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Noem Too Busy Schmoozing Team Trump in DC to Communicate with Mayor Allender

Governor Kristi Noem so interested in communicating what her administration knows about coronavirus in our state that she flew all the way to Washington D.C. (for the second time this month) to brief Secretary of Health Alex Azar in person:

Gov. Kristi Noem, Tweet from Washington D.C., 2020.07.22.
Gov. Kristi Noem, Tweet from Washington D.C., 2020.07.22.

Governor Noem also made time to brief Vice-President Mike Pence in person:

VP Mike Pence, Tweet from Washington, DC, 2020.07.22.
VP Mike Pence, Tweet from Washington, DC, 2020.07.22.

But she apparently can’t find time to brief the mayor of Rapid City on what the state is doing to measure and check the surging pandemic in South Dakota’s second-largest city.

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender has suspended his weekly press conferences because of what he called a lack of communication with the South Dakota Department of Health.

“I am likely providing delayed or inaccurate information because I don’t have access to better information and I probably never will,” Allender said Wednesday afternoon.

..”I am disappointed with the lack of communication from the department of health,” Allender said. “That expectation is only on our part. We expect information they don’t believe they need to provide.”

…The mayor said it has always been his belief that the currency of public service was open and accurate information.

“People need to have confidence that public servants are open and honest,” he said. “If the state can’t or won’t communicate with us, then we can’t communicate accurately with you” [Kent Bush, “Allender Suspends Weekly Press Conferences Due to Lack of Covid Information from State,” Rapid City Journal, 2020.07.22].

I guess “Freedom™” is Kristi Noem’s code for dumping problems in local government’s lap so she can spend less time distracted by policy and problems here at home and more time pandering to her real constituency, Trump Inc.


  1. jerry 2020-07-22 19:00

    One wonders who she’s hooking up with…asking for a friend. Is she shuffling that 1.25 BILLION into the trump organizations pockets? What gives?

  2. Debbo 2020-07-22 20:09

    Exactly, Jerry. Kruel Kristi is up to something. It’s a guarantee that she has some type of deal with Death Dealing Donny.

  3. o 2020-07-22 20:18

    Can Pence be briefed by a female Governor without his wife present to chaperone or is it only lunches/dinners that need to have him guarded against temptation from the Devil?

  4. jerry 2020-07-22 20:53

    Aaron Schock is the secret password to get a one on one with Pence without Mother. GNOem has the pictures on the Great Wall, so there ya go.

  5. ds 2020-07-22 21:18

    Kristi Noem threw the undocumented South Dakota meatpacking and hospitality workers under the bus by exposing their drivers license data to trump. In exchange she got a bunch of useless magic pills. Never mind that those workers risk their health due to ‘no mask required’ here in South Dakota. No worry we have excess hospital beds available. No problem….we don’t need to expand medicaid coverage, instead we file lawsuits to kill Obamacare.

  6. grudznick 2020-07-22 22:11

    Mr. o, it is not the Devil that tempts Mr. Pence, it is succubus demons you are probably thinking about. They haunt your dreams.

  7. Scott 2020-07-22 22:28

    If Noem wants to praise somebody, she should be praising local government leaders who had to step up and put in place restrictions, because Noem wants to look like the free spirited gun toting horse riding governor. The reason SD numbers are low is because of the actions of local government leaders, NOT NOEM’s actions.

    Most cities over 2500 pop put in place restrictions. Failing to lead in a crisis should not be something you are proud of. Noem should be looking at the national polls and see that failing to lead is killing Trump, but she has her head too far up Trump’s a** to see what is going on.

  8. Bucko Bear 2020-07-22 23:30

    I have never trusted the numbers coming out of the house of kristi. Perhaps Mayor Steve can help changing the regime in Pierre

  9. DaveFN 2020-07-23 05:23

    All of which goes to show that a fish rots from the head first.

  10. Jenny 2020-07-23 09:25

    This is not good, hope someone in the adminstration has heard Allender’s complaint. We all know what it’s like when you’re being ignored and not important enough when messages are not returned. Obviously Kristi is more interested in getting national name recognition for some kind of future political job rather than helping South Dakotans.

