32, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on two counts of murder and six counts of attempted murder, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said in a statement. He made a court appearance Friday afternoon.

Eyewitness News learned he once lived in the East Hollywood area.

According to the apartment manager, Barrios lived there more than three years ago [“Las Vegas Stabbing Suspect Previously Lived in LA, Report Shows,” KABC-TV, 2022.10.07].

So the suspect lived in LA more than three years ago—that means he came to America in 2019 or earlier. Maybe he snuck in during the Trump Administration. Maybe he snuck in before that. But to say the suspect came here and killed people because of anything President Biden did is another Noem misfire.


  1. grudznick 2022-10-09

    No matter who was president or dog catcher at that time, clearly Mr. H’s point about illegal immigrants being bad is take.

  2. larry kurtz 2022-10-09

    There is an essay in the Daily Montanan that’s worth a read. Here’s a snip.

    Identify scapegoats, usually minority groups, upon which to focus hate as a unifying cause. Donald Trump started with “Mexican rapists,” “Muslim immigrant terrorists,” and immigrants from “[sh!thole] countries.” Republicans have expanded political hate to include liberal “groomers,” Jews, the LGBTQ community, history teachers, promoters of life-saving vaccines, immigrants, Democrats, and a long list of “others.” Hate is at the heart of the MAGA party, as it is with most autocracies.

  3. bearcreekbat 2022-10-09

    The essay linked by larry is frightening but a must read.

  4. Vi Kingman 2022-10-09

    Noem doest let facts get in the way of a good lie

  5. mike from iowa 2022-10-09

    3 years ago drumpf was in charge of open borders and allowed this thug in. Maybe this guy was the first to scale drumpf’s unclimable border fence.

  6. O 2022-10-09

    Well, in that case, Governor Noem will congratulate President Trump for keeping America “open for business.” Isn’t that the GOP-speak for setting aside all concerns for public safety?

  7. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-10-09

    Yeah, O, shouldn’t keeping America “open for business” include keeping the border open to maintain the supply of labor we need to staff our CAFOs, meatpacking plants, groundskeeping firms, construction companies, and other vital industries?

  8. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-10-09

    John and Larry properly identify Noem’s scapegoating tactic as plain Hitlerism.

  9. Arlo Blundt 2022-10-09

    Governor Noem has run a very lazy campaign for Governor while she expends her energy on her curious, national campaign for President. She has made no original proposals for her second term and is satisfied to repeat various and sundry “Big Lies” including this one. A casual glance at South Dakota demographics reveals that we are becoming a state of immigrants, once again.

  10. DaveFN 2022-10-09

    Blame, blame, blame.

    “People whom we cannot tolerate, we try to make suspect. ”

    — Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human (Mineola, NY: Dover, 2006), 243.

  11. Donald Pay 2022-10-09

    There are a lot of “avoidable tragedies” in this world. Some of the white folks who immigrated here committed unspeakable horrors to Indigenous people and enslaved blacks, not to mention other white people who came here. Then we have the fact that California was Spanish territory, stolen from indigenous tribes who lived there. Many who come here from Mexico and Latin America have indigenous heritage, as well, so this guy probably has more claim to being a “real American” than any Arnold ancestor who immigrated here. But, of course, Noem gives a pass to white people who sneaked in when South Dakota actually wanted all that white trash from Europe.

    I suspect there are far more good people who get turned around and have their children illegally trafficked by the policies Noem supports, than the few bad folks who cross illegally. It’s Noem, and people of her ilk, who need to go back where they came from. They ain’t Americans.

  12. larry kurtz 2022-10-09

    Margorie Hater Mean spews the same slopaganda that Mrs. Noem slings. It’s the Republican platform now.

  13. Loti 2022-10-09

    Someone seems “mad as a hatter”. If anyone noticed, people don’t really take her very seriously however, they will just go ahead and vote for her, which is strange and bizarre.

  14. Bonnie B Fairbank 2022-10-09

    People will just go ahead and vote for her, Loti, which is not strange and bizarre at all in South Dakota, because “she sure is a cutie.”
    I’ve repeated this quote so often I’m surprised Cory hasn’t banned me, but it’s the truth: Kristi Lynn has and can lie, cheat, and steal with impunity because South Dakota voters (not the smartist) will vote for her because “she sure is a cutie.”
    Is this a great state, or what?

  15. Bonnie B Fairbank 2022-10-09

    oops – smartist = smartest.

