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Trump Hides, Biden Leads

While Donald Trump cowers in the White House, the next President of the United States, Joe Biden, goes out to where people in Delaware have protested the murder of George Floyd and talks to concerned Americans:

Joe Biden, Instagram post, 2020.05.31.
Joe Biden, Instagram post, 2020.05.31.

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday left his home for a site in Wilmington, Del., that has seen protests over the death of a black man at the hands of a white police officer.

…“We are a nation in pain, but we must not allow this pain to destroy us. We are a nation enraged, but we cannot allow our rage to consume us. We are a nation exhausted, but we will not allow our exhaustion to defeat us,” Biden wrote Sunday on social media posts across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

His posts showed a picture of him wearing a mask and kneeling across from a black man and a child. Videos on his Instagram story show the presumptive Democratic nominee taking photos and chatting with other masked men.

“The only way to bear this pain is to turn all that anguish to purpose,” Biden added. “And as President, I will help lead this conversation — and more importantly, I will listen, just as I did today visiting the site of last night’s protests in Wilmington” [Rishika Dugyala, “Biden Visits Protest Site in Delaware,” Politico, 2020.05.31].

Biden spent 10–15 minutes on the phone with the family of George Floyd Friday and let George’s brother Philonese speak. Trump spent maybe two minutes on the phone with the murdered man’s brother and didn’t sound terribly interested in justice:

Speaking to MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, George’s brother, Philonise Floyd, said his conversation with President Trump was “so fast.”

“He didn’t give me an opportunity to even speak,” Floyd said. “It was hard. I was trying to talk to him, but he just kept, like, pushing me off, like ‘I don’t want to hear what you’re talking about.’

“And I just told him, I want justice. I said that I couldn’t believe that they committed a modern-day lynching in broad daylight,” he said [Amanda Watts, “George Floyd’s Brother Says Trump ‘Didn’t Give Me an Opportunity to Even Speak’ During Phone Call,” CNN, 2020.05.30].

More Americans are figuring out that Trump isn’t interested in soothing the nation or solving problems or in anything else other than himself. Biden led Trump in all of more than 40 national polls taken in May. The latest ABC-Washington Post poll finds Biden winning 53%–43% over the lazy menace in the White House. Decent Americans who work to dismantle structural racism and hold elected leaders to higher standards of compassion and honesty should be surprised and embarrassed the race is that close.


  1. jerry 2020-06-01 12:34

    From the bozohead that hides in a bunker comes now the call to governors to do more with force. Kind of reminds me of this fascist order in the closing days of the Battle of Berlin.

    “When the old southern flank of the IV Panzer Army had some local successes counter-attacking north against the 1st Ukrainian Front, Hitler gave orders that showed his grasp of military reality was completely gone. He ordered the IX Army to hold Cottbus and set up a front facing west.”

    History is kind of funny like that. Now, today, in real time, belittling and blathering about governors or generals, are a sure sign of lost control. Time for United States Republican Senators to act and save the country from this madman.

  2. Debbo 2020-06-01 15:12


  3. Jenny 2020-06-01 22:52

    Only in America would the election be between two very creepy old gray haired nasty perverted white men. How much more pathetic can these American elections get? Creepy old rich white men, go away! Just go away! What a nightmare! We are all sick of you!
    Which one do you think is further along in the stages of dementia? I’m thinking Biden.

  4. leslie 2020-06-02 08:19

    Sally Yates 3.12.20: “Joe Biden for President because I trust him,” Yates said in a statement. “I trust him to always put the country’s interests before his own; to tell us the truth; to appeal to our best, not our worst, instincts; to unite rather than divide us; and to always treat the presidency as a privilege rather than an entitlement.”

    Hillary says the same thing. Countless articles by respected journalists say the same thing. Joe is old. In this case that equates with depth, wisdom and good conscience. Glib foot-in-mouth does not take away from trustworthy decision making.

