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Noem Rehearsing Comedy for Utah Fundraiser

While Kristi Noem is a boring speaker, she does have her funny moments. Consider this knee-slapper shared at her press conference yesterday, in which she complained about House Appropriations not rubber-stamping her spending proposals:

“The reason I think we’re in the situation we’re in today with a lot of controversy and things being done differently is because we have a dysfunctional house appropriations committee. That’s being way more political than they are governing and that’s not doing service to the process that we have here,” said Noem [Austin Goss, “Noem Talks on Media Coverage, Communication, Says SD Trust Industry Has Integrity,” KSFY, 2022.03.03].

Noem accuses a handful of legislators of putting politics ahead of governing and public service, after attending purely political campaign events in three different states in the last two weeks. Oh, the subtle wit, cloaked in a sublimely subtle costuming nod to not one but two comedic greats, Jerry Seinfeld and the Dakota Free Press graphic design department:

Comedic costuming brilliance: Noem fuses DFP satire with Seinfeld couture.
Who wore it better, Kristi or Jerry?

Noem evidently had to squeeze this comedy rehearsal into her Thursday press conference, as she is rushing off today for a political fundraiser in Salt Lake City, where she will help Senator Rand Paul raise money for Utah Senator Mike Lee. Folks will be paying good money for this show, so Kristi had better be funny… and bring the puffy shirt!


  1. larry kurtz 2022-03-04 07:25

    Apparently, Speaker Haugaard’s “wrung-out whore” comment was directed toward the wrong addict.

  2. Southsider 2022-03-04 09:48

    Hello pot, let me introduce you to kettle.

  3. Mark Anderson 2022-03-04 10:56

    Come on, she’s just peeved at the Governor from Iowa, who leapfrogged ahead of her in the, now defunct WWW of the Repubs. No transgenders allowed in the queens of combat race.

  4. Bonnie B Fairbank 2022-03-04 11:56

    A great pleasure and honor, as always, hearing from our intrepid, itinerant tramp. Makes a person wonder what she’s running from or to.

  5. Arlo Blundt 2022-03-04 19:02

    Well…the Governor is enjoying her precious moment of being “almost famous”. Can we deny her reverie in a fantasy…I guess not. She doesn’t really care what the folks in South Dakota think of her adolescent quest for the Presidency.

  6. John C Dale 2022-03-05 08:20

    The fastest woman swimmer in the US has a full on male weener.

    *slow clap*

    If you would focus on the substance (cannabis is her weak spot in my view), you might actually get someone in the governorship.

    Of course, local (to SD) government seems to do best with a Republican *ahem* conservative legislative body grafting off of elected puppet Democrats.

    It’s a stupid and divisive way to do business, kind of like all of the impending replies to this post that will not focus on any of the substance of what I just said.

    I didn’t vote for Noem or Sutton last time around.

    I’m still not convinced that I can give my vote to any of the candidates in the race, although Steve seems to want to put America first (despite his lacking stance on Cannabis).

    More than any essential oils in pot, predictive programming and self fulfilling prophesies make people lazy and stupid by design.

    Hey, let’s leave the fluoride in the water despite solid evidence that only topical applications make a difference against tooth decay.

    Our leaders have doomed us to our present fate by and large.

    Keep thinking and reading and patronizing our sites, though, and you’ll get a good dose of alternative media and prescient thought (PT dot com being the best at being spot on and honest).

    The faux war won’t cover-up the vaccine genocide attempt.

    If the people stampede against elitists when learning this (and other) truths, it will be of their own doing.

    The information is legion in the minds of the normies and even seeped into the minds of the lackies, who are getting burned by the dummies (in charge).

  7. John C Dale 2022-03-05 08:23

    “Apparently, Speaker Haugaard’s “wrung-out whore” comment was directed toward the wrong addict.”

    I was rather shocked at the knee jerk reaction of Noem’s team to this .. methinks they doth and whatnot.

    Anyone having an problem with Haugaard’s comments is for drug addition and prostitution on the reservations (human trafficking). It’s an epic troll once you figure out that the subject of Haugaard’s comments referred to HERSELF that way (very sad, prostitution is wrong and evil and not a choice for most in this terrible economy by design).

  8. grudznick 2022-03-05 08:28

    Mr. Haugaard broke the decorums, Mr. Dale, and he shall be put through the punishments once again. The words from the street are that he is throwing in the towel as he knows he has no chance to win in the elections. Those insaner than most can never win the statewides, only the seats in the legislatures.

  9. Arlo Blundt 2022-03-05 15:52

    Well, Governor Noem’s idea for leadership during our present Covid crises is to walk through the streets, ringing a cowbell, and proclaiming “Bring out your dead.”

  10. John 2022-03-06 20:38

    Senator Lee was one of the predictable few senators delaying aide to Ukraine.
    I did NAZI that coming . . . .

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