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Drunk Dad Tops Bad Example with Racial Assault on Watertown Cop

Speaking of terrorizing children, a Watertown couple is sitting in the Codington County Jail on drug, assault, and child abuse charges after sitting around the apartment with a loaded shotgun getting drunk and growing pot in front of their four-month-old baby.

Oh yeah, and the dad apparently committed some racist violence in front of his child on the Hispanic officer who made the arrest:

Police say [Adam] Remington became violent during his arrest, punching an officer in the face. Investigators say the officer was not seriously hurt.

“It was racially-motivated based on the fact that it was a Hispanic officer and the gentleman is not from our area. He said he’s from Arizona and he made some pretty vulgar comments toward our officer,” [WPD Detective Sgt. Chad] Stahl said.

The couple’s 4-month old child, who was there as everything unfolded, is now in the protective custody of the state [Perry Groten, “Watertown Police: Assault on Officer Was Racially Motivated,” KELO-TV, 2019.10.17].

Drunk, doing and maybe dealing dope, having a loaded gun in the house, and being racist—it’s tough to be a worse dad than that.


  1. Owen 2019-10-18 11:04

    Wonder if they found a MAGA hat?

  2. Steve Pearson 2019-10-18 14:29

    Really Owen? Pathetic.

  3. Owen 2019-10-18 16:00

    Pathetic? Why. These are the kind of people that are attracted to Trump

  4. Debbo 2019-10-18 21:57

    Shame on Remington. Now the child will have this affecting the rest of her life. Yes, even at 4 months of age, it does.

  5. Certain Inflatable Recreational Devices 2019-10-18 23:25

    You people are completely inured to the concept of family sovereignty.

  6. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-10-19 08:32

    Does family sovereignty include committing crimes, becoming intoxicated with loaded firearms near at hand, and exhibiting racism toward a policeman in front of one’s child?

  7. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-10-19 08:39

    On Owen’s and Steve’s exchange: the suspect is racist toward a Hispanic official. Trump exhibits racism toward Hispanics and others that has enflamed racist violence nationwide. I can’t speak to the political inclinations of the suspect in this case, but racism is a Trumpist characteristic.

  8. Debbo 2019-10-19 12:36

    How about this ongoing racist assault?

    “A number of studies, reports, and congressional hearings now connect man camps—which can be used in mines and other extractive efforts as well—with increased rates of sexual violence and sex trafficking. The most well-documented cases thus far have occurred in the Tar Sands region of Alberta, Canada, as well as in western North Dakota and eastern Montana—an area known otherwise as the Bakken oil fields—though such activity is in no way exclusive to the region.

    “The problem, as always in Indian Country, is getting American politicians to care about human beings more than campaign contributions. As it stands, U.S. officials, rather than heeding these side effects of the nation’s addiction to oil and natural gas, are instead focusing on fighting protesters. As the Montana Free Press has previously reported using public records requests, Fox and other Montana politicians have repeatedly met with local and federal law enforcement, but not to talk about the increased rates of violence along the pipeline route. Instead, following the lead of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, they have been meeting with police to discuss how to best proactively combat future Keystone XL demonstrators.”

    Nick Martin in The New Republic

    I’m enraged by this and I think we all should be.

  9. Eve Fisher 2019-10-19 16:04

    Debbo, everyone should be enraged at the attempt to not just violate the First Amendment rights to protest, but to make it illegal through unconstitutional laws.

  10. Ryan 2019-10-19 20:22

    We need more females in oil fields, it seems. We all live our lives of comfort using the benefits of oil, the extraction and production of which is incredibly dangerous. Men are drastically over-represented in these kinds of jobs where there is risk to life and limb. Apparently the men who make our comfortable lives possible by voluntarily risking their own lives have problems controlling their toxic masculinity. We should lobby our politicians for affirmative action regarding dangerous jobs. If more females and fewer males put their lives on the line in the pursuit of American luxury, man camps would be a thing of the past. We would be that much closer to equality, and equality is the most important goal of my generation.

  11. Debbo 2019-10-19 21:30

    Or males could just not rape, sexually assault or pay minors for sex. That could work.