    Cweepy, eh? There is no way to equate Biden’s decency/depth of experience with Trump and his family and administration of fraud.

  5. Ryan 2020-06-02 08:38

    Jenny, just to be clear – do you think a person’s worth is determined primarily by their race, age, and gender?

    That’s a pretty tough position to defend. You should consider judging people by their own words and actions. Just like people will see your ignorant comment here and know that you have some pretty ugly opinions, and your race or gender or age have nothing to do with it.

  6. leslie 2020-06-02 08:48

    Ryan you just raised ageism in your post to debbo. I thought you were just young and dumb but it is clear you cant keep track of who you are impersonating “ryan” to be. Troll.

  7. Jenny 2020-06-02 09:06

    Ryan, I believe Tara Reade and I think all the other women on here should also.

  8. Ryan 2020-06-02 09:54

    leslie, making fun of debbo for being old is a fun way to remind her that she is not the only person capable of insulting somebody for something they have no control over, such as my race or gender. That’s not being ageism. I don’t want anybody to be treated differently under the law because of their age, I just think debbo should quit trying to be hip haha You are reaching too hard to discredit me.

    jenny, you should definitely vote as often as you can for people who will support the ideals you are passionate about. I will do the same. I want you to live in a world where you and your boyfriend are not judged for your racial differences. I want you to live in a world where your racist friends are called out for their racism rather than being passively allowed to fester in our society. I want for you and every other american equality, freedom, and autonomy. You want to treat some people differently because of their race or gender. That’s not good, yo.

  9. leslie 2020-06-02 11:04

    Remind me when i labeled u racist, ageist ryan.

    Mopping the floor with you using the Pulitizer Prize winning pandemic reporting citation was fun too, but you haven’t chirped intelligently since then.

  10. Ryan 2020-06-02 11:11

    leslie, I am still waiting for your citation about covid being transmissible at the totally made up rate that you suggested – was it 10 or 20 times higher than measles? I forgot the nonsense you suggested already, but it’s because I knew you were full of crap when your years-old “proof” didn’t have anything to do with covid. You offer up your evidence for that covid claim, and I’ll quote you calling me a racist. I asked first – a long time ago. Still waiting, holding my mop.

  11. Ryan 2020-06-02 14:27

    leslie, i just looked for the proof you have been promising in that very long article / interview. I don’t see anything in there about the transmissibility of covid compared to measles or anything else you compared it to. You can either admit you made up the fact that covid is 15 times more transmissible…or you can keep promising your pulitzer prize proof and not delivering. I’m still waiting. I am asking for you to please educate me, since you have this secret proof. Why is it so hard to back up something you said, and then doubled-down on? Anything else you say that isn’t providing a source for your nonsense just proves me right – again! Thank you for your participation.

  12. Debbo 2020-06-02 14:45

    I’ve decided to ignore Racist Ryan’s comments. He’s just not worth my time and energy. When he demeans the reflections of Black women, you know he’s just not worth a damn. He’s proven himself to be a very insecure, racist and misogynist little man. I’ll let him join Grudz on the sidelines, trying hard, but ineffectually, to be relevant.

  13. Debbo 2020-06-02 14:58

    “Like all other strong men, Donald Trump is a coward and soft and terrified. Hiding in the White House and turning off the lights is all on brand. These are insecure, sad little men who build themselves up with the iconography of fascism to hide their fear.”

    Tweet by unknown author

  14. Ryan 2020-06-02 15:00

    debbo how many times are you going to lie and say you are ignoring me? Feel free. You are a twisted person who is beyond the grasp of rationality. I have nothing further to teach you because you only want to consume hate.

  15. leslie 2020-06-02 19:18

    Laurie Garret Pulitzer Prize winning pandemic reporter, twitter today. You are disingenuous …”


    New research suggests the prevalence of asymptomatic #COVID19 may be five times higher than currently reported.

