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Brown, Spink Join Counties Saying No to Carbon Dioxide Pipeline; Hand County Withdraws from Fight

Uh oh: looks like Dan Lederman’s rich Republican friends better start ponying up some cash to name ball fields in Redfield and Aberdeen. The Spink County Commission and the Brown County Commission just passed moratoria to block construction of the Summit Carbon Solutions carbon dioxide pipeline:

After hearing concerns from residents about transparency, eminent domain and possible hazards of the pipeline at Tuesday’s meeting, the Brown County Commission unanimously passed a moratorium to give the Planning and Zoning Commission time to review its ordinances on the project.

…“I think there’s two major reasons why the people are opposed. The first one is the fear of a blowout or the hazard, and then, just the fact of having your land torn up and the eminent domain issue,” said Brown County Commissioner Dennis Feickert [Sarah Parkin, “Brown and Spink Counties Pass Moratori[a] on Carbon Pipeline,” KSFY, 2022.07.19].

But the SDGOP chairman’s friends must have found a ball diamond to sponsor in Miller… or maybe just bullied the Hand County commissioners into surrendering. Hand County says it is suspending its CO2 pipeline moratorium and withdrawing from the PUC hearings on the project:

Hand County, in a withdrawal letter on behalf of the County Commission filed in the application docket, says being an intervenor is costing too much money than the benefits gained by having party status.  The letter goes on to say that Hand County is abandoning its moratorium on hazardous materials pipelines.  The letter also says the withdrawal does not translate into support for the project [“Hand County Withdraws as Intervenors in CO2 Pipelindddn,” Hub City Radio, 2022.07.19].

McPherson, Hyde, and Moody counties have also enacted moratoria against carbon dioxide pipelines.


  1. grudznick 2022-07-20

    Aren’t these the same anti-science bossturds that gave up on The Borehole?

  2. Guy 2022-07-21

    Good 😊 Fine by me.

  3. Mark Anderson 2022-07-21

    Miller has always been full of Rustlers.

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