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Ravnsborg Joins Texas Lawsuit in Response to Public Outcry… Anyone Want to Cry Out About Manslaughter?

An eager reader noted one of the specious reasons (there are no non-specious reasons) that killer Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg is giving for joining the Texas lawsuit to steal the election:

The State of South Dakota believes in free and fair elections.  Our office has received thousands of calls and emails from concerned citizens and we have listened to our constituents and voters.  That is why South Dakota has, today, joined the Amicus Brief of the State of Missouri in support of State of Texas v Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State of Georgia, State of Michigan, and State of Wisconsin [emphasis mine; Chief of Staff Tim Bormann, SD Attorney General’s Office, press statement, quoted in “South Dakota Joins Texas in SCOTUS Challenge of Election Results,” KNBN, 2020.12.09].

Does Jason Ravnsborg really want to conduct prosecutions and litigation based on popular demand? I was of the impression that lawsuits are based on law, not what suits a vocal mob. But if thousands of calls and emails are all it takes to get the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office to go to court, well, then let’s get our calls and emails going! I’ll bet there are thousands of concerned citizens—not just the treasonous Trumpist bots on Twitter, but real constituents and voters right here in South Dakota—who are demanding action on a vehicular manslaughter case in Hyde County that has lingered without charges since September. Call the AG’s office today, and tell your friends to do the same! Demand that the AG’s office swing into action, release the 911 records they are hiding, release the killer’s telephone logs so we can see whom he was tweeting at the moment of impact, and take immediate action to provide justice to the family of Joe Boever.

Here’s the contact information for Ravnsborg’s office:

SD Attorney General’s Office Address:

Office of the Attorney General
1302 E Hwy 14
Suite 1
Pierre SD 57501-8501

Phone (Routine Business):
(605) 773-3215
TTY: (605) 773-6585 (For the Hearing Impaired)
Fax: (605) 773-4106

There’s an e-mail contact form on that AG Contact page as well.

Call now—operators are standing by to take your call and dedicate state resources to the impulses of the masses!


  1. Nix 2020-12-11

    More lies.
    I’ll kiss Bormanns ass on main street
    If they received thousands of calls.
    That’s B. S.
    They lie like they breathe.
    The SDGOP is shameless.
    I am embarrassed to be a South Dakotan right now.

  2. First mate smee 2020-12-11

    The more states try to control other states and the will of the people, the further away from democracy we get.

  3. Donald Pay 2020-12-11

    I called the South Dakota AG’s office, Cory. The woman who answered was polite, but did not offer any information on why South Dakota wants to take my vote away from me. I related that I used to live in South Dakota, and it was always strongly in support of the 10th Amendment, and this lawsuit contradicts that. I asked for a call back and an explanation from the attorney general.

  4. ds 2020-12-11

    “Our office has received thousands of calls and emails from concerned citizens”…
    But we need a reporter to ask how many of those supposed ‘calls and emails’ were actually from South Dakota residents? I suspect a white house controlled pro-trump call-in blotz was launched to bombard every state’s attorney general’s office with bulls–t directions and of course a wake-up call was made by kristinoem giving marching orders (and promising forgiveness) to jason ravnsborg.

  5. Jeff Barth 2020-12-11

    I have called the AG office. They took my name and phone number.
    I emailed Noem and told her she should be ashamed,

  6. Jeff Barth 2020-12-11

    Having been the declared loser in the 2020 election to the SD State House I wonder if I have any recourse in court? The announced result is clearly flawed as everybody says I got the most votes. Many people around the country have called to tell me I must have been the winner. Friends in Virginia have asked the Attorney General there to sue South Dakota. And as we know Russian agents like Maria Butina have infiltrated the power structure of the State and the Republican Party. Trucks and cars were seen bringing boxes and boxes into the election center!

    It seems they counted all the Republican votes in my District. How can that be legal?

  7. bearcreekbat 2020-12-11

    Great comment Jeff!

  8. Yeabut 2020-12-11

    Was told that a friend of my friend overheard some guys in a bar bragging about how his angus cattle were able to vote and all voted for Trump.

    He claimed that it was legal because they were all registered.

    Think I should file a lawsuit?

  9. R 2020-12-11

    Love that comment Jeff , so true so true!
    Would also like to see all the e-mails –
    Sometimes I wonder? @where am I ?”

