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Ravnsborg Slideshow Shuffle Continues, Peddling Sharia Fears in Rapid Next Month

Alas, Jason Ravnsborg continues to peddle Islamophobia to get local Republican delegates to overlook his lack of qualifications and nominate him for Attorney General. An eager reader submits this flyer advertising Ravnsborg’s next great slideshow to stoke Pennington County Republican women’s fears of Sharia Law:

Flyer for the next Ravnsborg's next Islamophobia slideshow.
Flyer for the next Ravnsborg’s next Islamophobia slideshow.

I guess with the Islamic State back to statelessness (if you want to call temporarily filling a power vacuum and ruling by terror and theft a “state”), Ravnsborg has to repackage his old slides on the Caliphate and focus on the hogwash his Republican friends tell each other about Muslims and Marxists and the Chamber of Commerce collaborating to take over South Dakota.

Whatever those sneaky Muslims are up to, Ravnsborg doesn’t appear to bagging many of them in his job as assistant to the state’s attorney in Union County. That county’s state’s attorney’s press releases list a lot of prosecutions, but none of Muslim-sounding dudes or sympathizers engaging in terrorism or civil rights violations, just the usual assortment of mostly Euro-names committing the usual assortment of small-town mischief. The lack of excitement must be why Ravnsborg can step away so often from his part-time job to affirm the fears of Republicans around the state of things that aren’t happening.


  1. Rorschach 2017-10-25 08:20

    This is the kind of fringe crap that Fox News has convinced GOP Party members that they want from candidates for political office. It makes GOP Party people forget the lack of qualifications of Ravnsborg for the office he’s seeking. It is a sleight of hand maneuver. But will enough people buy it? Who cares? Democrats are going to win the attorney general race in 2018 whether the nominee is Ravnsborg or Lance Russell or one of the two well qualified GOP Party candidates.

  2. Kelly Cooper 2017-10-25 09:41

    The part-time volunteer deputy state’s attorney, that has no cases, and is never at the office. That guy?

  3. Neal 2017-10-25 11:01

    Was that a typo Ror?

    The Dems have absolutely no shot of winning the AG race in 2018. Literally zero percent.

  4. Donald Pay 2017-10-25 13:46

    He claims to have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. While there, Ravnsborg was recruited by ISIS to sow hate in the US in order to create the atmosphere for domestic terrorism by dumb white folk.

    Fifteen dollars to have hate preached at you seems a rather stiff price to me.

    Republican women have descended into the cesspool of sin and hate since the days of Carole Hilliard. Carole would never, ever show up for something as vile as this. Wouldn’t it be nice if no one showed up for hate?

  5. Bob Newland 2017-10-25 16:59

    Really, Ror, that is a pipe dream.

  6. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2017-10-25 22:03

    Ror, I’ll grant Neal’s and Bob’s point only insofar as we currently have no Democratic candidate for that esteemed office. However, as long as we still have eight months before convention to find a candidate, I reject the notion that our chances are “zero percent.” There are always possibilities.

    And when one of the GOP candidates is building his name by stoking the lie-based Islamophobia of Tapio, Novstrup, and others on the regressive side, we increase the chances that a Democratic lawyer of good conscience will enter the fray to combat the pernicious lies and prejudice that Ravnsborg offers as poor substitutes for substance and skill.

  7. Don 2018-02-24 07:36

    Jason Ravnsborg is getting my vote

  8. jerry 2018-02-24 10:08

    In the first sentence it notes a B.S. in political science and history. After seeing what this bozohead is offering, I am now sure what the BS stands for, you mainly hear it in bars.

    What was the Bronze Star awarded for? Heroism or Meritorious Service? He surely has the paperwork for the award, what does it say? That would be interesting to read, kind of gives character to the person who brags about it. My guess is this:

    As this is a description of who the man is, maybe the press should ask to see his citation to clarify.

    Remember how much Jackley cost the State of South Dakota with his frivolous lawsuits? Elect this clown and our taxes will skyrocket even further.

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