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State Tells Weis Seal Bill Needs Heavy Revision, Remains Silent on Silencing Teachers and Bringing Guns to Campus

Rookie Representative Kaleb Weis can’t even remember what district he’s from, let alone what big bills he’s pushing:

Offered five minutes of opening remarks to inform the public what bills he’s working, Weis said nothing about three of the four measures which he is prime-sponsoring. He took about thirty seconds to mumble that his silliest bill, House Bill 1069, a teething ring handed him by party leaders, got yanked from the calendar because it wasn’t written right. He also said something about needing to fix current law to allow black-and-white replicas of the state seal, a problem he apparently didn’t notice in his haste to tackle this monumental problem. Rep. Weis said nothing about the other glaring errors in his silly bill, demonstrating that he needs to get on the stick and read Dakota Free Press like the rest of his caucus does.

Representative Weis said nothing about his far more aggressive and problematic bills to denigrate and muzzle teachers and let students carry guns on our university campuses. (Hey, Kaleb—you realize the crackerbarrels happen at NSU, right? Do you really want folks bringing guns to crackerbarrel?) I guess he just wants to fight the culture war by stealth.

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  1. grudznick 2019-02-03

    Young Mr. Weis is yet very, very new in the legislatures, but it seems he is shaking out with a very high ineptitude potential. Mr. Weis, get your poop in a group.

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