  10. Bob Newland 2020-12-11

    I have a feeling that there are few people in SoDak who could get the treatment Jason Ravnsborg is receiving from various law and order folks.

  11. mike livingston 2020-12-11

    There probably are many thousands of republicant sheep that are more than adequately ignorant enough to buy into this bizarre piece of political theater, I believe that this brazen display of con-artistry is by design constructed to insure that the stench and stain of trump lingers long after Jan. 20. What does one call this crime? My thoughts are conspiracy to commit treason.

  12. Mark Anderson 2020-12-11

    What can anyone say? Its hilarious to watch the losers complain. Donald is now a one termer and he can’t cope. He’s bringing the Republicans along because he can. They can’t afford to rile the trumpies, the primary would be lost. Loser, loser, loser is the new chant to use folks, its real and accurate. Remember when Republicans had a spine is another good one but just too subtle for the losers. However there are some intelligent trumpies. A nearby neighbor has a few Minions Christmas decorations out from Despicable Me on their lawn along with a trump sign still out from the election. Ah, the despicables are still here right?

  13. mike livingston 2020-12-11

    Intelligent trumpies now there is an oxymoron for ya.

  14. Jenny 2020-12-11

    I have never seen anything like it but it’s best to ignore Trump and his clan members. There will come a time where they will get over their post election trauma. The American voters need to realize that nothing much ever changes when either Party is in Office and it is set up to be that way.

  15. Jake 2020-12-11

    Our Representative Dusty didn’t join the crazy chorus yesterday of 106 Republican reps in the House to sign on Paxton/Trump’s Crazy Train ride–but he couldn’t stand as someone with a back-bone or something besides spaghetti and resist the Republican tide of treason against democracy. Jeff Barth, yep, you should’ve won, would’ve won in normal democratic times. Remember when voting meant something in a democracy? Not too long ago, when Democratic presidential nominees did what the citizens expected-side concede when their campaign didn’t get enough votes. In Gore’s case a 537 vote difference! South Dakota Republicans–hang your heads in shame, ok?

  16. Jake 2020-12-11

    Dusty, you failure! The Supreme Court just rubbed YOUR nose and all those other 126 GOP reps in the dirt. You have excrement on your face from this, my boy!

    AND, South Dakota sure doesn’t look any better from YOUR involvement, either! They refused the treasonous suit!

  17. mike from iowa 2020-12-11

    Humblest apologies, Jake. Your post wasn’t visible when I typed mine.

  18. happy camper 2020-12-11

    It is so unfair to call Ravnsborg a killer, or guilty of manslaughter. We have a process we all must respect, until it’s clear it can’t be respected, but until then we should honor the work we expect the investigators to do. It might become clear that Ravnsborg made a mistake, distracted driving, distracted driving with terrible consequences but nothing more, so we must pause to remember that Mr. Nemec was in this set of circumstances because of his own distracted driving. While reaching for tobacco he went off the road and hit a hay bale. Sometimes these things are completely unintentional. Wrong, but still completely unintentional. If that is the case, each man is guilty of the same initial action. Mr. Nemec could also have hit something other than a hale bale. Fortunately he didn’t. Why can you not wait and let all the facts come out before condemning, possibly condemning an action that may be very similar to the action of the man who lost his life. It’s wrong, wrong to condemn without knowing all the circumstances, and wrong to make it a partisan issue.

  19. Nick Nemec 2020-12-11

    Jason Ravnsborg should concentrate his efforts on his defense of the 9-12-2020 pedestrian crash, criminal and civil defense.

  20. mike from iowa 2020-12-11

    Mr Boever’s actions did not lead to his death.

  21. Jake 2020-12-11

    Enjoy your post for what it’s worth, Happy! The GOP name is in the toilet and it’s up to you to admit it! (the rest of us know it!!)

  22. Nick Nemec 2020-12-11

    Happy Camper, you are way out of your lane. I am alive and well, as is Jason Ravnsborg, however my cousin Joe Boever is as dead as dead can be. Stop victim blaming it is not helpful.

    If it makes your excuse making ass feel better Ravnsborg will either escape charges all together or will plea bargin down to a petty offense. He will have a harder time escaping a civil lawsuit. Life is cheap in South Dakota, especially if the killer is a high ranking Republican elected official. 12-12-2020 will mark 3 months since Joe Boever was run over and dragged along for 200 feet under Ravnsborg’s car, his body being ground to pieces by the pavement.

