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At Prayer Breakfast, Noem Promises to Stop Stonewalling Local Media?

Gov. Kristi Noem, not masking or social distancing in Aberdeen, SD, tweet, 2021.04.20.
Gov. Kristi Noem, not masking or social distancing in Aberdeen, SD, tweet, 2021.04.20.

At another superspreader event here in Aberdeen yesterday, with no social distancing and few masks in sight, Governor Kristi Noem appeared to declare that she’s done cold-shouldering the South Dakota press:

To end her speech, Noem suggested to the crowd three actions:

Start talking to people you’ve written offKELO-TV’s Angela Kennecke and the rest of the South Dakota reporters she’s stonewalled will be happy to hear that from the Governor’s Office. And we’ll see if that memo about not being offended by each other seeps down through Noem’s chain of command.


  1. Bob Newland 2021-04-21

    Every time I decide to stop being offended by Kristi, she opens her mouth, and I have to go back to square one.

  2. Nix 2021-04-21

    An amazing Prayer Breakfast.
    I’m sure that they prayed that Amendment A gets overturned, LBGTQ
    people are discriminated against, Fireworks will be allowed at Mt. Rushmore, The Dope Queens travel expenses aren’t let out, No immigrants
    will be allowed into our state, (I wonder who’s land she thinks she is on)
    and a whole host (no pun intended)
    of other topics to pile on so that all the Bigots can pat themselves on the back and proclaim what wonderful Christians they all are.

  3. Porter Lansing 2021-04-21

    Kristi Noem lies like a Trump …

  4. AmyB 2021-04-21

    Let’s face it… when it comes to Kristi Noem it will always be ‘do as I say and I’ll do whatever I want’. She says to stop being offended yet she is always being offensive. Are we supposed to stop being offended by her, her decisions and offensive words? She wants us to start talking to people we’ve written off…seems to me she’s written off most of the citizens of this state but I highly doubt she’ll start talking to anyone who disagrees with her. And as far as us being happy…. I think that will happen when she is voted out at the next election. I know it makes me happy when I see her not getting her way.

  5. Loren 2021-04-21

    What Bob said! “Don’t worry, be happy,” is not leadership. Pixie dust and unicorns are NOT real. Testing does NOT create a pandemic. We are NOT on meth. Etc, etc, etc… The nation is starting to see SD as the butt of the joke. Thanks, Kristi! @#$%^&*!

  6. Buckobear 2021-04-21

    “… it also doesn’t help that South Dakota has as governor who is as friendly to immigrant and foreign laborers (whether legal or illegal) as she is to Muslims, Arabs, Native Americans, sexual and gender minorities, “Satan Sneakers” and all the other socio-political scapegoats weaponized by her and her orange-haired boss. (Xenophobia and racism is all fun and games until it affects your income, right?)”
    Jamin Hubner, RCJ 21 April

  7. jerry 2021-04-21

    NOem is good entertainment, laughing at her makes my day.

  8. Donald Pay 2021-04-21

    Sure. I’ll believe she’s being honest at what is supposed to be a prayer breakfast when her behavior changes.

    I’ll give her this: I think she does a good job at being happy. My concern is that she is a bully who derives her happiness from ignoring the other two points she tried to make at the prayer breakfast. It was Noem who was so offended at a picture that a Girls Stater took of her that she organized a jihad against the young lady to get her kicked out. One wonders at the glee Noem must have felt at getting others to humiliate a child. Noem has a very thin skin. She was so “offended” by this minor child posting that picture that she wrote her off and didn’t bother to talk to her before declaring jihad.

    That was the most egregious of her violations of her own statement, but there is a long list of people she won’t talk to. She writes them all off, if they don’t curtsy before the Covid Queen.

    Now, do I take offence at Noem. Not really. I think a lot of what she does is nuts. Her failure to wear a mask is a failure of intellect and of leadership. I don’t think she knows enough or has the moral understanding to warrant my taking offence. She’s like a selfish child who takes after another selfish child (Donald Trump) and who has other selfish children egging her on. I expect selfish behavior from selfish children. No offence taken, but correction needs to be applied.