  12. Donald Pay 2019-10-19 22:01

    Anywhere there are extractive industries there will be an elevated level of male dysfunction. It’s not just that fewer women are around these industries, but the way the industries are structured dehumanizes males. Extractive industries usually require a corrupt economy with a steep hierarchy where a few men end up filthy rich because other men root around in rocks and muck, like animals. Someone did a Ph.d. research on the history of unionization in Montana mines. It was always assumed that having more women around tended to decrease the interest in unionization among the workforce. However, the research showed the opposite. Unionization was more likely to occur in those mine locations where the male workers were paired up with wives. In fact, the wives were more pro-union than their husbands. Males are socialized to be able to take whatever crap the foreman dishes out. Females don’t like to see their loved ones mistreated, so they are more willing to fight. This is so interesting to me, because it shows how much family life means to bolster males. It also shows why the mines and oil companies don’t want to encourage men working in these industries to have access to stable partners. They encourage the prostitution in order to make sure stable relationships don’t take hold.

  13. Ryan 2019-10-19 22:28

    Both males and females commit sex crimes, so if males all of a sudden stopped, there would still be females doing it. I guess fewer sex crimes is a great goal, but it would be nice if everyone stopped, not just males. I just think the type of people willing to risk their lives for a dollar are likely predisposed to other poor decisions, so logical people would expect dangerous behavior more common in that population than in the general population. Absolutely nobody should rape anybody, but my point is being surprised about it seems counterintuitive. Just like the majority of child abuse comes from females. I don’t think it’s good, but I’m not surprised.

  14. Debbo 2019-10-20 00:15

    If males stopped committing sex crimes the numbers would drop like a rock because they commit the overwhelming number of such crimes.

    “the majority of child abuse comes from females.”
    What’s your source and are you talking about sexual abuse?

    Ryan, every time you try your “women do it too” gambit you’re proven wrong. It’s just not factual.

  15. Ryan 2019-10-20 08:45

    Debbo, are you saying women don’t commit sexual or physical assaults? That is just not factual? Pssshhhhhh. Wrongo. It’s not a gambit, it’s a fact. I agree that men should stop assaulting women and other men. I think it is an equally good goal for women to stop assaulting men and other women. It’s not a gender war, even though you would love it to be one. It’s a war against predators of all makes and models.

    As for females abusing children more than males, there’s a ton of info out there showing 55 or 60% of child abuse is perpetrated by mothers. Here’s just one example:

    but feel free to look into it more if you actually care, although you seem more interested in just hating men for the sake of feeling superior than actually knowing anything.

  16. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-10-20 09:40

    Comes again the hypersensitive male whataboutism that misses the point entirely.

    First off, Ryan should be thrilled to note that the original subjects of this post were a couple, one man, one woman. Both appear to have broken the law. There are bad people on both sides. But in this case, it was the man who police say committed a racially motivated assault.

    Trump inspires women to say and do some really stupid things, but the mass shooters out to protect us from Hispanics and blacks and Jews and immigrants so far are overwhelmingly if not entirely male.

    But now running toward the tangent, I’ve never heard of women camps. I’ve never heard of concentrations of women in a particular locality and industry lead to a surge in sex trafficking and abuse.

    The fact that all people are fallible does not change the fact that sex crimes are committed mostly by males. Stopping all sex crimes is our goal, but whining “women do it too!” does not excuse men from dominating this criminal category or excuse us from focusing extra effort on identifying and countering the unique factors that lead to male dominance of this category… like, interestingly, the dehumanization of males by evil corporations that Donald discusses.

  17. Ryan 2019-10-20 10:30

    I agree with the notion that trump’s presence and attitude encourage bad behavior, and I absolutely condemn racism and assault. I’m not arguing those points at all. I was responding specifically to the comment about man camps and the vilification of men in general.

    There are no women camps because women tend not to leave their homes and do risky work; they tend to have domestic and soft occupations that don’t create hostile environments out of view of the general public. Isolated groups of people often get up to terrible things, and men are much more likely to be isolated from humanity.

    I’ve never suggested that men are better than women or that women are to blame for the behavior of males. It’s just very trendy lately to treat the male population as scum and the female population as helpless victims. I disagree with that sexist premise.

  18. Ryan 2019-10-20 10:37

    Although I agree that the male subject of this article sounds like a crappy parent, I do note, though, that while listing all the reasons the guy is a bad dad, you didn’t mention anything about condemning the mom as a terrible parent, while all of her faults seem identical to the father’s with the exception of the racist face punch. That glossing over the mother’s role is an example of the sexism I am talking about. What kind of dad does the things this guy is accused of? A crap dad. What kind of mom does the the things the mother allegedly did? A crap mom.

    As I say again and again, it’s not bad guys bringing our society down, it’s bad people.

  19. bearcreekbat 2019-10-20 11:15

    It might be useful to add one more detail to clarify the implications of the proposition that “the majority of child abuse comes from females.” Statistics apparently indicate that substantially more women take care of children than men, hence the fact that there may be more cases of women abusing children than men doesn’t mean women are more likely to abuse kids. One analysis compares the number or percentage of abuse by men versus women in relation to the number of children being cared for and sheds light on any comparison.

