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One Less Excuse: FDA Fully Approves Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine

The disturbingly large cadre of sociopathic anti-vaxers keeping coronavirus alive and mutating in the U.S. just lost one of their popular excuses for not getting coronavirus shots. The Food and Drug Administration has promoted the painstakingly developed and successfully tested Pfizer covid-19 vaccine from emergency use authorization to full approval:

FDA scientists evaluated “hundreds of thousands of pages” of vaccine data, according to the U.S. agency.

Pfizer’s vaccine met the agency’s “high standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality,” acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock said in a statement. “While millions of people have already safely received COVID-19 vaccines, we recognize that for some, the FDA approval of a vaccine may now instill additional confidence to get vaccinated.”

…Full approval is “more psychological than anything else,” said Dr. Paul Offit, a voting member of the agency’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee. “I mean you already have more than 320 million doses administered that are out there. The vaccines already have an enormous safety and efficacy profile.”

In a survey conducted in June, the Kaiser Family Foundation found that three in ten unvaccinated adults “say they would be more likely to get vaccinated if one of the vaccines currently authorized for emergency use were to receive full approval from the FDA.”

According to the Department of Health, 397,220 South Dakotans have gotten at least one coronavirus shot. That means about 254,000 South Dakotans age 12 and over have not gotten the shot. If we can extrapolate KFF’s 3-in-10 finding to our eligible but unvaccinated population, the FDA’s full approval of the Pfizer vaccine should lead to about 76,000 South Dakotans heading straight for the clinic or Hy-Vee pharmacy or other shooting gallery to get their coronavirus shots this week.

Either that, or, à la Mike Lindell, they’ll have to concoct some new crazy excuse to preserve their selfish irresponsibility.

But why work so hard to avoid simple and easy facts and a tiny inconvenience to save your neighbors’ lives and the economy? The Pfizer coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective. It is the result of twenty years of research. It has not killed anyone, unlike the coronavirus that it fights, which has killed over 2,000 South Dakotans and over 628,000 Americans. And now the Pfizer vaccine as full FDA approval. Don’t make excuses; do the right thing: get your shots, neighbors!


  1. sx123 2021-08-23

    I don’t know, but if I had to guess, stating prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death is a bit misleading and doesn’t take into account life improvements they enable or deaths they prevent.

    Would deaths by stroke be higher if there weren’t drugs? Probably. Would heart attacks happen more often and be more deadly without drugs? Probably. Would fewer cancers go into remission without drugs? Probably. etc. etc.

    Harvard right back at ya:

  2. John Dale 2021-08-23

    Thanks for working the information, folks.


    FDA also says Marijuana is the same as hard drugs, so ..

    The problem in America now is the deep state, aka a huge unelected bureaucracy that really makes law (politicians are virtually powerless). The scope of that problem was defined under President Trump.

    I will not be taking any vaccines and neither will my children unless it is under duress, coercion, and/or force.

    This medical tyranny is unacceptable.

    I’m with Dr. Boyle – it’s time to seriously start looking at Nuremberg code, to revoke indemnity for big pharma, and start standing up for front line workers.

    Make sure you follow the election audit results in Arizona.

  3. John Dale 2021-08-23

    The following comments are paraphrasing and contextualizing reference materials from testimony given by Dr. Francis Boyle on 8/21/2021. [Fauci is causing deaths and disabilities are rising-up. Use the 10th Amendment to invoke the peoples’ right specified therein. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The Federal government and DOJ are working together with alleged war criminals so the federal government will not help. Criminal law that applies in all 50 states in the union should be used to prosecute perpatrators of murder of over 1,000,000 people in the US. The definition of murder: The unlawful killing of a human being with malice and forethought.. Large numbers of people in America have been killed with well over 1,000,000 in excess deaths due to the pandemic. Malice and forethought is demonstrating a grave indifference to human life. We have the elements for murder based on the evidence of their work at the University of North Carolina (UNC); unlawful killing, malice, and forethought. States must convene a grand jury after pressure from the people for indictments and murder for conspiracy to commit murder for those involved at the UNC BSL 3 lab’; Fauci, Collins, Baric, Thebackween*, Basset*, Menackery*]
    *Please note that we have not confirmed the spelling of all of the conspirators named by Dr. Boyle on 8/21/2021.