  9. Fast Eddy 2021-04-21

    I find Kristi funny, sometimes. Until I remember that she represents us to a lot of the country. Then I don’t laugh anymore. She is a fool and she invites the rest of the country to see all of us as fools. I want her out of office ASAP. Similar to how I feel about Trump, I hope soon I never have to see Krazy-eyes Kristi again, never hear her attack some minority, and never feel her influence in my state government.

  10. Mark Anderson 2021-04-21

    You know of course that kristi flew with Ted Nugent and he’s come down with covid, badly. I saw him in Rapid way back in the day, The Amboy Dukes, he was basically booed off stage because the audience loved Crow who played there. They were right then. Now I’m sure they love the bonkers boy. Hopefully he didn’t infect your noem, she did get her shot after all, couldn’t face anyone but many people get squeamish when getting poked. Crow did a good song about her too, Evil Woman, don’t play your games with me, sums it up well.

  11. mike from iowa 2021-04-21

    Crow by Crow

  12. Mark Anderson 2021-04-21

    Mike, the best concert I saw Crow at was in Hoven believe it or not. They have a nice Catholic cathedral too. My future wife was there too but luckily I didn’t see her that night. The chemistry wouldn’t have been good.

  13. grudznick 2021-04-21

    Did you frequent the Barbarian bar, where all the young hoodlums would go to listen to that sort of rowdy musing, Mr. Anderson? I once had to pick a young person up and drive them home from the Barbarian bar, Mr. Anderson, and the music was so loud you could hear it in the parking lot.

  14. V 2021-04-22

    Can’t help but feel offended when Noem says such displeasing things. Is it not offensive to call people horrible names? Is it not offensive when you pick on helpless people? Is it not offensive to deny a child in need?

    Start talking to people you have written off? You mean after you’ve just offended them? Just Bsssing a congregation of Christians and telling them what they want to hear. Let’s seen Noem model these behaviors. Find an immigrant, a trans person, or a person of color today and start a conversation. How about talking to tribal leaders who you can’t seem to even acknowledge?

    And yes, be happy, especially after you’ve been offended, written off, and lost one of your three low paying part time jobs with no benefits. Be happy that we have a governor who has a B.S. degree in how to become a Con.

    The ladies in the repetitive pictures look like ladies in any prayer group, but not mine. The Lutheran ladies I know don’t attend such attention grabbing events. Noem had to advertise her presence at a Christian activity to counter her Fox exploits. The Christian ladies I know are too busy making quilts to send to immigrants, collecting food to give to the local shelter, and volunteering at school with playground duty so teachers can have a break.

    “In God We Trust” in the hallway of a local school? Is the banner a protection from offensive language and bullies or Christian Kristi’s preview of coming attractions for her history and civics curriculum? Look up the origin of this motto and you can see why it’s offensive as a national motto and for heavens sake, why it SHOULD NOT be displayed in a public school.

  15. Bill 2021-04-22

    . . . and we pretend that our nation practices “separation of church and state.” The wall is crumbling.

  16. Mark Anderson 2021-04-22

    No grudz I was an almost respectable person when that opened although I did read George Thorogood saying it was the best bar they played in on their 50 state tour in 50 days in 81. Would have loved it I’m sure.

  17. V 2021-04-23

    I find it irritating when people can’t stick to the subject. Use your e-mail or text each other for personnel conversation. It really distracts from the site.

    You need to go back to public school and learn your manners because you’re offensive and doing this purposefully. I can see why Debbo left and other females are following.

    You have nothing to add, only to distract because you are hollow.

  18. mike from iowa 2021-04-23

    The wall between church and state was relocated to the southern border and stops immigrants as well as it stopped magats from colluding with phony kristians. The cost has yet to be realized as magats refute realism.

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