    . . . More women than men care for children, and more children are cared for by women than are cared for by men. So if the “statistic” you are looking for is not raw numbers of incidents (which merely would be the “likelihood” that any given incident of abuse has been perpetrated by a man or a woman), and if you came to this page because what you really want to know is whether women or men are more likely to be dangerous when they are caring for children, whether it is women or men who are “more likely” to abuse children, then you need to do some math.

    . . .

    . . . the adjusted likelihood that a man is an abuser is .77, and that a woman is an abuser is .23. In other words, the “twice as likely” calculation was premature; individual men caregivers are 2.34 times more likely (or 3.34 times as likely) as a woman is to be an abuser.

    Compare the above two calculations with the National Clearinghouse statistics that “[a]mong children in single-parent households, those living with only their fathers were approximately one and two-thirds times more likely to be physically abused than those living with only their mothers.”

    . . .

    So per individual, men abusers are represented by a risk ratio of 1080/90 compared with women who are 70/90.

    So what we have calculated thus far is that, IF, according to incident reports, 70% of all child abuse is committed by women, then adjusting for the different statistical populations and applying our stated assumptions, men are 12 times as likely as women to perpetrate abuse against children, or put another way, they are 1100% more dangerous to children than are women.

    However, this calculation still errs on the side of being too conservative. We haven’t corrected for kind of abuse, or seriousness of outcomes. . . . [bold and italics in original]

    If this analysis is accurate it reveals how misleading reliance on raw numbers can be when used to advance a particular bias, such as offering an incomplete and inaccurate factual narrative to support negative statements about any group, including women.

  20. Ryan 2019-10-20 11:59

    Bcb, totally agree. I encourage people to look at the full set of circumstances around any statistic. Debbo likely won’t be persuaded by that, however, as she looks only at hard numbers without context. She is always harping on white males for raw numbers of assaults, shootings, etc., without considering per capita incidents.

    More female caregivers leads to reasonably expected higher incidences of child abuse…just like the fact that there are more white males than most other narrowly defined populations leads to an expectation that they commit more crimes by volume, but not per capita. I have repeatedly encouraged debbo to acknowledge this, but she won’t. Maybe you can crack her white male hating defense mechanism, but I doubt it.

  21. Debbo 2019-10-20 21:32

    “Debbo, are you saying women don’t commit sexual or physical assaults?”

    Did I say that? Nope. I said what I meant.

    I’m focused on the topic of violence, regardless of who it is against or who perpetrates it. You seem to be focused on deflection.

    It’s just that Debbo hates men.
    Debbo won’t listen.
    Debbo already made up her mind.
    Debbo picks on white males.

    It’s not about me, regardless of how hard you try to make it so.

    BCB just provided you with the information you need. I’m after the perpetrators. The perpetrators are men, mostly white. Why would I be looking at Hmong girls or Lakota men or ……? That makes no sense. You can see that, right?

    So the problem is the perps. Most of the perps of domestic terrorist attacks are white males. What would you have me do? Make something up about that and pretend it’s not so? Or would you rather I ignore it, pretend it’s not happening?

    I’ve been working against violence for most of my life and I’ve been focused on two things:
    1. Protecting and caring for the victims.
    2. Stopping the perps.
    Anyone who’s worked on any issue knows the first requirement is learning the parameters of the issue. If we’re going to stop a criminal act, we’ve got to know who’s doing it.

    The answer is males.

    I don’t know of one, single woman that’s brought attention to male criminal action without enduring some type of harassment from males for daring to call them out. You are consistently that harassing male here on DFP.

  22. Ryan 2019-10-20 23:03

    Debbo, you said “Ryan, every time you try your “women do it too” gambit you’re proven wrong. It’s just not factual.”

    I’m saying that it is factual. You’re wrong. Again.

    White males commit more crimes because there are more of them, so statistically speaking it is expected. If you look at per capita violent crimes, white males are underrepresented.

    This article was about a pair of dirtbag parents, and you take the opportunity to babble on about sex assaults at man camps with an intro about racism that makes no sense in the context of what you quoted.

    When you say:

    “It’s just that Debbo hates men.
    Debbo won’t listen.
    Debbo already made up her mind.
    Debbo picks on white males.”

    I agree completely. You’re a broken clock – occasionally right by accidental coincidence only.

  23. Debbo 2019-10-21 00:03

    And so it goes. 🙄🙄🙄

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