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Unable to Refute Misdemeanor Charges, Ravnsborg Accuses Man He Killed of Drug Abuse and Suicide

Jason Ravnsborg is cooking up a new story about what happened when he killed Joe Boever while driving distracted down Highway 14 last September 12. Evidently hoping to turn Boever’s relatives against each other and create enough reasonable doubt to get a not-guilty verdict, Ravnsborg is telling the court that Boever suffered mental illness, abused drugs, and killed himself jumping in front of Ravnsborg’s car:

COMES NOW the Defendant, Jason Ravnsborg, by and through his attorney of record, Timothy J. Rensch, and hereby moves this Court for an order requiring health care providers of Mr. Joseph Boever to release psychiatric and/or psychological records for an in camera review by Court and/or counsel, for exculpatory information concerning his suicidal ideation, in keeping with the requirements of Due Process, Fair Trial Rights, and the ability to present a meaningful and complete defense. This motion is made upon the following grounds and reasons:

1. A cousin of Mr. Boever, Mr. Barnabas Nemec, told law enforcement, “I believe with a very high degree of confidence Joe committed suicide by throwing himself into the path of a speeding car.” He further stated the Mr. Boever, “was an admitted alcoholic with a brooding depressive streak unparalleled by anyone else I have ever known.” Mr. Barnabas Nemec further explained that in December, 2019, Mr. Joseph Boever “…told me his preferred method of suicide would be to throw himself in front of a car.”

2. Prior to his death Mr. Boever had been seeing mental health providers and some of those providers have asserted claims in his estate, to wit: Avera St. Luke’s Hospital, $3,522.48; Avera St. Mary’s Hospital, $197.02; AMG Pierre, $23.77; Aberdeen Psychiatric, $337.49.

3. A prescription bottle of Lorazepam was found in Mr. Boever’s truck which had been involved in a collision in the hours before his death. The prescription bottle had been filled with 90 pills on 9/11/20 and only 12 remained in the bottle on 9/12/20, a day later. The prescription called for “one tablet by mouth three times daily as needed.” Law enforcement stated there should have been “many more” pills in the bottle. Lorazepam can cause suicidal ideation. See, e.g., In fact Mr. Boever’s autopsy noted much more Lorazepam (190 ng/ml) in his system than a therapeutic dose. To use 78 pills of Lorazepam in less than 36 hours is clear abuse, and is consistent with suicidal ideation.

4. In the weeks prior to his death Mr. Boever had apparently been committed, possibly at Yankton, was in the midst of a divorce, was severely depressed, and was spiraling out of control.

5. Other witnesses on the evening in question describe Mr. Boever acting erratically and intoxicated.

6. There is a dispute as to the point of impact and whether or not it was on the roadway or on the shoulder. The evidence on the roadway and shoulder as examined by law enforcement the day after the death of Mr. Boever was different than it was the night before as there was wind, continued vehicle travel, and movement of the Ravnsborg vehicle by law enforcement in the interim. Nonetheless a bolt remained on the roadway, while paint chips were blown to the grass on the edge of the shoulder. This is consistent with impact between the Ravnsborg vehicle and Mr. Boever on the roadway rather than the shoulder [Timothy Rensch, defense attorney, Motion for Psychiatric and/or Psychological Records, State v. Ranvsborg, 2021.07.09; cited in Jazzmine Jackson and Angela Kennecke, “Ravnsborg Claims Boever May Have Thrown Himself in Front of His Car,” KELO-TV, 2021.07.09].

Before we get to Ravnsborg’s effort to assassinate Boever’s character along with snuffing out his actual life, let’s consider Ravnsborg’s effort to challenge the facts described by the police report and by Nick Nemec’s personal observation of the crime scene, which shows Ravnsborg’s car was entirely on the right shoulder when Ravnsborg struck and killed Boever, who was walking on the edge of the road. Almost all of the evidence was found at the side of the road or in the ditch, but Ravnsborg chooses to hang his hat on one bolt found on the roadway. The rest of the evidence got to the side of the road not by the location of the actual impact but by “wind, continued vehicle traffic, and movement of the Ravnsborg vehicle by law enforcement” before police showed up to investigate the scene the day after Ravnsborg’s crash.

I’ll accept that the semis blasting by on US 14 could blow some road debris toward the shoulder. But the wind reported at Pierre and Huron (Weather Underground doesn’t appear to provide historical data for the nearest stations, at Highmore and Holabird) was minimal at the time of the crash, 10:24 p.m. Saturday, September 12. When the breeze stiffened after lunch, it had switched to the north, meaning that by the time investigators were on the scene Sunday afternoon and evening, the wind was more likely to be moving light debris from the north shoulder out into the roadway.

