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Noem Puts Daughter’s Personal Contact Info on Fundraiser Invitation

On Friday when I noted that part-time Governor Kristi Noem skipped a chance to defend South Dakota’s trust industry before Congress in favor of attending swanky East Cost fundraisers for her campaign, I documented her fundraising by posting the invitations to the Virginia and Pennsylvania events. The Virginia invitation came from KSFY journalist Austin Goss:

Austin Goss, tweet on Kristi Noem's Virginia campaign fundraiser, 2021.12.09.
Austin Goss, now-deleted tweet on Kristi Noem’s Virginia campaign fundraiser, 2021.12.09.

Evidently Noem’s campaign doesn’t want just anyone being able to contact its director of finance, Noem’s elder daughter Kennedy. The Noem campaign team apparently got on Goss’s case for posting Kennedy’s “personal contact information.” Goss deleted his original tweeted and posted a redacted version of the Virginia invitation yesterday:

Austin Goss, tweet, 2021.12.11.
Austin Goss, tweet, 2021.12.11.

Noem’s recently hired campaign manager Joe Desilets emails me and asks me as well to cross out Kennedy’s “personal information”:

Hey, I’m Governor Noem’s campaign manager and I just wanted to see if you would remove the screenshot of the invitation to the Governor’s private event in McLean, VA and repost it with the contact information for Kennedy Noem blocked out. Absolutely no problem with you posting the invitation if you think it is news, but Kennedy has received multiple aggressive calls and emails over the last 36 hours and I don’t think any of us want to put anyone at risk by exposing their personal information. You’ll also note that the original reporter that you screenshotted has removed that tweet and reposted it with the information blocked out as seen here:

Please let me know if you can work with me on this request.

Joe Desilets [email to Dakota Free Press, 2021.12.11]

Um, Noem campaign? If you hire an individual to run a ten-million-dollar organization, you should make sure all of the organization’s communications, especially the financial communications, are happening through organization channels. Why is your director of finance taking business calls on her personal phone? Buy Kennedy a campaign phone, and post that number on all of your donation-soliciting materials. Then when donors call, they won’t get Kennedy’s personal voicemail intro, and when your campaign gets audited, poor Kennedy won’t have to surrender to the authorities the phone with all of her embarrassing texts to and from all the cute evangelical guys at Belmont.


  1. brent r mcmillan 2021-12-12 13:11

    Service with a Sneer. Well done.

  2. Scott Ehrisman 2021-12-12 14:54

    I stand by my statement earlier in the year, ‘The reason Kristi didn’t have the governor’s mansion fence built out of mud is because she didn’t want the fence to be smarter then her.’

  3. 96Tears 2021-12-12 15:39

    Good grief, Noem is dumb! If she doesn’t want her adult child’s personal information out there, then don’t publish it and mail it out. Noem, her campaign and her offspring who appeared on her campaign ads and held public offices are in the public eye because that’s where Noem placed them. It’s legit news. And now that the Snow Queen is clawing back information she made public, it’s all the more legit news. Snow Queen? More like Snow Flake.

  4. Scott 2021-12-12 16:01

    It should be no surprise to anybody that Noem has used Covid for her political and financial gain. Team Noem came up with a strategy that has help Noem raise $10 million in campaign money. If it were not for Covid, Noem would not be the celebrity she is or have the campaign chest she has.

    To me, Noem’s breakup with Corey, what happened to daughter Kassidy and now daughter Kennedy is a bit of Karma for the pain, Noem’s Covid response of do nothing, has caused for so many people.

  5. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-12-12 17:26

    96 and Scott are spot-on: this complaint from Team Noem shows how dumb and unprofessional they are.

    Of course, the real lack of professionalism was show by Noem’s flying out to the Beltway for personal fundraisers but not having time to testify to Congress in defense of a South Dakota industry. Hmmm…maybe those “multiple aggressive calls and emails” to the campaign’s finance director were from South Dakota’s trust lawyers asking why Kristi didn’t go to Congress to defend them.

  6. MD 2021-12-12 21:03

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    While that is the easiest way, there are a million better options over a personal number.
    Amateur operation.

  7. Arlo Blundt 2021-12-13 22:13

    well…more amateur hour….we’re paying premium wages for people to stand around and look cool.

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