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Free Heat! Says Noem DSS; Haley Doesn’t Bother with Backsnark

Last month, Governor Kristi Noem snark-tweeted at more experienced and qualified potential Presidential candidate Nikki Haley after the former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina governor promoted a Texas school district’s food bank. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” sneered the woman who has yet to come up with an original catchy phrase, not to mention lasting policy for the public good.

On Monday, Governor Noem’s own Department of Social Services touted the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, through which the federal government gives South Dakotans in need free heat:

The bitter cold stretch that recently gripped South Dakota required families to use more energy to stay warm. For families struggling to pay winter heating bills, the South Dakota Department of Social Services (DSS) may be able to help.

The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) helps vulnerable South Dakota families stay safe and warm by assisting with home heating expenses. LIEAP is a federally funded program administered by DSS.

…Eligible heating sources include coal, electric, fuel oil, natural gas, propane, and wood. Energy assistance funds are paid on a first come first serve basis. Last year, qualifying customers received an average annual benefit of $648.

“A stable, safe, and affordable home environment is key to reducing stress and keeping families strong,” Gill said. “The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program aims to help provide that to individuals and families who need it most” [Department of Social Services, press release, 2021.02.22].

Ah, sweet socialism, giving lots of South Dakotans a genuine warm feeling inside. Haley did not mention Noem’s socialist bent, because Haley has bigger fish to fry than the South Dakota Snow Queen who thinks she can wade into the hot water of a national Republican campaign.

I’d suggest Noem try apologizing to Haley on her prodigious political travels this weekend, or at least explaining herself and having an honest discussion about a coherent Republican position on government assistance for Americans in poverty… but Haley isn’t wasting her time with the Trump cling-ons at CPAC in Florida, since she’s on the outs with the Trump crowd for merely waffling about her fealty to the insurrectionist leader.

Related Tabulation Explaining Who Twits Whom and Why: Nikki Haley’s Twitter account has 673.1K followers. Kristi Noem’s personal/campaign account has 184.3K followers, and her official gubernatorial account has 372.3K followers. Hmm… maybe if Parler still worked, Kristi would be ahead….


  1. Donald Pay 2021-02-24

    A $15 an hour minimum wage might begin to alleviate poverty and “socialism” for the poor. That might leave more money for that aeroplane to fly Covid Kristi around to posh palaces with her male escort.

  2. grudznick 2021-02-24

    Who is the male escort?

  3. jake 2021-02-25

    Mind out-of-the gutter, grudz! You’re being too ‘Republican!’

  4. mike from iowa 2021-02-25

    Twin male escorts, Lew and Oski.

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