Weather Underground, wind records for the evening of September 12, 2020, and all day September 13, 2020. Red lines indicate time Jason Ravnsborg struck and killed Joe Boever with his car on Highway 14 outside Highmore, SD. Prepared by CAH 2021.07.10.
Weather Underground, wind records for the evening of September 12, 2020, and all day September 13, 2020, at Pierre and Huron, South Dakota. Red lines indicate time Jason Ravnsborg struck and killed Joe Boever with his car on Highway 14 outside Highmore, SD. Highmore is 49 miles ENE of Pierre and 68 miles WNW of Huron. Weather conditions generally move from west to east across South Dakota. Graphs compiled by CAH-DFP, 2021.07.10.

The wind data do not support Ravnsborg’s suggestion that nearly all of the debris from his deadly crash would have blown from an alleged impact point in the middle of the road to the north shoulder.

Nor does any movement of the car by law enforcement (i.e., by Ravnsborg’s generous yet equally inattentive pal, Hyde County Sheriff Mike Volek) prior to the arrival of investigators lend weight to Ravnsborg’s dispute of the evidence that he hit Boever on the highway shoulder. Ravnsborg told 911 dispatch immediately after the crash that he had parked his car “out of the roadway.” When the tow truck came to remove Ravnsborg’s car, it would have dragged the car and any straggling bits and pieces from the shoulder out into the roadway.

If it has any weight, Ravnsborg’s claim that the debris moved and tricked police into concluding the impact happened on the shoulder could get him out of one of his misdemeanor charges, driving out of his lane. But the entire motion and its unseemly allegations refute none of the evidence of the other two misdemeanor charges, careless driving and operating a motor vehicle while on his phone. Even if we assume the absolute worst about Boever, the evidence North Dakota’s investigators found make clear that Ravnsborg was driving carelessly, checking his email and reading this blog and other websites on his phone as he cruised out of Highmore toward his fateful meeting with Joe Boever. Joe Boever’s state of mind or actions at the side of the road have nothing to do with Ravnsborg’s state of mind—inattentive, distracted—and Ravnsborg’s actions—placing at least one hand on his phone and not the wheel, focusing his eyes on his tiny phone screen and not the road—that are the basis of these misdemeanor charges.

Even if this legal ploy to blame Boever for his own death could excuse Ravnsborg’s unrefuted distracted driving, Ravnsborg’s thesis conflicts with one crucial bit of evidence: Joe Boever’s flashlight. Boever was carrying a lit flashlight when Ravnsborg struck and killed him. The flashlight was still lit when Ravnsborg walked past his body while calling 911 and purportedly searching the area. The flashlight was still on when investigators found it on Sunday, September 13. If Boever really wanted to kill himself, why would he be carrying a lit flashlight that could alert an attentive driver to swerve away and brake?

What, Jason, did the wind turn on the flashlight after the crash?

Revealing information from Boever’s autopsy, trying to access Boever’s medical records, and accusing him of drug abuse and suicide are not about disproving the pending charges against him. These actions are about Ravnsborg trying to stave off the civil wrongful death lawsuit that’s coming, or at least about driving Boever’s family to settle quietly.

They are also about Ravnsborg trying to salvage Ravnsborg’s political career: he still wants to walk into the 2022 Republican convention and win their renomination for Attorney General… and to do that, he has to be able to look the SDGOP delegates and Marty Jackley in the eye and say, “I did not kill Joe Boever. Joe Boever killed himself.” If that line can save him at convention, it can save him at the general election, where 50% + 1 of the voters can soothe their own consciences for slavishly marking “R” even for a killer: Jason didn’t do it! That weak-minded drug-addled cousin of a Democrat did it to himself! It was probably a conspiracy: his Democrat cousins probably pushed him in front of Jason’s car!

If the state’s prosecutors are paying attention, they’ll object to this irrelevant political motion, and Judge John Brown will properly reject the motion. The confidential medical records requested have nothing to do with the facts pertaining to the charges. Joe Boever’s medical condition or state of mind do not establish where he was standing or walking when Jason Ravnsborg hit him with his car; the blood stains on the road do. Joe Boever’s desire to live or die does not change where Jason Ravnsborg’s mind was when he killed Joe Boever; Ravnsborg’s phone records do. If there is any fight to be had over Joe Boever’s medical records, that fight belongs in a different courtroom, over different charges.


  1. mike from iowa 2021-07-10 09:12

    Killer Ravnsborg must want to be a full bird colonel awesomely bad. Report said Ravnsborg could have been nearly three times over the legal alcohol limit and still blown a zero 15 hours later. Sloppy, unprofessional investigative work.

