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SDGOP Delegate Randazzo Gets Coronavirus; Pennington County Republicans Off Trump Guest List

Boy, it’s a good thing the South Dakota Republican Party rejected the recklessness of their Führer and held a virtual convention. If they had gathered in Watertown, they’d all need to quarantine for another week or so after potentially getting coronavirus from Ed Randazzo:

Ed Randazzo chaired the resolutions committee for the state party this year. Seven of those eight resolutions passed last weekend.

Randazzo was unavailable for comment, but according to an email sent out to Pennington County Republicans he was diagnosed with COVID 19 on Wednesday [Lee Strubinger, “Pennington County GOP Convention Attendee Tests Positive for COVID 19,” SDPB, 2020.06.26].

So I guess his pistol was not the only weapon Ed might have been concealing last weekend… and a fat lot of good that pistol did to protect Ed and the 70 (70?!? Really, Pennington County GOP? Do you think public health is a hoax?) Republican delegates who joined him in person from a real threat to their health and lives.

The White House has been lifting coronavirus prevention measures, because, you know, we’re beating the pandemic. But if Randazzo and any of his Black Hills Republican friends got tickets to see Trump at Mount Rushmore next week, you can expect the Secret Service (at least the ones Trump didn’t put in quarantine after the Tulsa debacle) to revoke those tickets immediately.


  1. Cathy 2020-06-26 16:20


  2. leslie 2020-06-26 16:59

    A “good punch in the mouth”. Dan Ledeman, SDRP chair

  3. Curt 2020-06-26 18:07

    Can you say ‘Schadenfreude’?

  4. jerry 2020-06-26 18:28

    To the hoaxpital for Ed the Head. For as much grief and agony this man has caused, who gave him the dose. Pretty soon they will all need to join him for a hoaxpital caucus with Dan Ledeman changing their bed pans.

  5. Donald Pay 2020-06-26 19:52

    From SDPR, as quoted above: “Randazzo was unavailable for comment….” That must be a first.

  6. Debbo 2020-06-26 20:56

    I’ll bet no one was wearing a mask either. Too effeminate for the macho men who make up the SDGOP. That includes the females of the troop.

  7. Curt 2020-06-26 21:01

    I’m pretty sure of 2 things: (1) Staff at RamKota wore masks. (2) Everyone wears one wear Ed is now.

  8. Curt 2020-06-26 22:34

    Sheesh, I mean WHERE he is now.

  9. jerry 2020-06-27 09:40

    trump/republican buddy, Putin, put bounties on American soldiers heads in Afghanistan. That’s right veterans and active duty supporters of these guys, there was a bounty on your being killed by the Taliban and paid in Russian gold…and we’ve known about for months!! How about that! Patriotism?? trump has even robbed us of that, they all need to be tried for treason.

    ““Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says”
    New York Times 6.27.2020

    trump is not satisfied killing 130,000 Americans in our own country, trump supports the assassination of American troops in a war zone. If you believe in the Anti-Christ, look no further than trump.

  10. jerry 2020-06-27 09:48

    trump/republicans wanted Russia to be back into the G-7, knowing full well that there was a bounty on our troops heads being paid for by Russia. Pennington County republicans want to honor this piece of trash, means they no longer support the military. Don’t believe a word they say about that, they lie.

    “A Russian military spy unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to attack coalition forces in Afghanistan, including U.S. and British troops, in a striking escalation of the Kremlin’s hostility toward the United States, American intelligence has found.

    The Russian operation, first reported by the New York Times, has generated an intense debate within the Trump administration about how best to respond to a troubling new tactic by a nation that most U.S. officials regard as a potential foe but that President Trump has frequently embraced as a friend, said the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive intelligence matter.” Washington Post 6.27.2020

    Thune knew about this and so did EB5 Short Rounds. How much did they get paid to look the other way? Millions are unemployed, hundreds of thousands of American citizens are sick with 130,000 deaths from covid and yet these guys see a profit in the assassination of American and British soldiers.