  4. Porter Lansing 2021-08-23

    Dr. Francis Boyle joins The Alex Jones Show to break down how Dr. Anthony Fauci could be convicted for his COVID-19 coverup. Alex Jones breaks down the growing medical tyranny around the globe as Australia moves to arrest ‘conspiracy theorists’ and Facebook censors a credible Chinese virologist.

  5. kurtz 2021-08-23

    “USD has partnered with Sanford to host vaccination clinics this week on campus.

    The drive is open to anyone ages 12 and older.

    Here is the schedule:

    Mon 12 – 2 PM, MUC
    Wed 11 AM – 1 PM, MUC
    Thu 2 – 4 PM, Lee Medical Building
    Fri 11 AM – 1 PM, Beacom School of Business”

  6. bearcreekbat 2021-08-23

    A couple observations:

    It is fascinating how some folks decide what is best for themselves and their families based on an imaginary boogie-man personification of all human beings involved in the pharmaceutical industry, i.e. an imaginary creature they name “big pharma,” and the government, i.e. more imaginary creatures they label the “deep state” or the “huge unelected bureaucracy.”

    It it particularly curious how in the minds of these folks the mere description of a human being as “unelected” can turn that person into something evil if that “unelected” individual is the source of information these folks don’t want to hear.

    Another interesting aspect is the reference to, and apparent reliance upon Francis Boyle, who in the context of discussing medical issues is labeled a “Dr.” Not only is Boyle “unelected,” he is not a medical doctor nor scientrist despite the implication of his title. Boyle is indeed a “Dr” precisely because he has a J.D. from law school and and a Ph.D. in political science. In the odd and disconnected writings of these folks this particular unelected “Dr” implicitly has greater knowledge about viruses and vaccines and is more trustworthy than an actual physician-scientist and immunologist medical school graduate, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci. Apparently, such an irrational conclusion is based upon charactering Dr. Fauci as “unelected,” and part of the imaginary “deep state.” merely because Dr. Fauci is employed by our very own government.

    And as for the imaginary “deep state,” it seems comical to assert Dr. Fauci is part of such a group. After all, the so-called “deep state” is loosely defined as consisting of:

    a clandestine network of actors in the federal government, high-level finance and high-level industry,. . . that . . . operates as a hidden government that exercises power alongside or within the legitimate, elected US government.

    As best I can tell Dr. Fauci is not part of any “clandestine network” or “hidden” part of government. Rather, his position is open and public knowledge. The policies he advocates are well known, not some secrets aimed at tricking the American population into committing suicide, or whatever.

    The best thing about examining the strange theories of those that promulgate imaginary boogiemen is chuckling at the inconsistencies and self-contradictions in their thought processes and analysis. The worst thing about those theories is when the begin to cause substantial harm to innocent people. Folks refusing the vaccine based on the writings of “Dr.” Boyle will end up infecting innocent people and harming their own children.

  7. John Dale 2021-08-23

    Is anyone surprised it’s coming through the university system first?

    My God ..

  8. John Dale 2021-08-23

    I found this and it gave me a moment of levity since I thought of the Cheech and Chong movie where they are in the battle of the bands, and the really big toothed hippie lady says the word “ludes” with so much confidence and vigor.

    The FDA approved Quaaludes, which are now considered a Schedule 1 drug like heroin.

    The FDA approved DES, a “synthetic form of estrogen, was marketed to the expecting mother who preferred to have a healthy baby. It claimed to prevent spontaneous abortion, miscarriage, and premature labor. Studies soon showed that mothers who took DES during the first five months of pregnancy were more likely to suffer from complications with their reproductive systems. The FDA finally banned it in 1971.”