  2. Anne Beal 2021-07-10 09:30

    since a semi driving past can blow a dead rabbit into the ditch it is not unreasonable to believe that some of the paint chips and broken glass from the crash were in the grass.
    The investigation revealed that ‘Ravnsborg’s phone was not in use at the time of the accident, that it was locked on the east side of Highmore and not unlocked until after the crash, which was on the west side of Highmore.

    If there is any truth to the cousin’s statement that Boever had suicidal ideation, the psychiatric records are pertinent to the case.

    6000 pedestrians are killed every year and and the NTSB has figures that 33% of those pedestrians are drunk, (compared to 17% of the drivers involved.) 76% of these accidents occur at night.
    this article references studies in Florida and the U.K. which showed that 80-90% of accidents involving pedestrians were caused by the pedestrians.

    There is nothing out of line here about investigating the pedestrian’s contribution to the accident. The victim’s drug use, state of mind, etc are all pertinent to the case.

  3. Jake 2021-07-10 09:36

    Again, many times over I wonder-where was the local sheriff’s mind that night (eyesight too) when Boever’s body lay bleeding out within a few feet of them both standing there
    “looking for what Ravnsborg hit”?! Was he ‘toked up’? been drinking in off hours? not any word from him in all this sounds fishy to me.

  4. happy camper 2021-07-10 09:45

    His cousin’s powerful statements are completely relevant and so specific if he did take an overdose of medication, he is responsible for the behavior that would occur and at that point may not have been thinking clearly enough to worry about the flashlight on or off. It’s not just a ploy, but they should be able to more clearly ascertain how much was in his system, that has to be made very clear. The state has a responsibility to release that information to the public. He might have put some of the pills in a different container. It’s too bad this has been politicized it’s not fair to the family, law enforcement, or Ravnsborg. This is one more example why we should always wait for all the facts to come out and not let propaganda websites indite and pass judgment how many times as this blog referred to him as a killer the court has to stand strong against new forms of vigilante justice by accusers who rattle off from behind their computer without any concern for the consequences.

  5. Anne Beal 2021-07-10 09:49

    Jake, that has always been interesting: how could the sheriff, the AG, the tow truck driver and who-knows-how-many other drivers (who drove past the scene the next morning) not see the body next to the road?
    At the governor’s press conference a reporter asked if there was any evidence the body had been moved and the answer was no.

  6. mike from iowa 2021-07-10 09:51

    However, an investigator shared phone extraction data with the attorney general, noting that he had logged into a Yahoo email account at 10:20 local, four minutes before calling 911 to report the accident. He said Ravnsborg was on other news sites one to two minutes before calling 911. The investigator notes there was time between impact with Boever and when he called 911.

    Locked phone?

  7. Anne Beal 2021-07-10 10:00

    mike from Iowa, until we know exactly what blood tests were used to determine that Ravnsborg was not impaired, whether or not a breathalyzer can show alcohol use is irrelevant.
    They did a blood test. Some of those tests can detect metabolites of alcohol for days or even weeks and are used to verify court ordered sobriety.
    Furthermore, witnesses from the fundraiser in Spink County have stated that Ravnsborg was not drinking. In fact, photos from the event were posted on facebook by the Spink County Republicans and indicate that nobody was drinking alcohol. You can see all four walls in the photos and there is no temporary bar set up in the room as is customary for private parties (it keeps the attendees out of the main bar area.) And the drinking vessels on the tables are those reusable plastic Pizza Ranch type tumblers which are never used for bar service because the plastic absorbs the odor of the alcohol and it’s too hard to wash out.
    There is simply no evidence at all that Ravnsborg was drunk and plenty of evidence that he wasn’t.

  8. Anne Beal 2021-07-10 10:17

    mike from iowa, you must not know what is meant by a “locked” cell phone. For those of us who don’t have to worry about security or small children placing orders from Amazon, the “locking” thing is an annoyance. You have to use a security code the every time you try to use it.

    The investigators stated the phone was “locked” at 10:22:22 on the east side of Highmore. The EDR in the vehicle, and the GPS data from the phone, showed that 75 seconds later the crash occurred on the west side of Highmore. It took 15 seconds to bring the car to a stop. at 10:24:06 the phone was unlocked, it took 16 seconds to connect with the 911 dispatcher. GPS data on the phone showed the AG and the sheriff walked right past the location where Boever’s body was later found, at 10:44 pm.
    It is a horrible thought that Boever might not have died instantly, that he had been thrown much further away, and crawled back to the roadway, however, the investigators said there was no evidence the body was moved.