  11. Donald Pay 2020-06-27 10:06

    Freedom is great! Breathe it in, GOP. Don’t wear a mask. Make sure you all breathe your “freedom” on Il Duce. Hand him some perchlorate water so he can show you how to drink polluted water without spilling. Make sure he drinks every drop of “freedom,” then hand him some more as you continue to breathe “freedom” on your cult leader.

  12. Eve Fisher 2020-06-27 10:12

    Real men don’t wear masks, but they do wear ventilators.

    Re the Russians paying the Taliban a bounty for American heads, I think about the “200 conservative judges!” boast – still being said on many conservative websites. Well, it’s cost us (so far) 125,000+ lives here at home, we don’t know how many soldiers abroad, the loss of American respect and influence abroad, and, of course, the economy. They can all pound sand.

  13. Kari 2020-06-27 11:18

    It is INFURIATING that they are lifting restrictions for COVID when we literally broke the April record yesterday. But by all means y’all come to South Dakota and light some fireworks while you spread the virus more. This, as they say, is the bad place.

  14. jerry 2020-06-27 12:27

    Another 2 die from Covid19 in Pennington County. Hey, wait a minute, isn’t Mount Rushmore in Pennington County? Should visitors be made to sign an agreement that they will not hold George, Abraham, Teddy and the old Tom Cat responsible for them dying from the Covid? Would the state of South Dakota be responsible? trump? Who?

    “Three more coronavirus deaths were reported Saturday by the South Dakota Department of Health. Two of those who died were Pennington County residents. Five county residents have died this week.” Rapid City Journal 6.27.2020

  15. mike from iowa 2020-06-27 15:17

    Just like wingnuts will never find a crime heinous enough to impeach a wingnut for, there doesn’t appear to be a body count high enough to warrant an admission of incompetence or malfeasance on the part of the czarina or red state guvs like Noem Nothing.

    btw drumpf body count is 127,995 and climbing.

  16. jerry 2020-06-27 16:42

    I wonder how much Russian gold was paid for the killing of this Ellsworth AFB pilot that was shot down in January of this year? I wouldn’t have beloved it before finding out about the bounty today, now I wonder what the going rate was and is for a dead American…by trump’s buddy.

    “After a couple of fringy Iranian and pro-Kremlin news outlets reported that Michael D’Andrea, head of the CIA’s Iran Mission Center, was onboard the E-11A communications jet, the story was picked up in The Daily Mail, a major British tabloid, and a second British newspaper, The Independent, carried the news of D’Andrea’s alleged demise to London, albeit with some skepticism. While the Pentagon confirmed to TIME on Friday that there were only two Air Force officers on the plane, none of the official public statements say they were the only passengers. And the CIA has refused to comment on whether D’Andrea or any other CIA personnel were onboard.”

  17. Debbo 2020-06-28 01:02

    “Imagine for a moment that 1,000 domestic passenger planes crashed in a few months’ time and that the country was being jolted by a new wreck every few hours, day after day, for weeks.

    “That represents the massive loss of life — more than 125,000 people — that COVID-19 has inflicted on the country, said David Kessler, a Los Angeles-based author and grief expert.”

  18. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-06-28 08:33

    Ed Randazzo popped into the DWC comment section to demonstrate the not-getting-it-ness of Republicans on coronavirus: “I want to take a moment here to answer some concerns about the South Dakota Republican Convention and my presence there this past Saturday at the Ramkota Hotel. I assure you that on Saturday, I had no fever, no cough and no other known symptoms. What I did have was a slight raspiness in my throat. The Ramkota did a great job in encouraging social distancing and it was a great day.”

    Evidently Ed doesn’t understand the concept of asymptomatic spread. He figures as long as he feels o.k., he can do whatever he wants. That’s modern Republicanism in a nutshell: ignorance and selfishness.