  16. Jenny 2020-06-02 19:19

    Ryan, I have called my friend’s friend out for his racism. Please quit saying I have racist friends, I do not. That was miscommunication on my part.

  17. jerry 2020-06-02 19:53

    Ryan, you are the epitome of hate, all dressed up now and trying to be smooth. We know you dude, we know all about you.

  18. leslie 2020-06-02 20:08

    5.21.20@20:20 i said:

    “Measles kills and infects 15 per positive. Flu infects 3 per positive. North of there is this pandemic. State statistics should be x5 or X10, particularly in Republican states.”

    You said my numbers were not even close, that i made them up.

    I responded with Laurie Garret’s March 2019 podcast interview with her precise numbers. 15-18 per positive was correct and 3 per positive was correct. Obviously not made up but from a highly reputable source.

    You then complained that this was “years old”. Measles kills and infects 15 per positive.

    “North of there” is my improv for THIS pandemic. This is what you are dying to catch me on. Data is not yet complete for this pandemic though you evidently believe the Ro rate is zero.

    “x5 or X10” has been repeated many times by reputable people like Fauci. “particularly in Republican states” is my improv.

    Next you complain about having to read a new May 22, 2020 article from the same highly reliable source: (cont.)

  19. leslie 2020-06-02 20:17

    Kashkari 5.19.20 thread contains my 5.21.20 comment above.

  20. jerry 2020-06-02 20:25

    Booyah! leslie, great work. Of course the hateful Ryan will ignore your numbers because of his masculinity, he hates the ladies.

  21. Debbo 2020-06-03 02:03

    President Obama ended the 1033 program that sent military equipment to police. Trembling #BunkerBoy reinstated because he needs all the help he can get to feel manly, though it’s never enough.

    Various legislative types in Congress are trying to change that. Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz- D, Sen. Rand Paul- R, and Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), are on record desiring to end it.

    Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) proposed a series of reforms, including a national police misconduct database.

    Rep. Justin Amash (I-PA) has proposed ending qualified immunity for police.

    The likelihood that any of this will pass, per “experts”, is low due to the worthless and racist GOP.


  22. leslie 2020-06-03 02:54

    Thx jerry. Once again your war stories above are so powerful.

    Ryan 2020-05-21 at 21:22
    Leslie, you aren’t even close. Did you just completely make up those numbers?

    After mopping the floor with you, you switched the goal posts from wanting to know where the “numbers” came from (see how i used quotations there? Remember all those offensive slanders you made to me and everyone else except when kissing ass?). Attacking grammar and typing is…well …juvenile trumpian. Thus the several well deserved STFUs. Your verbosity clouds “points” you seem to intend.

    Ryan 2020-05-22 at 06:38
    I want the source for covid being “north” of 3 or 15 (r), that’s the piece you made up that’s relevant here.

    As you can see the “numbers” (3, 15-18, 5x, 10x) are not “made up”. Yet you drag this out. You dig in. You don’t get to judge my comment(s) and why i made them, or whether “relevant” or not to your ignorant insults. You likely mentioned flu death rates.

    Do i win your new game with the new goal posts if the pandemic infects above 3 but below 15? So if its more infectious than ANY of the thousands of flu strains, even under 3, i win too? You don’t get to create a “gotcha” game you despise elsewhere in the thread/blog.

    Laurie Garret repeatedly emphasizes the sketchiness of the Ro (not “r”) data. This is a novel coronavirus. I will summarize her 5.22 piece.

    You make up excuses for offenses you say i and others have committed which are too numerous to elaborate, but quite offensive. “Apologize to the Constitution”!? Rabbit holes.

    You demand i answer your “numbers” question but refuse/delay my inquiry as to where “Leslie called me a racist.” I doubt it.

    Clearly you just demonstrated here you are an ageist.

    You “prove your point” when someone doesn’t respond to your drivel. We just watched hours and days weeks and hundreds of millions of dollars in a necessary impeachment, wasted in Trumpist subpoena games. Cory has already come down hard on you. Little wonder you incur the wrath of commenters except Clyde.

