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Ravsnborg Sides with Billionaire Trust Beneficiaries in Easy Trust Case

Jason Ravnsborg is pretty proud of himself. His staff wrote a friend-of-the-court brief that he got to sign and send to the United States Supreme Court, which then ruled unanimously for the side he was backing.

In friending the court in North Carolina Department of Revenue v. The Kimberley Rice Kaestner 1992 Family Trust, Ravnsborg is doing the bidding of South Dakota’s arcane and lucrative trust industry, which helps rich people from all over hide their wealth and dodge taxes. Ravnsborg portrays the ruling as victory that protects our rich cash-parkers from any kind of taxation, but the Court emphasizes that North Carolina v. Kaestner is a very narrow ruling.

I would suggest the Court slam-dunked this case for one key reason: North Carolina assessed $1.3 million in state income tax on beneficiary Kaestner during three years in which she received no benefits from the trust. It doesn’t take a tax expert to rule that if you don’t actually get income, the state doesn’t get to tax it.

But let’s not rain too much on Ravnsborg’s happy dance. Let us cheer our top lawyer for offering ancillary arguments to help billionaires win easy cases.


  1. mike from iowa 2019-06-24 10:11

    This was a no brainer, which I have heard is Secret service code name for Drumpf. It is true, I tell you. (not official name)

  2. Porter Lansing 2019-06-24 12:09

    Good one, MFI. No Brainer would be perfect.
    Donald = Mogul
    Melania = Muse
    Donald Jr. = Mountaineer
    Ivanka = Marvel
    Eric = Marksman
    (Secret Service always gives the whole family names that start with the same first letter)

  3. SD Blue 2019-06-24 15:11

    Donald = Traitor
    Melania = Tease
    Donald Jr. = Twit
    Ivanka = Twisted
    Eric = Twinkie

    Thanks Porter! This is fun! Hey Debbo! Want to play?

    (Sorry, Cory. I know. I’m incorrigible.)

  4. Debbo 2019-06-24 20:17

    Excellent SD Blue!

    donny = Bonehead
    Melania = Braindead
    donny jr = Beevis
    eric = Butthead
    ivanka = Bourgeois
    Tiffany = Brat
    Barron = Barron the Innocent (so far)

  5. Debbo 2019-06-24 20:21

    donny = Perv
    Melania = Pro
    Donny Jr = Pukeface
    eric = Pouty
    ivanka = Princess
    Tiffany = Precious
    Barron = Poor Boy

  6. Rick 2019-06-25 11:14

    Hooray! Ravsnborg is useful … for … something. I guess.

    Jared Kushner was left out of the fun. How about Satan.

  7. Roger Cornelius 2019-06-26 01:13

    Jason will be smarting around Pierre tomorrow now that he has secured an Execution Order for Charles Rhimes for the murder of Donovan Schaefer.

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