    It’s one thing that nobody could see the body in the dark, but the next morning? People getting up early to do all the things people do early on a Sunday morning in September when there is a day of activities to get on with? That’s weird.

  9. John Dale 2021-07-10 11:17

    This is definitely not something that should be tried in the court of public opinion?

  10. John Dale 2021-07-10 11:18

    If the guy was suicidal, and did commit suicide, aren’t you putting yourself up for a defamation case?

  11. Mark Anderson 2021-07-10 11:18

    Jason Ravnsborg is a lying loser and should have been charged with at minimum manslaughter. Attacking a man he killed to save his own sorry self is about as low as a human being can go. Of course he will lie about that too, it’s fitting.

  12. Mark Anderson 2021-07-10 11:34

    John Dale, so I guess you’ve never mentioned this in your court of public opinion?

  13. mike from iowa 2021-07-10 11:34

    mike from iowa, you must not know what is meant by a “locked” cell phone. Not sure you know what locked means, either. Was Ravnsborg likely to switch carriers when he was driving? His phone should have already been locked from other carriers.

  14. buckobear 2021-07-10 11:56

    If there is any justice, this loser will be convicted on all three charges and be sentanced to the max with the terms to be served consecutively.
    As far as his “promotion” goes, let’s hope that its only mention is a red line through his name when it comes to senate confirmation.
    We so could have had a real Attorney General.

  15. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-07-10 12:05

    Wind and flashlight are two big factual holes in his argument.

    Note also that, just like the claims in the motion, Anne’s responses do nothing to refute the actual misdemeanor charges before the court. Ravnsborg’s motion and his followers’ immediate and fervent promotion of the allegations contained therein show Ravnsborg’s intent to argue the broader political case of his guilt in killing a man and his fitness for public office in the court of public opinion.

  16. Vi Kingman 2021-07-10 12:31

    I don’t know what’s worse What Ravnsborg did or Anne Beal defending him. Disgusting.

  17. DaveFN 2021-07-10 12:40

    With no knowledge of these newly produced details, a DFP reader predicted this very defense strategy would come to pass some 10 months ago. Not of the opinion anyone has ESP, from a system analysis perspective I am on the other hand well aware that systemic and structural factors within systems including the legal system make it virtually impossible to not read the tea leaves with a high degree of accuracy and thus predictability with regard to blaming the victim (whether by the State or otherwise being incidental to the case).

    “Dana Hanna 2020-09-15

    Mark my words: the official story that will come out of the State’s investigation will blame the victim for his death.”

  18. Anne Beal 2021-07-10 13:57

    well it figures that pointing out facts from would cause you to attack me personally.

    The investigation revealed that Ravnsborg was driving 67 mph in a 65 mph zone, was not impaired, and was not using his cell phone at the time of the accident. He was charged with distracted driving but the investigators, when asked, do not know what the distraction was. A reporter asked if the distraction might have been the headlamps of an oncoming car, but the answer to that was another “don’t know.” The intensity of the flashlight is unknown to the public. what kind of flashlight? How many lumens? Ravnsborg was driving over 98′ per second. How far away could that flashlight be seen? We have been told the flashlight was still lit when the body was found in the morning. There is nothing mysterious about that. When they removed the body the next morning, was the flashlight found underneath it? That would explain why the sheriff didn’t see it.
    The Toxicology report on Boever revealed a “more than therapeutic” level of Lorazepam, and a cousin reported he had ideas of suicide. This makes the request for psychiatric records reasonable.

    Statistics on pedestrian vs motor vehicle accidents indicate that 1/3 of the pedestrians are impaired and 80-90% of them are the pedestrians’ fault.

    You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts.

  19. Jake 2021-07-10 14:09

    Hold on- the amount of pills found remaining in the pill container versus the amount issued is meaningless; There is no way of proving how many Boever may have taken,
    other than toxicology analysis. Pills spill, also.
    Of major concern is that the chief law-enforcement officer of South Dakota left the scene of a fatal accident, with the blessings of local law enforcement and NO blood test OR breathalyzer exam-not to be tested until 1 PM or so the next day!

  20. Arlo Blundt 2021-07-10 14:16

    Well..we can expect Ravensborg”s defense team to put up a vigorous defense. The taped interview by the AG with the North Dakota investigators has Ravensborg painting himself into a corner with “misstatements if not lies. He was not honest and forthcoming in the interviews and thought he could “beat” the investigators. I actually believe that Ravensborg believes he can beat the three misdemeanors in court, stand for renomination by the Party, and win a second term. There is an unbelievable amount of ego at play here.