  16. O 2022-10-09

    Larry, your point about how this has become the Republican platform troubles me (for its accuracy). Hate and disfranchisement was always at least in the fringes of the right, but now it is the center of tribal, non-policy mongering by the top candidates. The “governing” is left up to the corporate entities willing to write the biggest checks to whoever happens to be in office at any given time.

    By the way, how many mass shootings in the US have been carried out by immigrants (documented or otherwise?). That “celebration of Second Amendment rights” seems to be a unique exercise of US citizenship.

  17. larry kurtz 2022-10-09

    Yes, it never ceases to amuse how Republicans paint Democrats as the party of slavery then praise the slaveowners who penned not just the Bill of Rights but the Declaration of Independence, too. Confederate flags routinely fly in Rapid City showing support for racism in like-minded states, South Carolina and Mississippi. Many more come out during the Sturgis Rally as bikers flaunting their racist bents fly the flag of slavery.

    The United States has a label for non-white men: felons but anyone believing that African-Americans, Latino-Americans, or American Indians are disproportionately imprisoned because they are more often criminals is wrong. In fact, white people per capita commit at least as many drug-related crimes than their non-white brethren o amigas.

    A plank of the Southern Strategy seeking to assuage poor white people in the wake of the civil rights movement, the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ declared by the Nixon White House, then institutionalized by the Reagan and Clinton Administrations, redefined caste in the United States becoming a policy tool for the mass incarceration of non-white men.

    The imprisonment of Leonard Peltier is emblematic of that white fear.

  18. Arlo Blundt 2022-10-09

    Larry–Someone killed the two FBI agents who blundered into their campsite, wounded them from long range, and then after the firefight, finished them off with a shot to the head. If Leonard Peltier didn’t do it (and Peltier, because of his past record was targeted by investigators), he was there and knows who did. If it was the two teenagers present, they turned state’s evidence and provided testimony against Peltier. They walked. The prosecution was tainted, but, it was Peltier who was present and who fully participated. It was a tragedy for all involved , a tragedy for Indian people, and one of several on going tragedies for all the people of South Dakota. If Peltier were put out on parole it might be a fitting denouement to this episode, we could at least hope it would bring more discussion and clarity to our relationships with the tribes, but two FBI agents would still be dead

  19. DaveFN 2022-10-09

    larry kurtz

    “Confederate flags routinely fly in Rapid City… ”

    Routinely? Routine hyperbole on your part.

  20. larry kurtz 2022-10-09

    In 1974, President Richard Nixon issued a limited presidential pardon to convicted killer William Calley of My Lai Massacre fame after he and American troops, some under his command, raped and butchered some 500 unarmed Vietnamese people in 1968.

    Leonard Peltier is guilty of far, far lesser offenses.

  21. larry kurtz 2022-10-09

    Any display of the flag of slavery in a state where genocide is celebrated is a hate crime.

  22. DaveFN 2022-10-09

    larry kurtz

    “…a state where genocide is celebrated…”

    Rhetorical hyperbole again, and a poor attempt as far as that goes.

  23. All Mammal 2022-10-10

    Pardon me for butting in, but DaveFN- I live in Rapid City. I was born on the Mniluzahan. Other than a few stints working in ND on a cattle ranch and in the Bakken, and once in WY and a short while in TX, Rapid City has been home. Of all the places I have been, my hometown boasts the most common sightings of the stars n bars. It is sick. I visited a buddy’s shop the other day and there it was on the wall. I was on E. North St last night behind a doofus in a pickup with a Trump 2024 and a confederate flag flying from behind the cab. Double loser! A guy today had a loser flag on his cap. It is not only routine to see the demented, racist af symbol, it is a guarantee. Some dummies use the confederate flag for the ugliest curtains in the front window of their homes! Might as well be the swastika. It is ugly. It is about white supremacy. It is about slavery. It is about enough to make me go postal and make some inbred self-haters real uncomfortable. I say we shoulda leveled them all the first time. Still haven’t learned because there’s ol putinanny flamboyantly having a holocaust festival while we hope the hate breeding doesn’t infect us. Thats hyperbole.

  24. grudznick 2022-10-10

    Much like those who, by their silence, are accused of showing support to seditionists against the federal government on Jan. 6; those who by their words show support to seditionists against the federal government are also seditionists. So sayeth grudznick.

  25. P. Aitch 2022-10-10

    Monday • October 10, 2022

    Today we observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day, honoring Native American people, history, and culture throughout the United States. South Dakota became the first state to formally adopt the holiday in 1989 and it was officially recognized by the federal government last year.


    Día de la Raza (“Day of the Race” in Spanish) on October 12

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