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Dusty Johnson’s First Bill: Cede Federal Land to Custer County

Congressman Dusty Johnson introduced his first bill yesterday, HR 382, to cede some federal land in the Black Hills to Custer County for its airport:

Text of the bill is not online yet. No word yet from Congressman Johnson on legislation to cede federal land in the Black Hills to its previous Lakota owners.


  1. Donald Pay 2019-01-11

    I’m wondering why the federal government needs to cede the land if the airport is already operating on it. I’d like a lot more information on this. I’m not necessarily opposed, but has there been a problem? What are the benefits and costs of this bill? Has the federal government previously provided improvements to the land? Are they simply handing it over or does Custer County have to pay for the land, as required by the Small Tracts Act or other federal laws? To me this seems like a case of the Forest Service trying to be good neighbors by providing some land for an airport, then using that as an excuse to steal federal lands.

  2. Donald Pay 2019-01-11

    MFI provides the link that unlocks the chain of corruption. As I suspected, this seems to be an end-run around current federal law. They could go through the necessary steps to do this, apparently. Someone must be in a hurry to close the deal on stealing federal land, and doesn’t want to provide the federal taxpayers, let alone the owners by treaty, with any exchange or benefit.

  3. jerry 2019-01-11

    Dirty Johnson should address Native Health first “Government Shutdown Threatens Native Americans’ Access To Health Care
    Indian Health Service medical providers aren’t getting paid and have to keep working. They don’t know how long they can hang on.”

    Black Hills land is not the government’s position to cede as it is not government land but treaty lands.

  4. leslie 2019-01-11

    I could think Kristie gave fed land to lead or deadwood a cemetery historically sat on as Dusty’s predecessor. Dusty is creative. Daugaard tried to take fed land Spearfish Canyon cuts through. “To do something that means something for the people living in the state”.

    Kind of like “calling shotgun” to the first to jump in the front seat.

  5. leslie 2019-01-11

    Correct jerry, that fed land is indeed 1851 and 1868 treaty land.

    Dusty, the tribes had to pay millions to own Pe Sla the sacred site near Deer Field homesteader from treaty land. In the 50s Rapid City politicians, developers and churches convinced then Dusty to rewrite 1200 acres of west Rapid City fed land titled with reversion “to remain for the benefit and use of the Indian people”.
    3 acres Skyline Dr: $100,000.

    (AI responsible for “could” “Field” other typos)

  6. 2020 2019-01-11

    A little strange that the article that Mike from IA references gives Noem credit for this bill rather than Johnson….

  7. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr., 2019-01-12

    We have a government shutdown. From a percentage basis, South Dakota has more federal employees affected by this shutdown, than most states. We live in a state where our farmers are suffering from the trade policies of our current president. Yet, our freshman congressman exudes major enthusiasm for a piece of legislation that is Boys State at best in its relevance and potential impact in making the lives of fellow South Dakotans better…….Or, to steal a phrase from my 91 year old step-father, if BS was music, then Congressman Dusty Johnson would be an entire brass band.

  8. Halona Hall 2019-01-13

    Give it back to the Native Americans!!!

  9. John 2019-01-13

    Reflect on two freshmen US Representatives.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez leads with measures reducing the exploding deficit, reforming immigration, and the New Green Deal.

    Dustup Johnson leads with a minor proposal, co-drafted by the same not-ready-for-prime-time-players who wrote the stillborn state park-federal land theft proposal. Dustup’s bill designed to “mean something” for local folks will not change the land use, improve lives, or otherwise do a thing other than make a minor ownership change.

    Think small and you’ll get there. It’s appearing that Dustup will make as few contributions as did his predecessor or the senators.

  10. Steve Pearson 2019-01-14

    As soon as all of you are ready to give up your home/land to Native Americans as well then take that stand. FFS.

    You all probably think reparations should be paid right?

  11. Porter Lansing 2019-01-14

    Young Pearson is having emotional troubles. Continually using the term “all of you” indicates the probability of paranoia and delusional disorder. Let’s all try to help our brother Stephen.
    ~ Symptoms of paranoia and delusional disorders include intense and irrational mistrust or suspicion, which can bring on sense of fear, anger, and betrayal. The cause of paranoia is a breakdown of various mental and emotional functions involving reasoning and assigned meanings. Some symptoms of paranoia relate to repressed, denied or projected feelings. Often, paranoid thoughts and feelings are related to events and relationships in a person’s life, thereby increasing isolation and difficulty with getting help.
    ~ Treatment of paranoia is usually via medication and cognitive behavioral therapy. The most important element in treating paranoia and delusional disorder, is building a trusting and collaborative relationship to reduce the impact of irrational fearful thoughts and improving social skills. ☚ (FFS = for f***’s sake)

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