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SD Democrats Support Codifying Roe v. Wade

The South Dakota Democratic Party supports restoring women’s reproductive freedom by codifying Roe v. Wade in the state constitution. Democratic delegates unanimously approved the following resolution to that effect at their convention in Fort Pierre two weeks ago:

Whereas: The Supreme Court has revoked people’s fundamental right to abortion via Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization and triggered a near-total abortion ban in South Dakota;

Whereas: Roe v. Wade properly recognized and protected people’s autonomy and dignity, including their right to make their own decisions about pregnancy;

Whereas: The Dobbs’ ruling and South Dakota’s abortion ban deny people who can become pregnant their autonomy, dignity, and equality;

Whereas: South Dakota is a rural state, with limited access to healthcare on reservations and in small towns. Native American, rural, LGBTQ+, and other minority groups are most at risk of not receiving adequate healthcare, including comprehensive family planning resources;

Whereas: The voters of South Dakota considered and rejected two proposed abortion bans in 2006 and 2008 by a substantial margin; therefore

Be It Resolved: The South Dakota Democratic Party calls for restoring the right to self-determination and bodily autonomy by codifying Roe v. Wade in the South Dakota Constitution [South Dakota Democratic Party, press release, 2022.07.22].

As the resolution notes, South Dakota’s enactment of its abortion ban last month is yet another sign that our Republican Governor and Republican legislators do not respect the will of the people, as expressed in two statewide votes in which 55%+ majorities rejected  similar abortion bans. Contrary to their rhetoric about freedom and individual responsibility, South Dakota Republicans don’t think women or men are capable of making their own decisions, for themselves or for their state. South Dakota Democrats believe women can manage their own pregnancies and voters can govern their own state.

Ballot question committee Dakotans for Health is preparing an initiated constitutional amendment to write the Roe v. Wade standards for regulating abortion into the South Dakota Constitution—women are sole deciders in first trimester; government may regulate abortion in second trimester but only to protect women’s health; government may restrict or ban abortion in third trimester but must still permit abortion to protect women’s health. The attorney general is currently reviewing that proposal and preparing his explanation to accompany that initiative petition. Democrats who would like to put their resolution into action will be able to circulate this Roe v. Wade petition starting this November 5. Under current law, Dakotans for Health, Democrats, and anyone else who wants to help will have twelve months, until November 6, 2023, to collect enough signatures (plan on 50,000 to be safe) to put this amendment on the 2024 ballot and give South Dakotans their third chance to say, Yes, really, we want women, not government, controlling their own pregnancies.


  1. larry kurtz 2022-07-23

    Of course, such sensible legislation is doomed in South Dakota’s cruel, demonic legislature because the extreme white wing of the Republican Party is driving the abolition of women’s rights because they’re wedded to the Great Replacement Hypothesis.

  2. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-07-23

    …which is why we support putting the Roe v. Wade standards in the state constitution, which would override most of those bad laws.

  3. P. Aitch 2022-07-23

    This is why Roe v. Wade became law in the first place. PRIVACY and the lack of it within state one party control of South Dakota Republicans.

  4. 96Tears 2022-07-23

    Just when you thought Minnesota Republicans can’t be worse than South Dakota Republicans, along comes dumb jock running for Minnesota Lt. Governor Matt Birk. Birk, apparently the recipient of too many concussions as a Minnesota Vikings running back, blathered before a national anti-abortion crowd in Georgia came up with these gems.

    “It’s not over,” Birk blathered, referring to the overturn of Roe v. Wade. “Our culture loudly but also stealthily promotes abortion. They’re telling women they should look a certain way. They should have careers, all these things.”

    Women make up more than half of the Minnesota workforce. Careers or enforced birthing? Voters decide.

    “One of the arguments I probably saw 20 times online today was about rape. And obviously they always want to go to the rape card,” more blather. “Rape is obviously a horrible thing. But an abortion is not gonna, it’s not gonna heal the wounds of that. And, and two wrongs is not gonna, is not gonna make it right.”

    Tell that to the 10-year-old rape victim. Enforced birthing will prevent that second wrong, right Birky boy?

    “A lot of things have been legal before that we’ve changed, right? I mean, we always hear about the — I know I’m talking to a bunch of pro-life warriors here — slavery used to be legal, right?” Birk blathered. “Which is an interesting comparison to make, because, really, the way that the other side treats an unborn child is the unborn child is the property of the mother.”


    Let’s go back to that 10-year-old. The rights of the zygote resulting from a perp’s sperm vs. the state-enforced birthing of a child rape victim. Which one looks more like slavery to you?

    It would be my pleasure to nominate former Viking concussionista Matt Boing-Boing Birk to be this month’s recipient of the Senator Bill Napoli Mommy Parts Moron Trophy.

  5. larry kurtz 2022-07-23

    Republicans love capitalism as long as the Department of Defense doles trillions to places like western South Dakota and southern New Mexico so killing actual children with drones doesn’t get reported at right wing media outlets but don’t call it murder.

  6. mike from iowa 2022-07-23

    Birk was a center for Vikings if memory serves, and yes he certainly took too many shots to the helmet. Forced birth on a 10 year old rape victim is victimizing her twice and is child abuse all over again.

    Magats are too stoopid to breathe on their own. What are the chances an underage pregnant rape or incest victim would take their own life, you know, make their own decision without magat cruelty?

  7. 96Tears 2022-07-23

    My apologies to Vikings and pro football fans. Matt Birk was a famous center with the team. Thank you mike.

  8. mike from iowa 2022-07-23

    OT 96 Tears, Did yhou know former Vikings db, Paul Krause, holds the record for most career interceptions. The gentleman in 2nd place, Emlen Tunnell were both iowa Hawkeyes grads.

  9. Mark Anderson 2022-07-23

    Well you know that women won’t need careers in South Dakota now, right? Birk obviously treats his wife like his property. She only volunteers her time. Do they use contraception or the rhythm method? I’m sure its the rhythm method, he is a former center after all. How many kids do they have, eight? His rhythm wasn’t that good as center either. Not in Minnesota anyway.

  10. larry kurtz 2022-07-23

    Someone with more recent knowledge please correct me but Ellsworth contracted medical services to Rapid City Regional a long time ago. TRICARE pays for some abortions chosen by military personnel so after Kristi Noem becomes Ron DeSantis’ Veep choice will a Governor Larry Rhoden sue to overturn a winning ballot measure codifying Roe?

  11. larry kurtz 2022-07-23

    A B-21 bomber base or a state law that jeopardized military readiness?

  12. Jenny 2022-07-23

    The far right extremist views of Matt Birk and Dr Scott Jensen on the GOP ticket would go over much better in SD. They don’t stand a chance in November especially if Birk keeps opening his mouth. (Good football player though, went to 6 pro bowls as a Viking).

  13. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-07-24

    South Dakota needs to reëstablish this right in its constitution. I hope the Democratic delegates who unanimously supported this resolution will all take out a petition in November and collect 100 signatures each.

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