    The FDA approved Vioxx, “an anti-inflammatory medication intended to treat arthritis, was the subject of one of the largest recalls in history. After it was approved in 1999, it was prescribed to over 20 million people and was one of the most widely prescribed drugs of 2003. The following year, it was recalled. One of the FDA’s own scientists, Dr. David Graham, estimated that Vioxx had been associated with more than 27,000 heart attacks or deaths linked to cardiac problems.”

  9. Nick Nemec 2021-08-23

    Full approval of the Pfizer vaccine does indeed remove one arrow from the pro-Covid cohort’s quiver, but rest assured they will continue to deny science and refuse the vaccine. Some are beyond reason, the only thing that might convince others to get vaccinated is if the third wave (forth? fifth? I lose count) begins to hit close to home.

  10. Mark Anderson 2021-08-23

    Oh Johnny, I had my doctor’s appointment today and had a good talk with him. He’s an old guy who set up the practice which has grown into the biggest in the area. He’s had to attempt to find many more ER doctors because the hospitals are full of anti-vaxxers. This last weekend he couldn’t. It costs 200,000 dollars for every ventilator they put someone on and we are all paying for the idiots who didn’t get their shots. They all want their shots after they get sick, but it’s too late. Now that the approval has begun the need for many more sticks along with the carrots will come. Keep up with the brave front, you are threatening your children with sickness and death, I took extremely good care of my kids and they always had their vaccinations. Have a nice day you looney tunes lying loser.

  11. kurtz 2021-08-23

    It is required of all admitted students born after 1956 to document their immune status for measles and rubella. Proof of two doses of measles vaccine or of the presence of an immune antibody titer against measles is required by South Dakota law. Additionally, meningococcal meningitis is a rare but serious disease that is life-threatening. It can strike without warning and progress quickly. Therefore, we highly recommend that students receive the shot series for Meningitis and Meningitis B.“


  12. bearcreekbat 2021-08-23

    Isn’t interesting that some folks would rather ingest some drug or substance that has not been tested or approved by any official agency, than a drug or substance that has been tested and approved, but has a possibily of later being determined to be ineffective or cause unanticipated side effects.

    After iall they apparently think it is better to reject the findings of an agancy tasked with testing drugs, and, instead, simply ingest whatever some private entrepreneur might claim to be an effective drug. Those were the good old days in the U.S.

  13. mike from iowa 2021-08-23

    Make sure you follow the election audit results in Arizona.

    Total bullship. Might I suggest Rabbit Hole Refugee be face branded with the words BIG LIE/LIAR? Maybe that would convince him to stop the BS he spews every day here.

    The stench from living around cafos does not compare with the stink of daily political garbage, compliments of you know who. Make it stop!

  14. Arlo Blundt 2021-08-23

    Well…It appears to e that all but the most fanatical stupids are jumping off the ship. Vaccinations are increasing everywhere, even Mississippi, and the “Big Lie” relative to the Trump ascendancy has run out of gas…its total nonsense. President Biden continues to calmly lead the nation to conquering the virus menace.He is turning the page on our unfortunate and tragic, recent history.

  15. Donald Pay 2021-08-23

    John Dale brings up an interesting point. FDA has not been the greatest regulatory agency over the past 40 years. It has made some big mistakes, as Dale points out. Why is that? Well, you can thank conservatives for the very problems that Dale and his conservative whiners point out. FDA has been under attack for decades by conservatives for being too tough on the drug industry. Conservatives sought all sorts of ways to “cut red tape” to get drugs out on the market faster. These were not drugs that were required to meet a pandemic, however. These were drugs that were highly advertised and highly profitable, and the faster they got the drugs into the hands of docs, the more profit they made, and the more money they could fork over to the conservative think tanks and politicians to cut even more regulation for them. As bad as Reagan, the Bushes and Clinton were, Trump’s Administration actually was far, far worse, trying to completely gut FDA’s leverage against the drug industry.

