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South Dakota Trails Minnesota and Nation in Q2 Real GDP Growth

Nepotism, sexual harassment, plane abuse—that’s all tiddly-winks compared to this nail in Kristi Noem’s coffin, right?

South Dakota’s real gross domestic product lagged behind most of the region and the resurgent nation in the second quarter of 2021. South Dakota’s annual rate of real GDP growth of 4.2% would usually be great news, but the United States as a whole posted 6.7% growth:

Bureau of Economic Analysis, Real GDP: Percent Change at Annual Rate, 2021:Q1–2021:Q2, 2021.10.01.
Bureau of Economic Analysis, Real GDP: Percent Change at Annual Rate, 2021:Q1–2021:Q2, 2021.10.01.

For all of South Dakota’s love of freedom and business, 41 states managed to post strong GDP growth, including Democratically-led New York, California, Washington, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting buoyed South Dakota’s Q2 GDP growth, providing 2.22 percentage points of growth while contracting 0.14 percentage points nationwide. But South Dakota was sandbagged by underperformance relative to national GDP growth in many other areas:

Sector SD US
nondurable goods manufacturing 0.15 0.35
wholesale trade -0.07 0.23
retail trade -1.11 -0.97
information 0.4 1.3
finance and insurance 0.07 0.3
real estate and rental and leasing 0.39 0.63
professional, scientific, and technical services 0.28 1.13
administrative and support and waste management and remediation services 0.06 0.31
health care and social assistance 0.06 0.42
arts, entertainment, and recreation -0.17 0.12
accommodation and food services 0.92 1.7

So whatever our Governor thinks she’s doing, she’s not making South Dakota’s economy grow faster than the rest of the nation.


  1. Mark Anderson 2021-10-01

    Well, some states require masks, vaccinations, and that will help the economy too. My daughter manages a bar in Brooklyn, a great place in a great hotel. They has 3 breakthrough cases a week among their staff until they started requiring vaccination cards to stay eat or drink. Not one case since that started. They all wear masks and have their shots. Gee, mandates work, who knew. Republicans and their freedom, such ridiculous lying losers. Our governor DeSantis hit at Australia, he lied about them, criticized their Covid response. He’s also insane. Australia with 25 million people has lost 1,200 to covid. Florida with 21 million has lost 55,000 so far, its still going strong. What’s wrong with that picture. I guess Republican governors really do live in an upside down universe.

  2. ArloBlundt 2021-10-01

    Well…we were at half the national average growth in the accommodation and food services sector and we are told that we had a bang up tourist’s always difficult to discern the truth from the Tourism Department’s spin. Next quarter perhaps we will see what the impact of the “no mandates-no shots” campaign by the Governor had on this sector, even with the bike rally.

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