  21. leslie 2021-07-10 14:23

    Why double down defending the incompetent AG?

    So at the time of impact Ravnsborg was fiddling w/ phone screen un-lock? Driving. Was that the “distracted driving”? Was the phone knocked to the floor or still in his hands, or next to the eyeglasses?

    Weird that Jason would say something hit him “in the middle of the road.”

    A judge (likely Republican) will determine relevancy. Trying the case in the press makes truth harder to find. Roy Cohn, William Barr, Gulianni, a legacy of Republican political distraction.

  22. Mark Anderson 2021-07-10 14:30

    Gosh Anne, you mean I can run over anyone in the bike lane and it will be their fault 85% of the time? Thanks, I can use that, might as well run over the drunks. Maybe the sheriff will give me his car to drive home.

  23. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-07-10 14:40

    Anne, do you deny that Jason Ravnsborg was on his phone, accessing voice and data, multiple times during his drive up and back to Redfield on September 12, 2020?

  24. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-07-10 14:43

    Remember, folks, the case before the court is a misdemeanor traffic violation case, not a manslaughter case. The charges do not depend on whether the defendant killed a man or whether the deceased bears any responsibility for his own demise. Joe Boever didn’t jump into Jason’s car and stick an active phone in front of his face.

  25. John 2021-07-10 15:03

    Glancing at the ITB case (likely flawed decisions taking that to a trial) . . . gives a consideration of low expectation of successful prosecution of this case. “Try, just not too hard” . . . ? Lose . . . he may be your boss holding a grudge. Win . . . the party may hold a grudge, moving you out.

    Janklow was unable to get away with it. Ravnsborg might. Different times. Different participants with different fealty to the law, to party.

  26. Joe 2021-07-10 15:19

    Anne Beal, the evidence shows Ravnsborg’s car hit and killed the man *off* the road, on its shoulder and in the ditch. Why are you defending Ravnsborg?

  27. leslie 2021-07-10 15:32

    This is why Ann does:

    To save our democracy, we must democratize it. A political system that repeatedly allows a minority party to control the most powerful offices in the country [or SD’s office of the AG] cannot remain legitimate for long. Following the example of other democracies, we must expand access to the ballot, reform our electoral system to ensure that majorities win elections, and weaken or eliminate antiquated institutions such as the filibuster so that majorities can actually govern. Congress is considering limited democratizing reforms, such as banning legislative gerrymandering. But those proposals pale in comparison with the extent of the problem.

    Serious constitutional reform may seem like a daunting task, but Americans have refounded our democracy before.***

    Given the considerable authority that the Constitution grants to state legislatures, the processes of voting, vote counting, and even the selection of electors can easily be subverted for partisan ends. Electoral guardrails must therefore be hardened through federal legislation prior to the 2024 election.***

    Trump tried and failed to do in 2020: throw out ballots in rival strongholds in order to overturn a statewide result….the new laws impose criminal penalties for local election officials deemed to violate election procedure. This will enable statewide Republican officials to compel local officials, via threats of criminal prosecution, to engage in electoral hardball. Throwing out thousands of ballots in rival strongholds may be profoundly antidemocratic, but it is technically legal, and Republicans in several states now have a powerful stick with which to enforce such practices.

    Republican politicians learned a few things in the 2020 election’s aftermath. First, Trump’s failed campaign to overturn the results revealed a variety of mechanisms that may be exploited in future elections. Second, Republicans discovered that their base would not punish them for attempting to steal an election. To the contrary, they now know that efforts to overturn an election will be rewarded by Republican voters, activists, local and state parties? and donors.”

    Now is the time. Keeping SD a one party state only serves one illegitimate purpose for the nation. Authoritarianism of the GOP. Billionaires. TrillionAires.

    You think Republicans’ new wealth industry laundromat, called SD, is benign?

    What they are doing in SD is this, not governing! Kristi’s schtick. Jason’s bumbling. Trump’s criminality. Thune sleeping with McConnell. Power for the sake of power.

  28. mike from iowa 2021-07-10 15:43

    Do pedestrians have the right of way on South Dakota’s roads?

  29. Jenny 2021-07-10 15:52

    Right leslie, Ann Beal is as extreme right wing as one can get and can hardly hold in her excitement over this turn of events. Sad, really. That goes for John Dale also. Trumpies have low levels of compassion and empathy.
    Just calm down Ann, we know you’re you a supporter of SDs doofus incel AG.

  30. Mike Livingston 2021-07-10 18:39

    Conspiracy theory’s abound, the trumps aka don and kris will toss starkravingsberg under the bus metaphorically of course to distract attention from the audacious attacks, on the principles the responsible citizens hold as Honorable and Just.