    When you want to assign who is responsible for past FDA mistakes, John Dale fails to look at the people behind the curtain. They are mainly conservatives.

    So, yeah, there would be a reason to be concerned, if it was just the FDA involved. But with COVID vaccine development they have a lot of people looking over their shoulder. Scientists from other agencies are involved, as are scientists from academic and medical research settings. FDA has the final say, but this is a massive collaborative all-of-medical-science approach to vaccine development. It ain’t the same, by any means.

  16. jerry 2021-08-23

    John Dale has been vaccinated

  17. O 2021-08-23

    Donald make me think of how conservatives do their best to undermine regulatory agencies so that businesses can be “unfettered” (translation: psychopathic profit machines). In our state, budgets ere cut by lawmakers to make enforcement or real policing of an industry impossible; then when tragedy happens, these are the same folks trotted out for a public flogging by those same lawmakers.

    Mr. Dale, as a conservative, you should celebrate lower interference by the FDA in the pathway for these companies to get their product out to us in need — unless you think that there may be some non-altruistic motivation by these companies? Certainly, all of these major corporations, the golden gods worshiped by free-market conservatives, only have the best interests of its customers in mind as they develop and release these vaccines. In fact, I would assume that your position would be that FDA approval (as is ALL government interference) is unwarranted, unnecessary and a wrongful intrusion into corporate operations.

  18. mike from iowa 2021-08-23

    Donald Pay’s version of Dr Brooks is the kind to attract the John Dales out of their rabbit hole refuges.

  19. John Dale 2021-08-23

    “John Dale has been vaccinated”

    I have never taken a vaccine willingly or knowingly.

    This is an interesting flavor of online sociopathic utterance.

    Lots of other insanity here, too ..

    Nothing about the last 2 years has been good.

    Somebody will pay the price.

    Is Karma real?

  20. Porter Lansing 2021-08-23

    Ahem … John Dale isn’t a conservative

    John Dale is a communist and a Russian influencer.

    Part of the group that gave you Dusty Johnson’s “Red Sparrow” Мария Валерьевна Бутина, who started the SDTARS move away from the national teenage Republican mainstream.

  21. John Dale 2021-08-23

    I have most certainly NEVER taken an experimental MRNA franken-shot.

    I’m going to be conservative and watch the long term effects of these frankenshots, then do some work determining if/who might have had a placebo.

    Then, I’m going to keep working on my software and doing my best to warn my friends and family about the dangers of life.

    jerry’s comment is truly dangerous libel.

  22. jerry 2021-08-23

    Good for John Dale that he has been vaccinated and now we all know it.

  23. John Dale 2021-08-23

    You’re a real winner, jerry!


    Just heard that other countries are so enthused about our “vaccines” they are trying to sell them back to us.

    Can’t get this toothpaste back in the tube.

    This ain’t the JFK assasination.

    Information travels too fast .. kill switch doesn’t work.

  24. jerry 2021-08-23

    We both are vaccinated John Dale!! woo woo. Lucky us. So boy howdy, we are both winners!! Now, you and I need to convince others to do the same. You can go to your bro’s website, looks like he lost weight, did he get sick? You know there is a pandemic out there so you must sing the praise of making war on the Delta, whilst I stay here…

  25. Joe 2021-08-23

    John Dale, I’m sure you appreciate your wife for her work to support you and your children financially and otherwise. Doubtful that your own “business” is capable of doing that.

  26. John Dale 2021-08-23

    Hi Joe;

    I’m sorry to hear about your mental retardation.



  27. John Dale 2021-08-23

    jerry – are you not welcome to post anywhere else? You’re welcome to come on my program. In fact, that invitation extends to you, Porter, mentally challenged newcomer Joe.

    Duck Duck Go Plains Tribune.

    I’m also on Podcast Index dot org.

    The rate at which personal attacks emanate from any kind of reasonable discussion to personal attacks is meteoric when an argument is this clear.

