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Pandemic Brings More Syphilis to South Dakota

Let’s hope the data centers aren’t basing their siting decisions on epidemiological data. In another sign of South Dakota’s commitment to Freedom™ over public health, syphilis is up… way up:

The rate of Syphilis in South Dakota is seeing a meteoric rise in 2022, according to the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH). However, Syphilis isn’t the only STD tracked by the DOH, with both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea also being monitored.

Of the 56 infectious diseases tracked by the DOH, which include things such as plague, leprosy and cholera, none are seeing a spike on the level of Syphilis, which has climbed 900% in 2022. The only other diseases listed that have charted increases as of February 8, 2022 are salmonellosis (salmonella), which has doubled in 2022, and Gonorrhea, which has seen an 18% spike.

Meanwhile, Chlamydia, the other notable STD tracked by the state, has fallen by 10% in 2022. Just because it is trending downward, however, doesn’t mean it isn’t present in our communities.

According to DOH data, the 5-year median YTD (the average number of cases by this time of year) for Syphilis is 4 cases. This year, the state has recorded 40 cases as of Feb. 8 [Jacob Newton, “Syphilis Cases up 900% in South Dakota,” KELO-TV, updated 2022.02.15].

The CDC asks for social distance, South Dakotans run out and get more social disease.


  1. Tom 2022-02-17

    hmmmmmmm. Kristi has been traveling more than most of us…coincidence or conspiracy? Will this be another GQP triumph or is it Biden’s fault? Kristi for Kondoms!

  2. Loren 2022-02-17

    Well,, if we can’t get “freedumb lovers” to mask up for COVID, good luck with condoms! ;-)

  3. cibvet 2022-02-17

    I wonder if they wear masks when they go to get the shots to help their sorry a**.

  4. larry kurtz 2022-02-17

    This is hardly new. In 2015 Denny Daugaard and GOP belligerents put the state at an elevated STI risk by not expanding Medicaid.

  5. O 2022-02-17

    Loren’s comment made me think. I would guess that sexual activity is not up 900% (but good for SD if it is). That means that the infection rate is driven by another factor. I propose that SD’s stance on anti-reproduction rights of women has started to spill over to make ALL elements of sexual responsibility the sole responsibility of women from the perspective of male sexual partners. This is all the inevitable consequence of shifting all reproductive responsibility to women. Discuss:

  6. Donald Pay 2022-02-17

    From articles I’ve seen cases are up all over the country. CDC attributes some of it to reduction in staff dealing with STDs as they shifted to cover COVID-19. Some is probably due to people not wanting to go in for medical treatment in the pandemic. Iowa also experienced an increase in cases (link below). As is usually the case, populations that have low income and lack medical insurance coverage experience more STDs.

  7. 96Tears 2022-02-17

    Another reason why reality-based sex education is desperately needed in public schools.

  8. mike from iowa 2022-02-17

    You need a reality based Democratic government in order to have reality based sex-ed in public schools.

  9. Arlo Blundt 2022-02-17

    Well…it doesn’t take much to light the fuse and create 40 active syphilis cases…a couple revelers at the bike rally will do it.

  10. ABC 2022-02-18

    Republicans rule SD for 42 years , syphilis go up 900%!

    They are in charge of this mess. Resign! Or be replaced by someone who believes in public health, better education and universal health care!

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