  31. Porter Lansing 2021-07-10 19:19

    If I wanted to I could show dozens of times Anne Beal has lied, asserted things as fact that are the exact opposite, and posted with bigoted motives.

    That she posts over a dozen things as fact, without any evidence is her s.o.p.

    I believe it’s her medical drug use and psychiatric history that needs to be taken into account.

  32. Whitless 2021-07-10 21:14

    The accident report indicates that Boever was struck and killed while walking on the shoulder of the highway. His psychological state or whether he was under the influence is irrelevant under these circumstances.

  33. John Dale 2021-07-10 21:20


    That is of course, unless Ravnsborg went into the ditch to avoid someone who, under the influence of some kind of drugs, had thrown himself out into the road, then back toward the shoulder to ensure the collision, a conceivable sequence of events for someone determined to take his own life as per.

    But then, we don’t really know, and we’ll have to wait till the actual trial is finished.

    This is sad, and disrespectful to try to prove anything this way.



  34. Mark Anderson 2021-07-10 21:49

    Of course John Dale, its better to read your imaginary imaginings to throw doubt on truth. Its what you do. Did he drive into the ditch, no. What you envision would take the speed of the Flash but hey it’s all probable right?

  35. Josh moore 2021-07-10 21:55

    The charges Jason was charged with do not have a victim.

    If he would have been charged with offense against person the victim’s mindset etc could come into play.

    But none of the charges brought forth by definition have “victims.”

    Thus this is a spurious filing.

    Even if Joe would have jumped it still wouldn’t be a defense to using a phone or even careless driving.

    Even if it did apply what Rensch alleged is faulty.

    Ativan has a very long half life. Eating the recommendation dose (1mg 3x daily) for a week could easily get to 200 ng/ml.

    If Mr Boever ate 78 mg in 24 hours the concentration would likely be something along the lines of 1000 plus ng /ml

    Each 1mg dose= 20 ng/per ml for an average person. Half life is a minimum of 12 hours.

    Thus consuming 3 doses in a day would easily get to 50 ng/ml.

    Take it as prescribed for a couple weeks it’s pretty easy to get 200ng/ml which is in the upper therapeutic range.

    Using the same logic consumption of nearly 80 mg in a 24 hour period would get to enormously high level. Benzodiazepines are almost impossible to overdose on as a monotherapy mixed booze or dope is a separate issue.

    But once again as Jason wasn’t charged with an offense against a person there’s no victim.

    If the crime is victimless (undoubtedly Joe is the victim here but the charges don’t support that) there’s no victims mindset to disclose.

    Emily should be disbarred for disclosing what Barney wrote. Brady requires exculpatory information to be provided to the accused.

    But in this case the email she received wasn’t exculpatory because it’s not pertinent to charges.

    She’s a crook. Jason is crook. Tim is a crook.

    Go Yotes go

  36. Josh moore 2021-07-10 22:04

    Jason could argue he wasn’t driving on the shoulder. The evidence doesn’t support that but he certainly could provide “alternative facts.”

    The careless has nothing to whether he hit someone or not.

    He wasn’t charged with manslaughter.

    He was charged traffic misdemeanors.

    This is just victim slandering and it sure looks like the State’s Attorney is helping them do it.

    Get rid of tier f law schools like USD Thomas Cooley BillyMac and better enforce the legal and ethical standpoints of the law.

    You keep graduating arrogant idiots and having the most lax bar exam in the nation only exacerbates the problem

  37. ABC is a real person 2021-07-11 00:29

    Misdemeanor AG. Absentee Gov. smear the victim of Borggs bad driving skills.

    You Republicans and Democrats OK with AG who killed someone? Why don’t Dems vote to impeach? Dems in bed with Republicans, and during the session, they were OK with No Impeachment for Borgg.

    Why do Democrats lose? Because they did not want an impeachment of Ravensborgg. Plus D Party is 41 years comfortable with losing and Bipartisanship with a Killer Party.

  38. leslie 2021-07-11 07:55

    Pls google sddp or twttr @SoDakDems and check with your local county Dem party meeting schedule. Attend and volunteer and you’ll be busy and engaged to win vital elections in 2022!

    Instant involvement!! This blog is making a tremendous difference in the state. Registered Dems plus registered Independents FAR OUTNUMBER Republicans! “Majority Rules” is still the norm, but authoritarian Republicans will outwork you and take away your democracy if you do not stand up against them.

    They are corrupt to their core, sorry to say. They are ACTIVELY manipulating the entire political system right now, with billionaire funding, to legislate away your right to vote in almost EVERY STATE. They have no ethics.