    I think she is probably regretting not staying in Washington. SD, you could have done so much better. Only FOX news, the Trump administration and who else can help her climb the ladder is what is important to Covid Kristi right now She is the classic definition of narcissism.

  11. Jenny 2020-07-23 09:38

    Running off to DC to be praised by Pence with how good you’re doing fighting Covid 19 is a waste of taxpayer money when a teleconference is sufficient enough. SD, the joke is on you.

  12. Fast Eddy 2020-07-23 10:42

    Does anyone know the status of the virus at the Smithfield plant? Has it been curbed? How about at the nursing homes and the plant in Huron. You’d think the news media would be working to get that information for the public despite Noem’s preference for ignoring such data. It seems we have more news programming and less news coverage with increased repetition so it makes it look like we’re getting news. Something is really wrong here.

  13. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-07-23 12:02

    Maybe Kristi, with her arrogance, mismanagement, and ego trips to DC, is setting herself for a coup from within her own party. Maybe Jackley will come back, or maybe TenHaken and Allender will team up as a ticket to unseat her in the primary.

  14. jerry 2020-07-23 12:19

    Jade Helm 15 in Portland? What about the armed government take over in Portland, soon Chicago, Kansas City…What about Sioux Falls and Rapid City with camouflaged unmarked government agents, with black helicopters and kidnappings. Isn’t that what republicans have drilled into us forever on why the 2nd Amendment keeps those jack booted thugs away? Well, they’re here now.. and crickets from those republican lying liars like GNOem. She was a complete ding a ling in the House and she has taken that same approach to state government. Give her the boot in the backside and show her the door.

  15. Jake 2020-07-23 12:44

    Yeah, Jerry, just where are these rip-snortin’ fire-breathing protectors of the 2nd amendment when the little green men in jackboots of Trump’s goon squad who like to beat on a 58 yr old Navy vet with his arms upraised questioning their oaths to the Constitution? They show themselves to be tough when threatening legislatures with their armed presence but like the Republican senators-nothing but crickerts when it is their boys doing the misdeeds! Trump pardoned those Oregon protesters who for 47 days barricaded themselves in US Federal property after setting afire a good chunk of real estate. He called them good men. He’d say the same of the goon who beat that vet with a billyclub while his buddy gassed him. So what do you say 2nd amendment wailers-are you into protecting society against a tyrannical President or are you just wanting to look tough in your camous and armor? Ya just can’t have it both ways-you’re either for a tyrannical leader or you’re against. Decide.

  16. Debbo 2020-07-23 14:19

    From what I have heard Portland’s Wall of Moms is now backed by a Wall of Dads backed by a Wall of Veterans.

    It’s not a good look for Cadet Bone Spurs’ thugs.

  17. leslie 2020-08-07 07:03

    A pretty lame tweet from the mayor about no power to prevent evictions during this emergency and councilman Nordstrom “Just sayin’…” while Noem SITS ON $1.25 Billion of federal emergency funds, sounds like finance officers and lawyers maybe remaining mute, is inviting a homeless disaster with all attendant consequences coming-suicide, abuse, addiction ect. City employees look unworried and county and city resources and attention are diverted by roaring Harley’s, helicopters and low flying B1b bombers. Forest fires are right around the corner.

    Just sayin….

  18. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-08-08 18:00

    Holy cow, Mike! Fascinating article!

    But come on, New York Times, get it right: the rumors that Kristi Noem is angling to supplant Pence on the ticket did not start when she gave her July 3 Mount Rushmore speech praising Trump. The signs of Kristi’s plot to return to Washington were evident to observers here in South Dakota back in early May when Noem started moving her chess pieces to ensure a viable replacement for her on the Second Floor when she takes the nomination.

    Oh, and why else would her daughter Kennedy leave her cushy job in Pierre if not because Mom is getting ready to bail for bigger things out East, too?

  19. mike from iowa 2020-08-08 18:53

    That’s a good reason for Kennedy to bail. Never thought about it that way. Looks like NYT should keep you on retainer to tell them what is wat on the prairie.

  20. Debbo 2020-08-08 20:43

    Good link Leslie.

    Housing in the USA has always been racist, so this is not news. I expect Joe Biden and a Democratic House and Senate to change that.

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