  23. Jake 2020-12-11

    Happy, he IS a killer–THAT has been established. He distractedly HIT and KILLED Boever and left his dead body lying in the grass all night while he drove the local sheriff’s car home to Pierre and slept in his own bed until next morning! Facts are facts, Happy, and they matter. You don’t have Rudy here defending you on “alternate facts”! Get real-or get off the internet you POS!

  24. jerry 2020-12-11

    Mr. Nemec, there is no way in hell that any of us could have avoided being arrested for what Ravnsborg did. The county sheriff has got a lot of explaining to do about his actions on not testing this killer immediately at the scene. The county deserves to be better served than to have a bootlicker making up rules as he goes. I have never seen a report about your cousin being dragged for 200 feet, terrible just plain terrible.

    On top of it all, Ravnsborg is a traitor to this country.

  25. Nick Nemec 2020-12-11

    Jerry, I have visited the site many times and measured and photographed the blood skid marks made as my cousin Joe’s body was ground up beneath Ravnsborg’s car.

  26. jerry 2020-12-11

    Clearly that was heard by Ravnsborg then. The search for a “deer” was a ruse that it would seem, everyone who saw the car or towed it, knew there was no deer involved. Deer don’t wear cloth so there must have been that left on the vehicle.

    When Biden gets seated, the Justice Department should investigate this if the law here ain’t gonna do anything about it. This killer should not get off for what has happened.

  27. Jake 2020-12-11

    Justice not served again, in good ole SD! Delayed, attempted to be obfuscated! (Happy, that means ‘concealed’!)

  28. mike livingston 2020-12-11

    Ignorance is bliss, ain’t that the truth, happy camper?

    A dedicated competent prosecutor would track the cellphone data and make the case but given the powerful position of the perpetrator I would imagine that trail has mysteriously gone cold. If the cowardly punk would have owned up to his responsibility as a human being he may have been afforded some mercy, as it is he gets to live out his days with the guilt of his cowardice.

    If he ever does have a day in court I am confident that covid crissy the serial killer will be happy to grant him a pardon.

  29. ds 2020-12-11

    This AM I too called the SD attorney office gave my name and stated that i am a lifelong South Dakota resident… and questioned why South Dakota would try to circumvent the Presidential election results…The person took my name and phone number but no one ever called back at least not today.

  30. Owen 2020-12-11

    once again our Governor and AG made South Dakota look like fool. Give Dusty credit for not being part of it.

  31. james 2020-12-12

    History will judge these guys like Jason Ravnsborg based not on what we know today, but what we will learn in the coming years. If Donald Trump can attempt this treachery in public, what has he done behind the scenes that is not yet revealed? Trump’s enablers will long be associated with the totality of those actions, whether they like it or not.

  32. jerry 2020-12-12

    Speaker Pelosi on the traitors, Johnson did not sign off on this treason but our putz of an AG did.

    “Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to reject the sham GOP lawsuit demanding that Electoral College votes in four states be overturned and awarded to Donald Trump:

    “The Court has rightly dismissed out of hand the extreme, unlawful and undemocratic GOP lawsuit to overturn the will of millions of American voters.

    “The 126 Republican Members that signed onto this lawsuit brought dishonor to the House. Instead of upholding their oath to support and defend the Constitution, they chose to subvert the Constitution and undermine public trust in our sacred democratic institutions.

    “The pandemic is raging, with nearly 300,000 having died and tens of millions having lost jobs. Strong, unified action is needed to crush the virus, and Republicans must once and for all end their election subversion – immediately.”

    If they had any backbone, all 126 would stand down and say that there election results were a fraud. How can their votes be correct and the rest of the votes not? Stupid is as stupid does.

  33. mike from iowa 2020-12-12

    Let us not forget the numerous occasions wingnuts blocked election security measures in the past, including 2020. Didn’t need more regulations, blah blah blah, then they whine when they don’t win an election they refused to ensure was error free.

  34. mike from iowa 2020-12-12

    This partial paragraph from the Atlantic pretty well explains why wingnuts refuse to buck drumpf….