  39. grudznick 2021-07-11 09:00

    Thanks, Ms. leslie. I, too, feel that grudznick’s wisdom reaches many and makes a difference. Now I’m off the the Conservatives with Common Sense weekly breakfast where I will deliver the traditional Opening Rant. This morning I think it will be a blogs.

  40. Francis Schaffer 2021-07-11 09:21

    I thought if a person graduated from USD Law School, one didn’t need to take and pass the bar exam to practice law in South Dakota?

  41. Eve Fisher 2021-07-11 09:28

    Ravnsborg was not given any kind of alcohol or drug test until late the next day.
    Boever’s glasses were found on the front seat of Ravnsborg’s car, along with a lot of windshield glass.
    Ravnsborg’s tire tracks were found on the shoulder.
    Boever had a flashlight, and investigators determined that it was turned on at the time.

    Besides refusing to even concede a modicum of guilt or responsibility, Ranvsborg now turns to defaming the victim via the testimony of a cousin who lives in Detroit, and hadn’t been around Boever for years, according to Nick Nemec and Victor Nemec (who saw Boever that day).

    I am dismayed at my own naivete, that I still am dumbstruck by the absolute depths into the bowels of evil that apparently normal people will descend into in order to save themselves (or their chosen) from any consequences – not to mention any admission of guilt – for anything they have done.

  42. Loren 2021-07-11 11:13

    So, John Dale, you think that Joe B. might have been in the road and, at the last second, threw himself back in front of Ravnsborg’s car as the AG swerved to avoid him, all this, at night with the car was traveling at a hight rate of speed? Why don’t you try that, John, and tell us how it works out? I doubt you (or Joe) are that nimble, but I look forward to your report! !@#$%^&*!

  43. Francis Schaffer 2021-07-11 19:34

    My memory must be failing. I thought the AG didn’t know what he hit or see what he hit so no evasive driving would be necessary.

  44. Kurt Evans 2021-07-11 20:10

    Psychotropic drugs can cause suicidal ideations (and mass murders) because they numb the mind’s defenses against demonic influence.

    But here’s a corollary for people who reject Christ’s teachings about angels and demons.

    Removing anxiety isn’t good if anxiety is what keeps you from killing yourself.

  45. grudznick 2021-07-11 20:30

    Mr. Evans, your god drowned in a bowl of cereal.

  46. Nick Nemec 2021-07-12 13:21

    Joe Boever’s alleged state of mind is irrelevant to the charges Jason Ravnsborg is facing. Ravnsborg is charged with three misdemeanors for his poor driving in the minutes before he ever ran over Joe Boever. One thing he is certainly not charged with is the death of Joe Boever. This request for medical records is simply a fishing expedition and an attempt to obfuscate by a man the citizens of the State of South Dakota hired to know the law. I am not surprised, Jason Ravnsborg has been attempting to smear Joe Boever since the day he killed him.

  47. LCJ 2021-07-12 14:46

    If you hate me or if you really hate me, I would still ask you help. Did AG have 2 phones? A state phone and maybe a personal phone? If you are like me I think it a good bet you look at your local published matter of records regularly. Has any one been charged with the new electronic device law since July ,1 2020? I have had more than a few uncomfortable conversations with LEO’s about this subject.
    Thanks ,Cory for letting me use your blog for my own opinions and questions

  48. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-07-12 17:29

    Put Nick Nemec’s response at the beginning of any conversation about Jason Ravnsborg and the sleazy and legally unsound lengths to which he will go to evade three traffic misdemeanors.

  49. Kurt Evans 2021-07-12 18:40

    Nick Nemec writes:

    Joe Boever’s alleged state of mind is irrelevant to the charges Jason Ravnsborg is facing.

    One of the charges Jason is facing is driving out of his lane. If he left his lane because Joe had thrown himself onto the hood of the car, Joe’s state of mind is obviously relevant to that charge.

    This request for medical records is simply a fishing expedition and an attempt to obfuscate by a man the citizens of the State of South Dakota hired to know the law. I am not surprised, Jason Ravnsborg has been attempting to smear Joe Boever since the day he killed him.

    I’m wondering how you claim to know what Jason has been attempting to do, Nick.

  50. Nick Nemec 2021-07-12 19:02

    Mr. Evans—–According to the SD Highway Patrol crash report Joe Boever was on the shoulder of the road at the time Ravnsborg hit him. All the damage to Ravnsborg’s car, headlight, fender, hood, windshield was on the extreme right side. The worst trauma to Joe Boever’s body was on the right side of his body, which is consistent with being hit hard with the front right corner of Ravnsborg’s car while facing traffic. In the days immediately after the crash I spent considerable time at the scene of the crash taking measurements because I knew eventually the trolls and Ravnsborg apologists would attempt to smear my cousin. At that time I measured that the right tire skid marks were 38″ to the right of the white line that marks the boundary between the lane of travel and the shoulder of the road.

