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Top Ten Stories of 2021: The Dakota Free Press Wish List!

Don’t look back; let’s all look ahead to the promising New Year!

At the beginning of each year, I make a list of big stories for the year ahead, things I’d like to blog about, if Fate would be so kind. So here are the Top Ten Stories of 2021, the Dakota Free Press Wish List… in video!

  1. April 3, 2021: Calgary, AB—Keystone XL Turns into Wind Farm
  2. June 28, 2021: Highmore, SD—Ravnsborg Gets One Year in Penitentiary
  3. July 4, 2021: Keystone, SD—President Biden Praises South Dakota’s 90% Covid-19 Vaccination Rate
  4. August 21, 2021: Sturgis, SD—Rally Revenue Rises on Marijuana Sales
  5. September 3, 2021: Washington, DC—Reps. Dusty Johnson and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Lead Independent Caucus, Pass Budget on Time
  6. October 2, 2021: Brookings, SD—Foreign Students Return, Boosting SD University Enrollments
  7. November 22, 2021: Pierre, SD—Barnett Certifies Medicaid Expansion Petition
  8. November 30, 2021: West Palm Beach, FL—Trump Fires Noem After Pageant Debacle
  9. December 15, 2021: Rapid City, SD—Trump Licenses RV, Becomes SD Resident
  10. December 23, 2021: Pierre, SD—Nine Candidates Seek SDGOP Gubernatorial Nomination

This wish list comes with no warranty, only hope and determination to make good things happen in 2021.

For comparison, here’s the full collection of the past thirteen annual blog wishlists:

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Thirteen years of jump-off points to alternative South Dakota futures!

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  1. Curt 2021-01-04 23:54

    Be THE FIRST to comment?!!? Sheesh.
    That Top Ten list of 2021 posts was exceptionally comment-worthy. I will count the year as a success if any 2 become reality, but Ravnsborg getting his due will suffice. 2020 had many depressing aspects, but our incompetent AG skating freely insults all law-abiding South Dakotans. He is a criminal. He is also deigned the “chief law enforcement official” in our state. Ironic, yes. Tragic, it’s worse than that. Welcome to Noem Dakota.

  2. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-01-05 06:31

    Thanks, Curt! Yes, removing Ravnsborg from office should be a priority, for the sake of justice and effective law enforcement. Ravnsborg represents the worst of South Dakota’s one-party politics.

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