    But Paxton has a strong incentive to flatter a president with a proclivity for handing out pardons to his political allies. Seventeen other Republican state attorneys general have joined the suit, calculating not only that GOP voters won’t penalize them for attempting to subvert American democracy, but that they would punish them if they failed to try.

    Sounds exactly the way I expect drumpfian gospel to sound.

  35. o 2020-12-12

    Is there a point where within these lawsuits the people giving false testimony get charged with perjury and the lawyers hare held responsible for suborning perjury?

    Other than shoving President Trump’s cult followers’ money down a black hole of legal fees (which pads the pockets of President Trump’s cronies) is there a downside to this protracted childish temper tantrum of denial?

    How about the MAGA protesters in the streets advocating for the overthrow of a fair and legal election result? There is not a First Amendment right to sedition.

  36. mike from iowa 2020-12-12

    As long as McCTurtlefartface controls the sinate, there isn’t much chance any wingnut gets held responsible for any criminal activity.

  37. mike from iowa 2020-12-12

    6:40 seconds of holy hell rained on drumpf, wingnuts, seditious abusers all. Keith Olbermann at his best. Last couple minutes are really frightening.

  38. robin friday 2020-12-12

    Excerpt from NY Times Editorial Board: “The health of a democracy rests on public confidence that elections are free and fair. Questioning the integrity of an election is a matter of the utmost seriousness. By doing so without offering any evidence, Mr. Paxton and his collaborators have disgraced themselves. Attorneys general are sworn to uphold the rule of law.”

    That would include SD AG. Time for new leadership in SD.

  39. james 2020-12-13

    I don’t remember ever seeing this before.

    It appears that Kristi Noem was a speaker at the stop democracy rally in Washington, DC yesterday. Supporting conspiracy theories along with crazy Mike Flynn and the even crazier My Pillow dude.

    So, our governor is trying to overthrow an election for President? Supporting these groundless and insane court cases that they keep losing – even in the Republican friendly US Supreme Court. They are made up of nutty arguments, but I hope the local press actually studies them and challenges her. She has hired professional liars from Washington to fool you so you have to be ready.

    The press has to have deep knowledge of the cases and the circumstances in these swing states. Like how the Republican governor and the Secretary of State in Georgia and Arizona have refuted their own Party’s lies. And that’s just this issue.

    As with Covid, she says whatever suits her purposes, regardless of truthfulness. Be prepared… or she will lie, deflect and rationalize everything she does, and make it all seem perfectly normal. Everyone will have to step up their game if truth is to prevail. It is going to be like this on every issue this governor addresses for the next two years.

    I have never seen this before. And neither have you.

  40. james 2020-12-13

    Maggie Seidel, Noem’s senior policy adviser: “Mask mandates don’t work – they haven’t worked anywhere in the world. We respectfully request the news media cover the facts,”

    Kristi Noem and her people say this crap with a straight face. Complete fiction.

    But if you in the media think you are going to challenge this stuff, you had better assume the lie and be ready for it.

  41. james 2020-12-13

    Look again…

    “Mask mandates don’t work – they haven’t worked anywhere in the world. We respectfully request the news media cover the facts,” Maggie Seidel

    Just look at that one statement. Lying, while at the same time lying about the media lying.

    Our local media can expect more of the same. Challenge Noem, and you will always see a media attack in response. Always. Consider it a badge of honor, but don’t lose your cool.

  42. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-12-13

    [James! I was looking forward to reviewing video of her latest DC speech, but it turns out she canceled! Note also that she didn’t sign on to Ravnsborg’s amicus in the now SCOTUS-rejected Taxes fraud; instead, she filed her amicus (amiga?) in a separate Arizona case dealing with Arizona’s ballot-harvesting ban, not the Trump effort to steal the election.]

  43. james 2020-12-13

    Hmm. And she dropped out of the electoral college vote too??

    Anybody know what that’s about?

  44. John Dale 2020-12-13

    Why not be against killing and against election theft?

    These things are not mutually exclusive.

  45. leslie 2020-12-15

    CBS morning news anchor Ann Marie Green twice broadcasted “Biden attacked Mr Trump” while speaking publicly about yesterday’s final electoral vote; legitimately criticizing ridiculous Republican court challenges to his presidential victory. This was NO *attack*. CBS just likes headlines to “lead if it bleeds”.