    You are dishonest in your comportment here and i am sincere proposing you are a troll bent on waste and distraction. Of course the murphy/sanborn troll grdz is just as irritating, intentionally. (Cont.)

  23. leslie 2020-06-03 06:19

    Again you move the goal posts so you can win.

    Ryan 2020-06-02 at 11:11 and 14:27

    “…10 or 20 times higher than measles? ”

    “…compared to measles or anything else…you made up the fact that covid is 15 times more transmissible….”

    This is not what I said and pasted for your convenience above.

    So, you say, 18×15=270 which is “15 times more”. An R0 of 270?

    You demand precision yet are unable to present precision. (Ryan’s excuse-“phone is too small”). You are disingenuous when it suits you. You parrot “double-down.” You suggest someone is talking about your genitals when they are really talking about Proud Boys white nationalists. You brag of mopping the floor with people. “You promised me,” you say, but the “years-old ‘proof’ didn’t have anything to do with covid.” My original or following comments “promised” nothing. I knew the numbers I stated were accurate but you were so sure of yourself, you said I made them up. Then I mopped the floor with you but you can’t stomach it. Ageist? Racist? If you said something offensive here, I would likely call you out. Again you keep changing the rules so it looks like i “promised” to give you covid data, or morphing into “relevant covid data.” But i never had covid data. Never said I did. My numbers were not covid numbers. It was all you, looking for a quick head to bash. I told you the numbers were accurate. They were. I did not want to waste my time finding the citation. Now you have wasted my time with your trumpian belligerence and intransigendon’t see anything in there ce.

    You say “I don’t see anything in there….” Read it this time. Garret, May 2020:

    “…an R0 is a measure of reproduction of an epidemic … [that] I am statistically likely to infect how many others in the time that I am contagious. One? Two? Ten?”
    “We know in New York the early-stage R0 was five,…increasing five-fold, a very high pace, from one step, to another…a horrible, horrible rate of increase.”

    [“North” of a flu R0 of 3.]

    Undercounts of deaths, infections, politics, outright nursing home manipulated numbers and hidden meat packing numbers, or industry failures to count, test or report infections and deaths. Mutation of the virus. Asymptomatic prevalence may be 5xs higher. The diverse level of effects (pediatric, heart, ect), false positives/negatives. Disaggregated data, 150 mile travel radius. All of these variables effect R0? Likely.

    Is there a firm pandemic R0 yet? Unlikely. Is it more infectious than the flu or measles? Perhaps.

    But I have not “doubled-down.” “North of there (flu/measles)” is still likely accurate in good faith, even given the intentional and inherent vagueness. I have not followed any of your rabbit holes other than these two threads. I am under no obligation to research your citations. I try not to do much with excessive jack asses and trolls here other than call them out.

    (Cont., more Garret if needed.)

  24. Ryan 2020-06-04 11:03

    leslie, you just can’t dance around what you said:

    “Measles kills and infects 15 per positive. Flu infects 3 per positive. North of there is this pandemic. State statistics should be x5 or X10, particularly in Republican states.”

    So, anybody who read that understood that you meant this pandemic is north of the two statistics you cited. x5 or x10 means five or ten times higher. That would suggest that the most critical person reading your comment believes that you are saying 5 or 10 times more “infects per positive” than measles. Even your most ardent supporter would have to concede you mean five or ten times the “infects per positive” than the flu, if you want to pretend you only meant “north” of the flu’s number. Regardless, neither are true. You made it up.

    Here’s something I copy-and-pasted from a reputable international source, weforum:

    “Because Sars-CoV-2 – to give the novel coronavirus its full honorific – is a new pathogen, scientists at the start of the outbreak were scrambling to calculate its R0, or “R nought”: the virus’s transmission among a population that has no immunity. Studies on early cases in China indicated it was between 2 and 2.5; more recent estimates have placed it as high as 6.6.

