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Lewandowski Flies out of Pierre After Helping Organize Rapid City Event

Kristi Noem can’t fly out to Boston to hang out with Corey Lewandowski any time soon, but Corey can certainly come to South Dakota to see Kristi and check on her aching back:

Austin Goss, tweet, 2022.09.21.
Austin Goss, tweet, 2022.09.21.

KSFY’s Austin Goss gets confirmation from Noem’s campaign spokesman Ian Fury that Noem’s disgraced/disgraceful campaign advisor was “in South Dakota doing prep work for the American Resolve event next week in Rapid City and flew out of Pierre.”

American Resolve—is that the opening act for Blue Man Group (three shows! Friday and Saturday!)? Or is that a fundraiser Lewandowski is throwing together for the out-of-state Republicans who come to watch achy-breaky Noem get towed around on a travois behind Iceman during the Custer State Park Buffalo Round-up?


  1. leslie 2022-09-21 21:19

    Trump, Trump, Trump…what an idiot: claimed Monday that President Joe Biden’s seating in the 14th row at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral reflected a lack of respect for him. Reuters

    Of course no one was paying his way obviously so Trump didnt go disrespected England. Total bozo!

    Noem is a carbon copy.

  2. sx123 2022-09-22 06:29

    He flew out of Pierre to Rapid, but when did he fly into Pierre?

    It amazes me how often some people fly when phone/video calls would suffice.

  3. jim 2022-09-22 06:36

    So, that guy had to personally come to Pierre to help Noem plan a Rapid City event? I see.

    Then Ian Fury says: “Lewandowski has been an advisor to Governor Noem for years”. They forgot the part where he was canned, or at least that’s what they told us. But can you really be fired if you are providing “free” services?

    It’s all a big mystery, isn’t it.

  4. jim 2022-09-22 06:59

    I can’t keep track. Is Lewandowski her campaign manager or is someone else claiming to be in charge?

  5. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-09-22 07:31

    Lewandowski is not acknowledged as campaign manager. Campaign manager duties appeared to shift from Joe Desilets to Chris Hupke in April. I’m not sure who is officially in charge of the campaign right now… but perhaps neither is anyone else.

  6. leslie 2022-09-22 08:10

    no wobder Noem wants, needs her dau to be an appraiser! See Full audio: NYAG Letitia James announces lawsuit against Donald Trump

    SEPTEMBER 21ST, 2022 (Rachel Maddow Show Podcast): “permanently bar Alan Weisellberg” to serve as financial advisor. White collar financial crime is not victimless. SD should not be a part of the world-wide fraud the trust industry perpetuates. The art of the steal. Governor Kristi Noem, infamous former Republican president DJT.

  7. leslie 2022-09-22 08:22

    Incompetent grifter Republican “Gov. Noem has no right to claim to be a nurse, she needs to retract her statements or provide proof that she was licensed as a nurse at one time”. Diane Smith, LPN

  8. leslie 2022-09-22 08:40


    “No one understood the attraction and destructive effect of feudalism better than Mark Twain. He portrays it in all its forms in his written works. Slavery, he shows, is the extension of the feudal mentality. And so is the mind and manner of Donald Trump. His regime as president was a return to feudalism.” Professor David Newquist on the Queen’s funeral

    Somedays criticizing Republican “leadership” is like shootin’ ducks on a pond. Forgive my use of gun-culture imaging.

    “She’s had her dance, now pay the cost.”
    Paul Butterfield

    Now, on to better days!

  9. jerry 2022-09-22 09:18

    Mr. Kurtz, not many will know Falangism and how similar, or dowright carbon copy, it is to today’s maga/republican party. Good note.

  10. larry kurtz 2022-09-22 09:29

    Good morning, Jerry. Indeed, the prelude to the Spanish Civil War looks like America does right now: poorly educated religionists promoting violence against academics and labor. Two of our neighbors just got back from ten days in Spain and the history is still fresh in many minds.

  11. cibvet 2022-09-22 11:27

    Lewendowski flying in for a set up in rapid and then flying out shortly after sounds like a ‘quickie’ to me.

  12. chris 2022-09-22 13:16

    Lol, did he think that camo jacket was gonna render him invisible amongst us rubes?

    Mr. Lewandowski’s shoes are provided by:

  13. mike from iowa 2022-09-22 14:18

    Looks as if Chris Hupstoos ‘ parents still reside in my native home town of Cherokee, iowa.

  14. jim 2022-09-22 14:22

    With his reputation, he needs camo to get close to women. Except Kristi, apparently.

  15. Bonnie B Fairbank 2022-09-22 15:27

    cibvet: Have we forgotten Kristi Lynn’s proud and loving Tweet from a year ago about how much she loves her beloved husband whatshisname (Bryan? Bryon? Bryson?) and her God fearing beloved family?

    Why, I just blush thinking her loving feelings were hurt.

  16. cibvet 2022-09-22 17:36

    Bonnie- I merely thought Lewendowski did a “quickie” check on her back surgery and then a “quickie” check on the Rapid money thing and now he is gone.

  17. Bonnie B Fairbank 2022-09-22 18:04

    cibvet – You are absolutely right (or, as our dear friend Grudz “Goats’n’Gravy” would say “righter than right”.)
    I think we understand each other.

  18. larry kurtz 2022-09-23 19:12

    Subsidized air service is a thing to behold, ain’t it? Because without it Pierre would be just another boil on the body politic waiting to be lanced for its nutritive value.

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