  19. Eve Fisher 2020-06-28 08:51

    Oh, yeah. “I feel fine, so what’s your problem?”
    Meanwhile, “Why should I wear a mask?” Because we don’t have a treatment, a cure, or a vaccine. Masks, social distancing, and hand-washing is all we’ve got. How lucky do you feel? Well, apparently Ed Randazzo felt really, really lucky. And he was wrong. Now how many of the 70 people he exposed to COVID-19 are feeling that way, too?

  20. jerry 2020-06-28 11:03

    Ed the Head now has a pre existing health condition that will be recorded in the Medical Information Bureau. If he ever needs insurance or even a loan, guess what happens

    This is what the fraud Thune and the crook EB% Short Rounds voted for in the tax cut.. to eliminate the ACA Obamacare. Now anyone who is like ED the Head or worse, will not be able to be insured if these republican outlaws are not stopped.

  21. John 2020-06-28 12:43

    Scott Galloway’s words target universities, yet with minor modification they apply to all schools with their crazy, unfounded optimism of “opening schools” this fall.

    “It’s time to end the consensual hallucination between university leadership, parents, and students that in-person classes will resume in the fall. The bold statements from presidents and provosts are symptomatic of the viruses that also plague American leadership and business: exceptionalism that has morphed into arrogance and an idolatry of money that supplants regard for the commonwealth.

    These statements strike a similar tone to a CEO in the midst of a disastrous earnings call who demonstrates near-delusional optimism so investors don’t sell shares. The declarations could be interpreted as: “Parents, please send in your deposits. Nothing wrong here, nope, all good!” A combination of self-aggrandizement and elitism has convinced American universities that our services are worth indebting generations of young people, and now risking becoming agents of spread.”

  22. jerry 2020-06-28 14:36

    True that John, here in South Dakota, we march on with the schools knowing full well that they’re not prepared for the sickness that will be produced there. I would say it’s criminal, but we already knew that.

  23. jerry 2020-06-28 23:02

    trump, EB5 Short Rounds, Thune and Moscow Mitch, all knew about the bounty’s and did not want to hurt Putin’s feelings. Hey, isn’t it about time for Thune to be taking that Moscow 4th of July trip again?

    “The crucial information that led the spies and commandos to focus on the bounties included the recovery of a large amount of American cash from a raid on a Taliban outpost that prompted suspicions. Interrogations of captured militants and criminals played a central role in making the intelligence community confident in its assessment that the Russians had offered and paid bounties in 2019” New York Times 6.28.20

    As a combat wounded veteran, this makes me wonder what my fellow veterans are saying about this. When will they denounce trump, EB5 Rounds, Thune and Moscow Mitch?

  24. jerry 2020-06-29 14:32

    Don Winslow has this up..truthful and powerful

    But the show must go on right Pennington County republicans? No matter what kind of treachery and arse kissing to Putin, the show must go on. First you came up with this Russian spy, Maria Butina, to wrap your arms around and now you fall all over Putin’s besty. What the hell is wrong with you? Do you not get the idea of a bounty? GNOem sure does, she paid money for scalps of animals, is that what you see when you look at American and NATO troops?

  25. jerry 2020-06-29 23:53

    trump is lying and denying but he knew about the bounty’s. trump knew and so did a whole bunch of others, so many that they even gave notice to the United Kingdom. The briefing date for trump, February 27, almost 4 months ago, and natta.

    “American officials provided a written briefing in late February to President Trump laying out their conclusion that a Russian military intelligence unit offered and paid bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan, two officials familiar with the matter said.

    The investigation into the suspected Russian covert operation to incentivize such killings has focused in part on an April 2019 car bombing that killed three Marines as one such potential attack, according to multiple officials familiar with the matter.

    The new information emerged as the White House tried on Monday to play down the intelligence assessment that Russia sought to encourage and reward killings — including reiterating a claim that Mr. Trump was never briefed about the matter and portraying the conclusion as disputed and dubious.” New York Times 6.30.2020

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