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Haugaard, Smith, Bolin Show Leadership in Legislature Wearing Masks

Some legislators care about the health of their colleagues and the staff of the Legislative Research Council:

This fall, House Speaker Steven Haugaard, a Sioux Falls Republican, became deeply ill from it after the special session in October.

Haugaard wore a mask Monday during the Executive Board meeting, as did House Democratic leader Jamie Smith of Sioux Falls and Senator Jim Bolin, a Canton Republican. So did every LRC staff member who came into the Capitol meeting room. The LRC office has had some COVID-19 infections [Bob Mercer, “As Pandemic Intensifies, S.D. Legislature’s New Leaders Face Decisions on Running 2021 Session,” KELO-TV, 2020.11.16].

…and some do not:

Three other board members around the table — [Senator Brock] Greenfield and Republican House members Spencer Gosch of Glenham and Chris Johnson of Rapid City — did not wear masks. Most of the rest of the 15 legislators on the board participated remotely. Several didn’t take part [Mercer, 2020.11.16].

The ones not wearing masks and thus disrespecting the effort and sacrifice of their neighbors are Republicans.

Brock, Spencer, Chris—come on, guys! Coronavirus is real, and we don’t have our Dr. Fauci wonder shots yet. Mask up!


  1. Nix 2020-11-17

    I’m not familiar with Mr. Smith , but my money is on Haugaard and for sure Bolin are not only covering their faces but they are covering their asses
    I’m not sure if I would call anything these clowns do as leadership.

  2. kj trailer trash 2020-11-17

    This is horsecrap, NoMind Kristi. We’re only number 3??? in the world for Covid death rate/million people after North Dakota and Czechia? We can’t let our colder more boring neighbors or some ex-commies beat us!! Maybe post some more on FB about the absolute horror of the ginormous leftwing socialist commie hippie pinko snowflake movement to try to tear down Mt. Rushmore, you moron hag.

  3. Yeabut 2020-11-17

    Gov. Noem continues to act like she doesn’t possess the power to mandate a mask rule.

    Am I wrong in assuming that all governors have the ability to mandate orders through emergency powers that are for public safety?

  4. Jenny 2020-11-17

    You can mandate a statewide mask rule but businesses don’t always enforce it. The narrow-minded people in MN, mainly in small towns, don’t always enforce it. I was getting gas in a small MN town and there were customers in the gas station that weren’t wearing masks. I told the employees that work there and they said they don’t ask people to put masks on. This is why MN covid rates are high, people’s refusal to put on a mask.
    Then there are businesses that will ask people to put on a mask when they come into their business. I had forgotten to put one on and was told I needed one. I thanked them for telling me and ran out to my car to grab my mask, which I had forgotten.

  5. Jenny 2020-11-17

    Noem and her sheep are just mad because their gross hero didn’t win the election. Going into the Dakota Dome without a mask filled with thousands of people is setting a poor example to say the least.

  6. Jenny 2020-11-17

    Tina Noem?

  7. grudznick 2020-11-17

    Let it be clear to all of you out-of-staters on Mr. H’s bloggings, that fellow Mr. Haugaard is an overgodder who has never shown any leadership. He is the sort of fellow who can’t beat the crazies out of his head with his own shoe.

  8. V 2020-11-18

    Thank you Cory for this report. I will e-mail Spencer Gosch on a regular basis and encourage others to do so as well. Perhaps a few phone calls and a gift package with disposable masks will influence his behavior.

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