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HB 1153: Increase Coursework for Responsible Brokers in Real Estate by 60%

Governor Kristi Noem has said South Dakota’s economy suffers because of all the bureaucratic hoops our laws forced her daughter—er, all good applicants—to jump through to become a real estate appraiser. But Representative Roger Chase (R-22/Huron), who works in real estate, appears to think the real estate industry needs more regulations and requirements.

Representative Chase offers House Bill 1153, which increases the education required to get a responsible broker’s license. Current law requires applicants seeking to rise from broker associate to responsible broker to complete 15 hours of state-approved coursework. HB 1153 would boost those to 24.

Chase gives grace to any brokers in the application process by delaying implementation of this requirement until January 1, 2023. So hit the books hard now, aspiring real estaters! If HB 1153 passes, you’ll need 60% more education to advance your status… unless, of course, one of Kristi Noem’s kids decides to get into real estate, in which case you’ll just need to ask for a meeting at the Governor’s mansion to chew out some real estate official and write you a pass.

But first, HB 1153 has to go to committee. The bill has received no committee assignment yet.


  1. larry kurtz 2022-02-02 09:12

    I took the South Dakota real estate course in 1999; it was cake. At that time lawyers didn’t have to take the course and just paid $50 for a license. Today, any idiot with a pulse can be an agent so they are. Not really South, not really Dakota: the state represents everything that is wrong with America. But, South Dakota Democrats, be stalwart: it’s nothing that the Yellowstone supervolcano won’t fix.

  2. O 2022-02-02 10:40

    Are we talking about going from a two-day training to a three-day training? These are not “credit hours” like from a university, these are 60-minute hours?

  3. ABC 2022-02-02 13:32

    Noem and Ravnsborgg have been entered in the Whiteness Protection Program.

    47 years since Dick Kneip won in November 1974.

    Seriously. Things will change when we decide We ourselves are change!

  4. Mark Anderson 2022-02-02 17:38

    ABC I worked under the Kneip administration. Layed out a book in the Planning department. We really missed out on not including an idiocy section. Things are really hard to predict. I mean who could have predicted a con jobber from Manhattan becoming a religious icon for the rural states.

  5. Porter Lansing 2022-02-02 20:09

    An elected Representative (real estate broker) trying to make it legally harder for people who will be his competition, in a highly competitive field?

    Only in South Dakota, huh?

  6. larry kurtz 2022-02-02 20:49

    If Pat Powers can sell real estate in South Dakota anybody can. Put that your UA and smoke it.

  7. larry kurtz 2022-02-02 21:11

    Oh and btw: if your driveway and property slope to the north anywhere in the northern plains you’re an idiot.

  8. Richard Schriever 2022-02-03 06:40


    North slopes are good for growing currants.
    Black currants from Ukraine make a marvelous jam, or Cassis!!

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