    When someone can’t win an argument – usually because they’re wrong – they attack the person. That is how I know when I’ve won. Everything after that moment is sad.

  28. Mark Anderson 2021-08-23

    Why does John Dale post more often when he loses. I guess having to remove his “experimental” drug category is disabling. I asked him to bet many times on this and he has yet to take me up on it. Moderna approval is close Johnnie, want to bet?

  29. jerry 2021-08-23

    Vaccinated bro’s don’t debate John Dale, we acknowledge our good vaccinated fortune to the rest. How cool is that? The icing on that cake is the approval by the FDA!! Nothing to debate son, we are vaccinated and feeling good…

  30. mike from iowa 2021-08-23

    John Dale has yet to win an argument on merits. He tucks tail and hides when his “sources” are debunked. No one wants to play Johnny’s rabbit hole games.

  31. Jake 2021-08-23

    time for John Dale to be gone; worse than trump’s bs.

  32. DaveFN 2021-08-23

    Why would and do so many engage with an attention-seeking clown who has no hope of redemption?

    As far as BigPharma goes, Bearcreekbat, they have indeed exploited the market and public in SOME ways, specifically in the invention of new categories of depression in order to promote new pharmaceuticals in their pipeline to treat those invented categories, as well as pharmaceuticals such as Abilify which claim to augment the salutary effects of current antidepressants. Lots of marketing tricks can be played on consumers, particularly when patents have a limited lifetime and clinical trials eat into those lifetimes leaving even less time for profits to be reaped.

    Vaccines aren’t amongst those tricks, however, to the best of my knowledge.

    My doctorate is in medicinal chemistry, incidentally. Some may damn me for that. Bully for them. They seem to be among those who are able to find all kinds of nonsense sources for their equally nonsense claims but are amazingly unable to find or review any sources in the refereed scientific literature to counter their outrageous claims. Go figure.

  33. Donald Pay 2021-08-23

    DaveFN, I respond to John Dale because he may be killing people who come to this site. Most of us know John to be a crackpot, but others who wander onto this site might think he’s got some expertise. It’s important to put John in his place with facts. He won’t budge, but we have to hope others might see the facts and disregard what John Dale has to say on this subject.

    For example, John Dale pointed to information in a CNBC report about an outbreak in Barnstable, Mass. That outbreak occurred over the 4th of July and a traditional gay bash that occurred around that time. This is a fact check which provides the facts of the situation. Should you read it, you will be know more about the outbreak, including that the number of vaccinated people in that area is significantly higher than the 75% who were infected. Thus, the vaccination did reduce the likelihood of getting COVID. Further, there were few hospitalizations and zero deaths among the vaccinated. The CDC indicated that this outbreak was one reason why the recommended wearing masks when in crowds or indoors.

  34. Anne 2021-08-23

    “The rate at which personal attacks emanate from any kind of reasonable discussion to personal attacks is meteoric when an argument is this clear.[‘
    Incoherence is a symptom: “Life … is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” —Macbeth

  35. bearcreekbat 2021-08-24

    DaveFN, my point is that there is no actual entity called “BigPharma.” Hence when someone says BigPharma did this or BigPharma did that, I realize that they are actually referring to specific human beings that make decisions for specific companies. In effect, using the term “BigPharma” provides shade for individual bad actors actually responsible for making harmful decisions involving pharmaceutical products.

    I do not dispute the claim that some actual identifiable human being, or group of identifiable human beings may have “indeed exploited the market and public in SOME ways, specifically in the invention of new categories of depression in order to promote new pharmaceuticals in their pipeline to treat those invented categories,” etc. But attempting to place blame for this behavior on a vague concept called “BigPharma” (often defined as “the global pharmaceutical industry”) seems to totally miss the mark. I could be wrong but my supposition is that, while in any endeavor there certainly are some bad actors, many if not most members of the global pharmaceutical industry actually work to develop products that benefit mankind.

