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Game Fish & Parks Follows Unsavory Confederate Flag-Flier on Twitter

Reviewing my Twitter replies, I find some anonymous traitor proudly displaying the Confederate flag above his Trump apologetics and promotion of a social-media refuge for right-wing snowflakes. I don’t have time to pay much attention to such provocateurs and certainly wouldn’t follow such a maleficent character…

…but I wonder which state employee at Game Fish and Parks used his taxpayer-subsidized time to follow such a traitor with the official GF&P Twitter account?

SD Game Fish & Parks follows unnamed traitor who flies Confederate flag
SD Game Fish & Parks follows unnamed traitor who flies Confederate flag; screen cap with DFP annotations, 2020.10.01.

Perhaps worth noting: GF&P follows this clown, but it doesn’t follow me, an actual South Dakota taxpayer and park-sticker buyer who writes about GF&P’s good work, their occasionally misguided work, and the challenges of conservation in our fair state.

I generally respect our Game Fish & Parks Department. Our conservation officers, wildlife biologists, range scientists, and other outdoors experts do good, hard work protecting a big part of what makes South Dakota great. But hey, GF&P, I can guarantee neither you nor I will learn anything from this goon that will help us do our public service. Hit “Unfollow”… and get back to tracking mountain lions, stocking firewood, and watching for poachers.


  1. John 2020-10-01 21:05

    Corey, thanks for sharing, exposing this POS. They ought fire him/her before sunrise – or transfer it to Alabama. SD government’s IT, if they’re worth their paycheck, out to track down this clown before sunrise.

  2. grudznick 2020-10-01 22:01

    Mr. John, I am sure they will have their legendary crack Twitter Troll Tracking Team on it all night, indeed. Or. Perhaps not. It is hard to tell. The 4T group is probably in high demand, with, you know, the covid bugs laying low so many of the alt-left hacktivists.

  3. leslie 2020-10-02 03:54

    Didn’t covid positive Trump (if it is not really a ruse) call John Thune “my John Thune” in response to the 1st Amendment Free Press when asked about Thune’s mild criticism this summer?

    Any wonder Trump’s swamp occupies, how did Cathy phrase it, our bulimic rodeo queen or cowgirl or something’s, administration? Camouflage tactical ball caps that say KAGA, A on the detachable patch abound in DNR halls and cubicles, in a little one party state capitol.

    Karma’s a bitch, Californians say….

  4. leslie 2020-10-02 04:41

    747 new covid “bug” positive virus SD infections most recently reported grdz, since you last bloviated about 345 on a single day last month, distracting the public in SD from the seriousness of the threat and encouraging anti-science denialism. You must be an anti-protestor. Perhaps a neo-fascist, eh?

  5. T 2020-10-02 20:10

    I can’t help but notice the “all live matters” it’s the most hypocritical statement I hear my friends say. In our personal opinions (not mine personally “we” generally don’t care about kids after they are born. Scrutinize the single mother, while the single father is congratulated. “We” don’t care about “natives” in SD, “we” don’t care or think people wrongfully killed by uniforms as when others kneel for the cause, “we” boycott games or products endorsed by the kneeler. “We” don’t care about pedestrians or cyclist when they are powered over, and “we” especially don’t care for the lives of any troubled youth. Above all “we” don’t care for each other. So all lives don’t matter, it’s just blasphemy to those that rightfully say black lives matter. It’s pretension disguised as “white lives matter more”

    No federal, state, county, city entity should be able to follow personal beliefs. The entity should be lawfully bound to a code of conduct of nondiscriminatory, inequality biases.

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