    To put these figure in context, says Wired science editor Matt Reynolds, they’re worse than seasonal flu, which has an R0 of 1.3, but miles better than measles, whose R0 is between 12 and 18.”

    Most places didn’t reach reach 5. Not 5×3 or 5×15. Not 10×3 or 10×15. Not even 5.

  25. leslie 2020-06-04 11:23

    Google x5 or x10 state statistics. I can’t remember who said that. Maybe a former CDC director for Obama. Mostly red states are undercounting deaths, positives to make themselves look good. My grandkids know that. The band packed up. The floor is mopped. Here’s a towel. That renowned federal judge and others said….

  26. Ryan 2020-06-04 11:57

    So despite what you said, you meant something else. Got it. You didn’t mean that the infection rate of this pandemic is “north” of measles? That’s not it? Okie dokie. From now own, after you write a comment, will you translate it for us into what you really mean? Then I’ll just read the second version so I don’t mistakenly believe that you meant what you said the first time.

  27. jerry 2020-06-04 13:59

    At least, One million 300 thousand confirmed cases of Covid19 plus measles. At least, One hundred 10 thousand deaths from Covid plus measles and we are still no closer to the end that we were to the beginning. What a failure of republican government. No wonder bunker boy is in the bunker.

    The 1,300,000 confirmed all have pre existing conditions now so when trump kills off the ACA, they won’t be able to get insurance. Makes sense, who needs doctors and hospitals anyway, they are only for the sick and injured. Just put a knee on the rest of us.

  28. leslie 2020-06-04 17:42

    SOUP NAZI: Last-word guy huh?
    How many times have you changed the goal posts, again, so you can win? Half a dozen so far? Lannie Garret, Pulitzer Prize winning Ebola Pandemic Science Journalist fails to mention your assertion that the R zero is a statistic, in her twenty page May 22 Coronavirus international presentation i provided to you.

    You were mistaken. Thank you for your apology, non-specific as it was. Now specifically apologize to all the others you demeaned here. Got it? Okie dokie? No translations and no desperately seeking susan for you young buck. No debate about what statistic means to many people. STOP WASTING MY TIME AND MONEY TROLL.

  29. Ryan 2020-06-04 19:26

    From the beginning I’ve only asked you to back up your claim. You have repeatedly linked to things that did not back up your claim. I guess I apologize for expecting you to provide your source, even after you offered to…my bad.

    And nobody is making you do anything, as evidenced by you not doing what I asked, which is for you to say what you said you would do.

  30. leslie 2020-06-05 19:33

    Hey “last word” troll:

    “…experts believe the problem with the numbers is the opposite — official statistics understate the Covid-19” pandemic.

    I never said R zed was a statistic. Neither did EXPERT Garret, whose work u dissed. Were u lying them or are you lying now? A. Lincoln.

    Check out various former Democratic administration CDC ect top officials for the stats x5-x10 on your own.

    “As Trump tries to juke the STATS, he’s committing the original sin of America’s pandemic response — falling way beyond the curve in terms of testing and surveillance. For Trump, that seemingly doesn’t matter because it’s more politically convenient to keep official infection numbers low.”

    Soooo…on Tuesday in Senate testimony “Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed the view of MOST PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICIALS that even with the attempted adjustment for probable cases, the official numbers still underestimate the true death toll.”

    “Accurate death counts help people make smart decisions but also undermine the president’s push for a quick relaxation of restrictions on business. Throughout his career in both business and politics, Trump has gotten far by relying on spin and bluster to paper over problems of substance.” Vox, 5.14.20

    So have you until now. You are welcome. Specific apologies to others? I believe u said i called u “racist” here? You gonna bite or just bark?

  31. leslie 2020-06-06 20:21

    SD Director of Health quoted today saying in general most experts know to x5 the numbers of positives in the state.

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