    Ravnsborg has been attempting to smear and spread rumors about Joe Boever since shortly after the crash. My notes from September 21 indicate that on that date I became aware that Jason Ravnsborg’s Chief of Staff was smearing Joe with claims of suicidal depression. Ravnsborg has proven he is a miserable human being willing to do anything to keep his job.

  51. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-07-12 19:02

    Kurt, the physical evidence at the scene documented in the police report does not support the claim that the impact happened in the driving lane. Boever’s state of mind does not change the point of impact. Boever’s state of mind does not change the fact that he was carrying an illuminated flashlight, which a non-distracted driver would not have missed. Boever’s state of mind does not erase Ravnsborg’s phone logs, which support his confession to police that he was using his phone throughout his drive to and from Redfield.

  52. mike from iowa 2021-07-12 19:37

    If Mr Boever jumped onto the hood, how did the fender get damaged?. If he threw himself in front of the car, he came up quite short of the intended goal. The damage to the vehicle is consistent with it going out of lane and slamming into a man walking the opposite direction the car was traveling.

    Since Ravnsborg got cameras out of the courtroom, does he also get to pick his own jury? Is the judge going to bend over both ways to make Ravnsborg as comfy as possible? Who is really on trial here?

  53. Kurt Evans 2021-07-13 23:58

    “mike from iowa” asks:

    If Mr Boever jumped onto the hood, how did the fender get damaged?

    Joe’s body was probably struck a second time after tumbling forward off the hood.

  54. mike from iowa 2021-07-14 09:08

    Joe’s body was probably struck a second time after tumbling forward off the hood.

    Nope! Not possible.

  55. mike from iowa 2021-07-14 09:10

    Mr Evans is not a Libertarian. He is a Contrarian.

  56. Jenny 2021-07-14 09:47

    Cory, why did you delete my comments about the Nemec brothers? Did Nick go crying to you?
    It is a proven fact that the Boever family is sick and tired of the Nemec brothers going on media and divulging private information about Joe Boever. I am not making up anything. Joe’s mother and his brothers and sisters were upset that Nick and Victor were all over the media talking about Joe when they know darn well Joe wouldn’t have liked it. I am disappointed in you, Cory. I can vouch for Joe’s mother and brothers and sisters being upset with them. Email me if you want to get more information. I was at the funeral and spent time at his mom’s house after the funeral. What I am saying is the absolute truth.
    They just want their dear son and cousin to RIP and his cousins, the Nemec’s to leave it alone.

  57. Jenny 2021-07-14 09:52

    I meant Joe’s mother and siblings just want their dear Joe to RIP. They are hurt about the Nemec’s doing this. Enough is enough. If anyone of us hear had loved one deceased and he/she was splashed all over the media, I am sure they wouldn’t like it either.

  58. Jenny 2021-07-14 10:05

    My bad, my previous comments about the Nemec bros are on another thread.

  59. mike from iowa 2021-07-22 13:52

    This is interesting….a San Marcos, Texas off duty cop sped through a stop sign at 16 mph over the speed limit, had an open beer in his vehicle, was distracted and plowed into a vehicle killing one person. The officer admitted on body cam he was distracted and knew he killed a human. He refused a blood alcohol test at the scene.

    Here is what the prosecutor had to say about this case. See if it sounds familiar…

    The Caldwell County district attorney passed the case to Bastrop County because he knows Hartman.

    “The facts here did not support a prosecution for criminally negligent homicide,” Bastrop District Attorney Bryan Goertz said.

    Goertz said he thinks this was more of a distracted driving incident and presented that to a grand jury, which decided not indict Hartman.

    “I sympathize with Ms. Watts… but just because someone is killed in a motor vehicle accident doesn’t mean that someone necessarily committed a crime,” Goertz said.

    Remember, the perp was speeding, ran at least one stop sign, was drinking and killed a human being. and, a grand jury that can indict a ham sandwich wouldn’t indict this killer. He is or was still on the force after a year. I’m not a law person, but, even I can see at least three crimes he committed.

  60. Porter Lansing 2021-07-22 19:41

    grudz often says, “god drowned in a bowl of cereal!”

    grudznick’s subconscious is saying, “My faith in God has died.”

    That’s, of course, a personal problem.

    Should we thank him for sharing a glimpse into his empty soul?

    Jesus would; I think.

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