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13 States and Guam Beat 70% Coronavirus Vaccine Goal; South Dakota Lagging in New Weekly Shots

Back around New Year’s, I included in my Top Ten Stories of 2021 my wish that South Dakota would lead the nation in coronavirus vaccination rates and hit 90% in time for Fourth of July fireworks.

Alas, our fair state apparently lacks the patriotic fervor of several others in reopening the country through science and public health responsibility. According to the CDC’s latest Community Profile Report, 62.7% of South Dakota adults of gotten at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine, but which places us in the middle of state/territory vaccination rates, between Iowa (62.4%) and Nebrasja (62.8%) and behind Minnesota (68.3%). Fourteen states and territories have beaten us to President Biden’s seemingly modest goal of 70% by July 4:

  1. Vermont: 83.1%
  2. Hawaii: 81.5%
  3. Massachusetts: 80.2%
  4. Connecticut: 76.8%
  5. Maine: 75.8%
  6. New Jersey: 75.6%
  7. Rhode Island: 73.5%
  8. Pennsylvania: 72.8%
  9. New Mexico: 72.2%
  10. New Hampshire: 71.5%
  11. Maryland: 71.5%
  12. California: 71.4%
  13. Guam: 71.1%
  14. Washington: 70.9%

Every one of those vaccine-leading states voted for Biden in 2020. (So would have Guam, if they could have!)

In the week of June 4 through June 10, 30 states and territories managed to vaccinate more than 2% of their populations. Guam and Massachusetts vaccinated more than 4% of their populations. South Dakota administered coronavirus vaccines to only 1.2% more of our population, the seventh-lowest current vaccination rate out of 50 states and six territories. (North Dakota was the slowest-dosing state last week, putting Fauci-juice in only 0.76% more of its arms; American Samoa underperformed our northerly neighbors with a 0.63% new-dose rate.)

To reach President Biden’s goal, we’ll need to up our weekly percentage of adults newly vaccinated to 2.4%. To hit my wishful 90%, we’d need to see 9.1% of our adult population roll up to Hy-Vee and roll up their sleeves each week from now until the 4th.

We can still catch up! Maybe the Governor could start giving away fireworks at vaccine sites….


  1. Mark Anderson 2021-06-14

    Whats the matter, John Dale won’t get a shot, its perfect.

  2. Porter Lansing 2021-06-14

    Putting expectations on people’s conduct nearly always ends in disappointment.

    Who cares what a backwater state full of MAGA’s thinks or does?

    You won’t even take care of each other.


  3. Francis Schaffer 2021-06-14

    I have heard of a concern many have; that the vaccine will alter a person’s DNA.

    ….Some should view this as a real opportunity.

    ….When hearing this many, get to 5 or 6 names before they get outside their family.

    ….None put themselves on the list of those who could benefit.

    People are saying.

  4. John Dale 2021-06-14

    I’m relieved information seems to be getting out so folks can make an informed decision. Informed consent is important.

    If you want to get ’em, go for it .. but you should know that corporations are planning for your turnover at work in 3 years.

    The shots should not be used to virtue signal in my opinion.

    I am woke .. up.


  5. John Dale 2021-06-14

    First autopsy of COVID vaccinated patient found spike proteins in every organ of body.


    An independent medical research company in the UK recently wrote a letter to the country’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to warn about the negative health effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

    Penned by Dr. Tess Lawrie (MBBCh, Ph.D.), Director of Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy Ltd and EbMC Squared CiC, the letter makes its case using the UK’s own vaccine adverse event reporting database.

    Directed towards Dr. June Raine, Chief Executive of the (MHRA), Dr. Lawrie declared the warning “urgent” and noted the EbMC Squared CiC is an independent group with no conflicts of interest.


    This man-made disease has a 99.5 – 99.8% survivability rate.


    Mass surveillance has arrested human development.


    Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  6. ABC 2021-06-15

    Republicans are fixing to die, by not taking the vaccine.

    Trump ACCEPTED the virus, and said it will magically disappear. Now we are 611,000 deaths later. 500,000 deaths under Trump, a Republican.

    Lie 1. It will magically disappear. (It didn’t. He knew better).
    Lie 2. Biden lost the election. (He won).
    Lie 3. Don’t get the shot. You can;t trust 3 vaccine makers. (So R’s trust the virus, not the vaccine ?)

    Stupidity in action.
    Stupid voters in SD chose Trump and Nome.

    Its time for DEmocratic ;leaders to be STRONG and BOLD

  7. Whitless 2021-06-15

    Of the 13 states listed, 7 are part of the original 13 colonies. Add in Maine, which was part of the Massachussets colony, and Vermont, because it also contributed soldiers to the Revolutionary war, and a majority of the listed states were part of the revolution. Perhaps the population of these states still understands that freedom – be it from a pandemic or England – is a collective effort.

    I am unsure of why John linked to the NIH report about the autopsy of an elderly man who died of COVID. But to be clear, the COVID vaccine does not cause COVID. In this situation, the man received a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, was subsequently diagnosed with and died of COVID before receiving the second. The autopsy confirms that the first dose does not provide immunity from getting COVID. The second shot raises the immunity level to over 90%. In other words, the lesson is get both doses if you are receiving the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, and if not fully vaccinated, continue to wear a mask and social distance!

  8. Porter Lansing 2021-06-15

    John Dale isn’t any better than he was five years ago. His “swiss cheese” assertions are a fat balloon, ready to burst with the least of effort.

    EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE CONSULTANCY LTD currently employees 2 people. The management level consists of 50.00% of non-manager level, 50.00% of director level. Tess Lawrie and her hubby.

    That’s a husband and wife only company that John Dale considers more valid than the millions of vaccinated people’s empirical evidence testifying to the medicine’s safety.

    Keep trying, though SpearTosser. You provide the sauce that enrobes the boredom, in SD.

  9. Porter Lansing 2021-06-15

    Furthermore, Dale

    Ebmcsquared Cic is a community interest company situated at The Old Barn Pipehouse, Freshford, Bath BA2 7UJ. This 2 months-old company, incorporated on 2021-04-01 is run by 1 director. Director Theresa L., appointed on 01 April 2021.

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