    It can’t be so difficult to identify bad actors that we need to substitute entire categories of companies and people, many of whom may well be the folks that are saving lives by researching and developing vaccines and other beneficial drugs. But when I read only that “BigPharma” behaved badly, I remain in the dark as to who the actual culpirt might be.

  36. mike from iowa 2021-08-24

    Every fact check should be required to state….Johnny Rabbit Hole Refugee misinterpreted the findings because he exists in an alternate reality universe.

  37. Joe 2021-08-24

    Letter from Rapid City Area Schools parents (and practicing physicians) to the superintendent and school board.

    “Dear Dr. Simon and school board members,

    First of all, we appreciate your service to this community and our children.
    We recognize that the school board is a volunteer position and there are many important decisions that you carry.

    We (my husband and I) write this as concerned parents of a first-grader in Rapid City Public Schools, community members and medical doctors. My name is Halie Anderson; I am double board-certified in pediatrics and allergy/immunology and I am a practicing physician at Rapid City Medical Center. My husband’s name is Matt Anderson, who is double board-certified in emergency medicine and critical care medicine; he is an intensive care (ICU) physician at Monument Health. I can assure you, we are intimately familiar with COVID-19, its implications for our community and devastation it has caused in its wake. As I am currently writing this, Matt is taking care of many sick/ventilated patients in a full ICU at Monument Health. Our pediatric beds are nearing capacity and we do not have the infrastructure in this community for a pediatric intensive care unit. As you are aware, COVID-19, specifically the Delta variant has created a new surge and the Delta variant seems to have a ‘liking’ for the unvaccinated and younger, healthier individuals, including children.

    We feel strongly that keeping students (and staff) safe and physically present in school should be a major community goal this year. The importance of in-person learning is well-documented, and there is substantial evidence of the negative mental and physical health impacts on children because of school closures in 2020. We were proud that our kindergartener was able to stay in school for most of the 2020-21 school year, compared to many other places around the country. With that in mind, I urge you to consider re-implementing the strategies that were utilized last school year.

    We know that our vaccination rates in this community are relatively low and furthermore a significant portion of the student population are not yet eligible for vaccination. The Delta variant is spreading rapidly amongst children and school districts in other parts of the country with optional masking and no quarantine measures. Contact tracing strategies are suffering from these massive outbreaks. Furthermore, universal masking during the 2020-21 school year led to a demonstrable decline in other respiratory illnesses that took children away from school. Currently our pediatric hospitals locally and across the country are filled with other respiratory illnesses, leading to less resources, beds and staff to care for those children who may get more severe illness from COVID19 infection.

    To maintain in-person instruction while mitigating risks, the American Academy of Pediatrics and CDC urge schools to adopt the following clear recommendations:

    · School districts be in close communication and coordinate with state and local public health authorities, school nurses, local pediatric practitioners, and other medical experts.
    · All eligible individuals should receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
    · All students and school staff should wear face masks at school (unless medical or developmental conditions prohibit use). Universal masking is the best and most effective strategy to create consistent messages, expectations, enforcement, and compliance.
    · Adequate and timely COVID-19 testing resources must be available and accessible.
    Schools must continue to take a multi-pronged, layered approach to protect students, teachers, and staff. Combining these layers of protection will make in-person learning safe and possible.

    As elected officials to the school board and as our school’s leadership, you have an obligation and responsibility to keep children safe during the Delta variant surge. Partisan politics have no place on the school board. Please heed the advice of medical experts on this matter. We would gladly meet with you, in person, if you wish to discuss any of this in-person.

    Drs. Halie and Matt Anderson”

  38. jerry 2021-08-24

    Powerful letter for sure…sent to imbeciles.

  39. Bonnie B Fairbank 2021-09-13

    Someone with a lot more talent than I could make, oh, maybe a buck-and-a-quarter from a well designed bumper sticker that reads
    THERE TRYNA TAKE AWAY ARE FREEDUMBS!! Probably way too subtle for the Covidiots.

    Just sayin’.

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