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Rounds Votes for South Dakota Construction; Thune Prefers Obstruction

While Senator John Thune remains committed to denying South Dakota billions in infrastructure investments just to spite President Joe Biden and appease a stewing golf-course tyrant, Senator Mike Rounds is helping move through the Senate the infrastructure bill he helped write. Rounds joined seventeen other Republican Senators and every Democrat and independent in the chamber yesterday afternoon in voting to end debate on the bipartisan compromise infrastructure bill and move toward a final vote. Thune stuck with 26 other obstructionist Republicans who continue to put party over country.

Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee is still trying to gum up the amendment works, but Democratic leader Senator Chuck Schumer says he will keep the Senate in session until it passes this investment. Senator Thune will thus have to continue pouting about having to jog on the National Mall instead of in the woods at the Sioux Falls Outdoor Campus.

The White House reminded us this week of the investments Senator Rounds is supporting and Senator Thune is blocking for all 50 states. For South Dakota, the infrastructure bill promises the following short- and long-term economic stimulus (short, because those billions of construction dollars will immediately juice paychecks, local spending, and tax revenues; long, because those roads and bridges will provide lasting support to economic activities) over the next five years (and these are minimum amounts):

  • roads: $1.9 billion
  • bridges: $225 million
  • public transportation: $370 million
  • electric vehicle charging stations: $29 million
  • broadband: $100 million

Senator Rounds is voting to invest in South Dakota. Senator Thune is voting to stave off a pouty-billionaire-stoked primary challenge.


  1. Jake 2021-08-08 08:48

    Thune is a ‘party’ puppet; hardly a leader except for knee-jerk automatic obstructionism leadership, along with his boss McConnell.
    Rounds, however has been quite silent until lately with his acceptance that the GOP was faced with “have to” legislation-having done nothing of ANY substance in the past decade except fight wars on credit cards and give the upper 1% a huge tax break along with the corporations that fuel the GOP re-election effort. They may be going to ‘split’ their votes on this bill-giving SD Republicans of both persuasion cover to vote for them the next time around.

  2. Loren 2021-08-08 08:51

    Yah, well, Senator Thune was against gov’t spending until he wasn’t until he was. Hard to keep track. He voiced opposition to grabbing women by their lady parts until he decided to support the gent who thought it was OK. I’m sure, growing up in Murdo, he was taught that it was OK to bilk your neighbor, shun the less fortunate, inspire riots… This guy is good for photo ops, but I wouldn’t take his word on bupkis! Come on, Democrats, find someone to point out the worthlessness of this dude! 2022 is fast approaching.

  3. Whitless 2021-08-08 10:53

    Yes, and he is beholden to wealthy individuals and corporations who funnel millions of dollars into supporting GOP candidates and who in return expect continuation of the favorable tax laws and regulations that have created a concentration of wealth among the few, a concentration unseen since the so called “gilded age” of the late 1800s. This wealthy class fears the elimination of tax loopholes, the taxation of capital gains at ordinary income tax rates and increased scrutiny of tax returns filed by the wealthy.

  4. Darrell Solberg 2021-08-08 12:04

    Thune never has been anything but an empty suit serving in the Senate. His lack of backbone and willingness to kiss Trump and McConnel’s shoes is very evident. All he cares about is himself and getting his mug on as many pictures as possible. It would be nice if the voters of South Dakota would finally see him as the obstructionist that he really is. For the record his entire career he has been living off the taxpayer, including as a lobbyist!!!

  5. Guy 2021-08-08 13:03

    John Thune never had a problem supporting funding George W. Bush’s disastrous Iraq War. Funding for Bush’s wars put us into the huge debt hole we remain in today. But, then, since Thune’s party controlled the show, spending money we did not have to destroy other countries was not a problem. Now, we have the opportunity to spend our tax dollars on helping our own citizens and now John Thune has a issue helping his own constituents.

  6. Mark Anderson 2021-08-08 13:08

    You are correct Cory, the boy can’t beat a trumpie if he got one and the Trumper has already threatened those who vote for this. Rounds apparently doesn’t worry he doesn’t have to run until 2026. It’s all simple isn’t it? Don’t cross the NY grifter.

  7. O 2021-08-08 15:26

    When does billing adherence to the party and partisan obstructionism stop being “leadership?”

    Guy, I don’t think Bush ever really funded his war(s); those were off the books; they became line items that burst the deficit and debt of the US. I also don’t remember GOP hand wringing about raising the debt ceiling to pay those debts — only resistance to fairly compensate the veterans involved.

  8. O 2021-08-08 15:27

    sorry, “blind” adherence . . .

    I miss the old edit function.

  9. Arlo Blundt 2021-08-08 15:28

    Well.Rounds has tried to put some daylight between himself and the far right conspiracy wing of proud boys and tax protesters who comprise the majority of the Republican Party. He’s for roads and bridges…big least he can vote yah for something and point to it as his “legacy” when he leaves office…soon we hope.

  10. Loren 2021-08-09 08:22

    Thune cast another “no” vote on Sunday while Rounds was a no-show for 3 votes. How do you miss 3 votes when the only reason you are in town on a Sunday is to consider this bill? Asking for a friend…

  11. Guy 2021-08-09 20:52

    The “Curse of Karl” begins again? It’s a well-known curse in South Dakota for Senators who have overstayed their welcome while approaching 3 terms (18 years in office). McGovern, Pressler, Daschle and Johnson were all very confident, popular, and well liked before the end of their 3rd terms…that’s until the sneaky “Curse of Karl” ended their hope of a fourth term in the Senate. One huge positive factor for the curse is it does keep our state clean of entrenched career Senators.

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