    The morning news btw, advertises to demographic minority viewers while its evening news is sparkling white. (Of course nobody is awake to see this coverage.) Curious why CBS chose to characterize Biden’s criticism of Trump so harshly. Media for profit is just another example of the dysfunction and psychological manipulation of *capitalism* in necessary public services in this country. News broadcasting is the wrong venue to purposely perpetuate America’s division that Trump demonization illustrated so thoroughly these last four years. Trump and Republicans deserve to be absolutely slammed for their behavior and incompetence. 300,000 lives!

    Health care, news, and other necessary public services need to be free of commercially manipulative messages.

    Ravnsborg and Noem are atrocious examples of rank Republicanism that has festered and needs to be cut out of South Dakota. Nemec’s extended family does not deserve this tragic official non-response from the highest level of South Dakota government. The disheveled AG announced he disagrees with the investigation and broke no laws. Pretty Trumpian!

    And Thune finally spoke out publicly yesterday against Trump suggesting we “move on”. Nothing to see here. After Republicans have left the nation in a 16 year smoking heap of destruction!

    Then he went for a jog. Fat Republican white chicks like GSA’s presidential certifier, and the SC County Auditor marriage license deniers are more representative of the GOP robots. Same w/grdz and john dale.

    And fence sitter Helene Duhamel,a darling of old Rapid City society has finally stepped into the light of Republican “public service” after all these years, and has promptly been rewarded with a potentially fatal dose of maskless covid. Hanging with the star power of our spineless governor is infantile and lacks all moral consciousness. Ironic.

    But-no pardon for Noem’s fundamental complicity undermining CDC regulation of Smithfield pandemic hot spot. She even valued race track attendees’ lives over essential pork plant minority employee’s. Definitely NOT governor material! Her pot of federal Cares Act money could be better used by other states who can ill afford to administer much higher population vaccination administration.

    Fat Republican Catholic AG Bill Barr is washing his hands of Trump, just like Thune/McConnell. Resigning. In shame. Republicans got their 6-3 conservative SCOTUS makeup they wanted. Not Ravnsborg though. Both are criminalized Republican AG water carriers!

    Btw, the FBI showed up yesterday investigating TX AG Ken Paxton, after shortsleeved mouth breather Ravnsborg dumbly signed on to that lawsuit against Georgia and several other states trying to throw out millions of presidential election votes, as Cory noted. So much for RAGA.

    The 8th Circuit has Cory to fend with too!

    The Republican party has now thudded to the ground after its agonizing, embarrassing “death spiral”. Mike Rounds is a fish out of (flood) water. Joop! EB5 snake!! A SD Elector this year was Lederman the Republican lizard who protected Rounds from EB5 investigation that would have killed his Senate bid. Low, low, low. That was provable fraud.

    250,000 Republican voters are far outnumbered by Independent and Democratic voters in South Dakota. Vote these mthrfkrs out.

    Remember in 1851 Yosemite was “discovered” by red neck militia on “search and destroy” of any living Indian in the Merced River Valley, and in 1855 Gen Harney was on a federal search and destroy to massacre Little Thunder’s village on Blue Water creek, or any other Indian band encoutered on the expedition’s way going from Ft Kearney to Ft Laramie to Ft Pierre across 1851 treaty land, then back and down the Missouri River.

    It is purely the fault of Republicans to have swallowed Fox News/Rupert Murdoch/Koch Brothers/Rush Limbaugh alternate universe of propoganda.

    THIS is South Dakota’s white legacy Noem still pursues. Dumb. I will never support Republican policies statewide or nationally, unless Republicans make amends for the extraordinary bad faith obstruction they have responsibility for, over these last 16 years, as an example.

  46. mike from iowa 2020-12-16

    Here is what you get with a wingnut, dumbass female guv and the top of the line Attorney General that is well versed in law and constitution….

    Reynolds also denied Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller’s request to sign onto a brief in support of the defendants in the case, the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

    Reynold is mad because iowa didn’t help Texas AG lose his Scotus joke of a suit.

  47. leslie 2021-01-08

    “Attorneys general are sworn to uphold the rule of law.” That would include SD AG. Time for new leadership in SD.

    Ravnsborg is removable as elected officer, how? Is investigation avoiding prosecution?

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