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Ravnsborg Warns of Coronavirus Scams, Fouls Hyperlinks

Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg warns us not to fall for coronavirus scams

like what, Donald Trump coming to the mics every day and pretending he knows anything about epidemiology, not to mention economics and leadership? Can do, Jason….

Ravnsborg, who is keenly familiar with the dark impulses of deceitful opportunists who manipulate public fears for personal gain, tells us to ignore calls and emails promising coronavirus cures or demanding personal information for use in government response plans. He also advises that we do our homework (akin to Trump advising us to eat healthy) and be wary of fake charity pitches.

But in his advice that we keep our wallets and computers secure, Ravnsborg errs in posting his informational links. The press release ends with, “To stay informed on the latest developments related to Coronavirus please visit or” is supposed to redirect to the CDC’s useful webpage on the pandemic. is supposed to redirect to the state Department of Health’s coronavirus resource page. But somehow the computer whiz-kids on Team Ravnsborg posted those items as links to files on their own computer hard drives.

It’s times like these that make clear how nice it would be to have a real President and a real Attorney General who know how to get even basic things right.

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  1. Debbo 2020-03-19

    Mike Allen’s Axios report is generally well-researched and sensible. Today’s issue, all about COVID-19, is no exception. It’s here:

    “In its latest repricing of the economy, the market sees the now-expected global recession caused by the coronavirus outbreak morphing into an economic depression unlike any the world has seen in generations, Axios Markets editor Dion Rabouin writes.”

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